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I'd rather be GREEN than be bluuue...

I'd rather be GREEN than be bluuue...

Congratulations to the La Salle Green Archers for beating "The" Mighty Ateneo and winning the last finals slot in the UAAP 2007 Season! It was great to be congratulated by Ateneans this morning :)

It was a great game and a definitive game that no one can contest if the Archers were just lucky. Despite the fact that Ateneo beat La Salle 3 times vs. 2 of La Salle, the Archers won both of the crucial games. The veterans played their best when it mattered most.

It does not matter if you watched in Araneta, in Restaurants, in Channel 23 or now online via ABS-CBN online, the entire La Salle community cheered and prayed for the Archers' victory.

Animo La Salle !! We will beat Dindo Pumaren's UE team in the finals...



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hey anton, sarap ng feeling ng panalo, right?! the green archers were great. it was a well-deserved win. i thought hahabol na naman ang ateneo in the last seconds, di na kinaya. di na tiu-mamba this time!!! ha ha ha.

hope you'll visit my blog too. wrote about our victory also.


yes, what a feeling! hahahahaha! thank you cholo, ty, jayvee, rico and (sige na nga - you played smart today) bader malabes! thank you for such a sweet, sweet victory. i will no longer have nightmares of tiu, baclao and (oh my gawd - he's good pala) ford arao.

let's go green archers! let's beat ue!

Animo La Salle! We watched the game live and it felt like watching the championship game. The victory was sooo sweet, you could taste it.

In case you're wondering if that's my real surname, yes, it is. Jvee is my brother-in-law and we're very proud of how he's playing this season.

ANIMO LA SALLE! That was one hell of a game last Sunday! Truly a well-played, well-deserved game. The individual scores will tell you that each player did his share and really worked hard for that win. I have not missed watching live and I don't intend to stop now (but it's true---last Sunday's win felt like the championship na)!

MARGE - Jvee's always been my favorite Archer. My husband and I really proud of him too =)

Hey, I browse your blog every once in a while (it's in my Foodie Bookmarks folder) and I never realized you were a diehard La Sallian too.

I've been covering DLSU all season long - my game photos are at, if you'd like to check them out.

Here's to Thursday's game - Animo!

correction.. UE's coach is Dindo and not Derek. Nevertheless, I think all the Pumaren brothers are superb coaches.

Animo LaSalle!! Woot!

In 30 minutes, bakbakan na!!! ANIMO LA SALLE!!!

Just heard that DLSU won against UE! ANIMO LA SALLE!

After the one point win vs. UE last night, it is indeed great to be a lasalista. haha.

We are back. We are one. We are the CHAMPION!

Congratulations to the DLSU Green Archers!!!!

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