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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet


26 posts from October 2007

October 31, 2007

Piece of Cake Gourmet Cupcakes by Yumi Castillo

meet the bakers, originally uploaded by yummymag. (click here for bigger size)

Ever since Sonja created the Cupcake Craze in the Philippines, we've seen almost all bakers creating their own cupcake version. Just check out the Baker's Fair in Rockwell, and you'll be overwhelmed with the cupcake varieties to choose from. I would have to agree with Lori's description of Yumi Castillo's Piece of Cake, Gourmet Cupcakes in her article, Cupcakes in the Courtroom.

Most of the cupcakes I tasted during the September Baker's Fair were dependent on the icing to bring about the flavor of the cupcake, but not Yumi's Cupcakes. We liked the cupcake itself because it was moist and because of its inherent flavor.

We just hate it when we put the pastries in the refrigerator, it would harden and then it won't go back to its original form/taste when eaten at room temperature, but not Yumi's cupcakes.

It was great that she got featured in Yummy's November issue in the Meet the Bakers article where she shared the recipe of Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake. Well deserved feature! Clap Clap!

Gourmet Cupcakes-5.jpg

The mini-Cupcakes were our favorite! You can't resist these small pieces of cupcake heaven. But just a warning, once you've tried one, you won't stop until you finish all of them.

For the mini cupcakes, it's Php360 for 24 pcs (minimum order). You can choose max of 6 assorted frostings either on a set of white vanilla cupcakes or on a set of dark chocolate cupcakes.

The frostings to choose from are as follows: java chip | dark chocolate | white chocolate | orange mocha | caramel | chocolate valencia | Nutella | Lemon | Baileys | Peanutbutter | Strawberry

Gourmet Cupcakes.jpg

Piece of Cake by Yumi Castrillo
Gourmet Cupcakes | Minimum order: 12 pieces (1 dozen) | Piece of Cupcake Flyer | Order at least 3 days in advance | Keeps fresh refrigerated for 5 days | Serve at Room Temperature | Cupcake towers, personalized cupcakes, and single cupcakes available for parties and events.

+63917.8054063 or +63917 788 0996 | inquiries@yummypieceofcake.com | www.yummypieceofcake.com | Yumi Piece of Cake Flickr Photo Blog

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Fish Out of Water, First @ Greenbelt 5

Fish Out of Water-22.jpg

"Fish Out of Water is Red Crab's venture into a more sophisticated seafood dining experience. But more than that, it is our small way of paying tribute to a nation of voyagers and conquerors. It is our way of saluting how great people from a small nation can embrace and champion global colors, flavors, cultures and ways of lives."

The concept of this pioneering restaurant in Greenbelt 5 was quite admirable. It is a tribute to Filipinos who were very successful outside the Philippines and brought pride to our country. All of us have our own fish-out-of-water stories of our balikbayan relatives. Like the story of my brother, Lorenz who is a successful SAP consultant in the U.S. and met his lovely wife, Carmina in Singles for Christ in LA. This is a positive look at Filipinos who chose to migrate in the outside the Philippines in search of a better future.

Fish Out of Water-1.jpg

The restaurant is a high-end version of Red Crab with a simple well lighted ambiance, wavy ceiling and a kitchen with circle windows that resembled those in the submarine. The service crew was friendly and you can easily feel at home despite its modern ambiance.

The food is a fusion of Kapampangan and European/ Mediterranean cuisine. I must admit, it was an interesting mix and the concept works. We ate on the first day of their opening and the appetizers, entrees were quite good. We ordered the Set Menu for lunch (because their ala carte was not yet available) which were reasonably priced for a 5-course meal with a serving size that may be good for two people.

Fish Out of Water Menu
Appetizers | Oysters, Soups and Salads | Entrees | Entrees and Kids Menu | Deserts and Beverages | Beverages and Wine | Set Menu

Fish Out of Water-17.jpg

Fish Out of Water Stories. We don't know most of these stories and thanks to Red Crab for immortalizing these stories in the restaurant. Do you have your own Fish-out-of-water story?

Manila Men - First Filipinos in America
Enrique - First Around the Globe
Lilia Clemente - Wonder Woman of Wall Street
Carlos Bulosan - Foremost Novelist of the Fil-Am Experience
Vicky Manalo Draves - Two Time Olympic Gold Winner
Pancho Villa - First Asian World Flyweight Boxing Champion
Jose Aruego - Well -loved Children's Book Illustrator
Pacita Abad - Ivatan Gypsy Artist
Byron Acohido & Alex Tizon - Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalists
Peter Aduja - First High-Ranking US Public Official
Cristeta Comerford - Toque of the Town

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October 25, 2007

Baby 4 is coming to town :)

Joshua Xavier Diaz.jpg

My wife is about to give birth maybe tonight or tomorrow. I'm signing off for now and you may follow developments via Twitter. We are happy that we will see Baby 4 soon and at the same time, a bit sad because we won't be able to attend my big brother's wedding in Caleruega/ Balai Taal. Also, Aidan is the ring bearer so we will miss seeing him walk in Caleruega. For those wondering what is the name of Baby 4, check out Rache's post on Baby 4.

Thanks for all the prayers and support!!

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October 22, 2007

SM Science and Discovery Center (Level 2)

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-42.jpg
If you think level 1 is cool, you should check out the Robotics section in level 2! I liked the focus of Level 2 on our environment and this is where I want to bring Aidan every time. I like him to be environmentally conscious when he grows up.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-50.jpg
Thanks to the futuristic staff of SM Science and Discovery Center!! They are very friendly and they helped me take care of Aidan.

Science and Discovery Center.jpg
Level 2 Map Bigger Size

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SM Science and Discovery Center (Level 1)

Science and Discovery Center, MOA.jpg
"Have you ever wondered what the future is like and what it holds for everyone? Welcome to the SM Science Discovery Center, where you get to experience tomorrow's technology today!"

One thing is for sure, the SM Science Discovery Center will have a big impact on Aidan's generation. You don't have to go Singapore to experience a similar Science Discovery Center where you can teach your kids how science and technology will affect our lives. I also liked the environmental focus of the Science Discovery Center and it will teach Filipinos to be sensitive about our environment. My sincere thanks to the Sy Family for creating this Discovery Center.

I took a leap of faith as I paid P330/person entrance fee for myself and Aidan on the opening of Science Discovery Center last Saturday. Only one year old kids and below are free. Just think about going to Singapore to enjoy something like this and the P330 will be a bargain. Don't compare it to your playtime in Timezone because this is an educational center and more hi-tech than your usual recreational game center. Remember your field trip to the now dilapidated Planetarium in Manila? The new generation will now enjoy the awesome Planetarium inside the Discovery Center.

I do hope they have an frequent pass (good 1 or 2 years) like they do in Singapore because you can only do as much in one visit. This is a good brainwashing tool for your kids to learn to love science and technology. I know families who still avoid Mall of Asia because of the crowd. But the opening of Science Discovery Center would definitely give them a reason to go to MOA.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-48.jpg
As you enter the Discovery Center, you'll admire how futuristic the planetarium is. I love it!

Science and Discovery Center-2.jpg
Level 1 Map Big Size

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