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Wensha Spa in Manila: My running days will never be the same again...

Wensha Spa - 1

I'm happy that Wensha Spa has opened its second branch in Manila. I'm excited because it is the first 24 hours Spa in the CCP area. When I was training for the marathon, my usual route was from the DLSU area to SM Mall of Asia and back. As I finish my 10k run, I thought of going to a spa to rest and have a foot massage after. Problem is, most of the spa in Manila and Pasay Area opens at around 11am.

My running days won't ever be the same again because of Wensha spa. I'm now looking forward to the days I would run my 10k, because I can justify the P500 foot massage after each run. Care to join me in one of my weekend runs...

I like the overall concept as it introduce new ways to enjoy your spa experience. First, all the massage treatments includes a buffet and unlimited servings of soup and drinks. But don't expect too much on the food because it 's nothing to rave about (hmm, I should complain once I get to be a regular there). Second, you can stay for as long as 12 hours. In fact, you can decide to sleep after the massage and no one would wake you up. Third, it uses a unique sensor type locking mechanism to ensure security of your belongings in the locker. The prices are quite reasonable and I love the P800 body and foot combination for one hour where two therapist would massage you at the same time. Isn't it just great?

It is a legit spa and there is no "happy endings" in this place or else, I'll be banned from going to this place by you know who.... I do hope it gets a better reputation from its Timog counterpart where they say that people who work in the nightclubs are their usual customer in the early mornings after their "night" shift. Since they just opened, the crowd is in their late 20s / early 30s and I do hope it will maintain a friendly atmosphere.

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Wensha Spa - 4
You can check out the Wensha Spa Services. I would recommend the Body and Foot combination which they call promo 1 for P800.

Wensha Spa - 5
This is the dining area where you can see the buffet at the far end of the picture. I enjoyed the soup and unlimited drinks. They also have a chinese ala carte menu and variety of desserts. In the dining area, one thing that you won't miss is the TV show projected on the walls. This is just the to watch basketball or boxing games with other people.

Wensha Spa - 8; /></a> <br />The buffet meal that comes free with the massage services includes two dishes, rice, and unlimited soup and drinks. Not bad?. After running for 10k, I can eat anything but of course, I still need to watch what I eat. </p><p> <a href=Wensha Spa - 7; /></a> <br />This is the high-tech locker room key which uses a sensor for the locks. BTW, before going inside the locker room, you have to change to the slippers provided by Wensha Spa. </p><p> <a href=Wensha Spa - 10 v
This is how the men's locker room looks like. On the left, you will enter into the shower and sauna area. It is mostly patronized by Pinoy. The shower cubicles have frosted glass doors and a mirror in front of you so that you can see yourself when taking a shower.

Wensha Spa - 12
The dining area is quite big and I like to hang out in this area with friends. After this, you enter into the Men's massage area where you are greeted by a brightly lit hallway with bamboo trees and white pebbles along the path.

Wensha Spa - 11
Most of the rooms are private room that can accommodate two people. All the massage beds are relatively new so it is nice to sleep here after the massage. The therapists came from the Timog branch and I should say that their massage passed my standards.

Here are the address:
Wensha Spa CCP
Besides Legend Restaurant and in front of World Trade Center along Buendia
For inquiries, call 832-0515. Wensha Spa is open 24/7

Wensha Spa Q.C.
Timog corner quezon avenue (across the former circle theater).

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P. S. Please be careful...



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wow can't wait to try this one. I'll bring my friends along. Thanks Anton Di ka talaga pahuhuli sa balita

Hey thanks for this post. Would love to try their services. Their locker rooms look like a private golf course Ive been to. Your pictures too are helpful.
However, you didnt give their exact location. Where in the CCP are they? any tel nos?
Thanks again.

Hi Anton!! My husband goes to their branch here in QC. He's been egging me to go but I haven't yet.

What's their exact address in both CCP and Timog branches? Thanks!

now this is what i meant when i talked about luxury-pamperings....the 'spa' experience. i wish there are spas like this in every single towns of the philippines and i am serious. i'm asking every adult to please see for yourself-experience the natural soothing relaxation process of sounds-magical hands at least once a month.....the harder the better and you'll know if they did a good job....i always fall asleep after. this experience is a 'must have' better than shoppings or buffets.

I got scared with the "I do hope it gets a better reputation from its Timog counterpart where they say that people who work in the nightclubs are their usual customer in the early mornings after their "night" shift." warning..I always passed tru this spa whenever I'm around the area (QC part)...and outside, the place does not look inviting, and looks really kinda scary or well some 'milagro' might be happening inside...but the one in Manila looks pretty nice and decent...

I love having spa..or massages..i hope the image of wensha in QC will improve and change soon...

in the 'scarry' part this is where the philippine government agencies must 'really' do their jobs{at least quarterly}routine inspections making sure all license businesses are meeting the highest standards possible and fined tickets on all health-building-business violations. a large letter health inspection signs must be displayed like ABC as A the best score in all front windows-doors.
for the business owners ang maghanap ng kalahati{50% more profits}ay isang salop ang mawawala because whatever your businesses do reflects in the name of the business-stores not JUST on one particular owners or incidents meaning downfall of that unscrupulous businesses. BUSINESS STAINS
do stick we like it or not so closing-re opening under new business rehabilitations-promise of higher standards can ease possible past stains. for extra 50% or more incomes separate questionable activities if businesses wants to stay prosperous and respected. as for all customers we should not descriminate 'unless' public safety is on line.

This is great news! I have tried their Timog branch and I beg to disagree about the crowd there. The exterior of the Timog branch is not impressive but the interior is clean and they have very good masseuse there. And... masarap yung free siomai nila dun :)

unang pumasok sa isip ko, pwede ba pumasok ang babae diyan? hehehehe.

oo nga. Sir anton, pede ba mga babae dyan?

i sure don't want to miss the "spa" experience!

Yes of course, there is a separate area for girls.

hi, id like to know if u have wensha spa's contact number. my friends and i are planning to go there but we want to inquire first. thanks

I really love visiting your site! This 24-hr spa is fantastic for spa fanatics like me! Thanks for the info!

wow, sound good. 800 a reasonable price, thanks for sharing!

Hi Anton, I don't think this is the first 24 hour spa in the CCP area. The spa at the then Westin Philippine Plaza was 24 hours open circa 2005 when I went there. But with the new management, I don't know na if Sofitel Phil Plaza still has the facility.

Well, I was a member of the Westin spa and they would wake you up after the massage because they have to close in the early morning. You cannot really schedule a massage in westin early in the morning because they follow a certain time slot. If ever they are 24 hours, only 1 massage therapist is available on the non-peak...

SPA is my other world....the only time i can totally really sleep in peace the experiences leaves a calming effects it rejuvenates it energizes one's body in a relax way it helps you concentrates better{better coordinations} it helps-gives me lot of mental-physical-spiritual-social balances afterwards what is really 'strange' is it also made me feel sexually desirable hours later i don't know why but it felt that way later.... spa experiences can help you find a NEW YOU mentally physically so it is the best human can do besides other mental physical exercises please do visit and make that NEW YOU HAPPENED.......

they have a promotion for a booklet with 10 body massage stubs for 5800 ph you get 2 more stubs free. body massage cost 580 each and that includes the shabu shabu merienda that you can have after you massage.
its really a good deal .

Hello, i often go to Wensha Spa at timog coz it's closer to where I live, well thanx for sharing these pictures, I'm planning to go at their Manila branch, this branch looks inviting, I hope the timog branch will be renovated, it's kinda old na kasi...

in the future extensions.....please do not put any kinds of mirrors inside any showerbooths-bathing areas put them in areas like powder rooms or lockers instead but away i will appreciate that......10 body massage stubs for 5,800,00 plus earned extra 2 stubs free is a good business invitation strategy and keep that going except on 'very busy' days-christmas seasons so your businesses can also enjoy 'extra higher prosperities' but with common sense to make up for any lost incomes like of 'upgrading-raising'your business standards-lifestyles-luxuries-business added bank accounts etc. being fair leaves businesses a good-best lasting happy prosperous owners-customers and of course 'satisfied' communities-country in whole how come-why? because i found out that 'spa' experiences is one of the best 'therapy' if one is 'broken hearted' 'has angers'lost his job-if alcoholics-lonely-if a drug addicts-has violent tempers-has conflicts with parents or co workers-has cancers or other non-contagious but life threatenining uncontrollable deseases etc.

i heard some scarry-ugly customers stories that prevented 'spa' businesses to flourish-succeed in a fast pace like a 'blockbuster' or a bigger hit 'it' of 21st century lifestyle.............
well customers-communities should not fear-feel uncomfortable trying 'spa' experience by using common senses in protecting yourself by NOT GOING ALONE take a friend-relatives with you use towels to cover mirrors if that's the one that bothers you because of international tourism public places like this are being watch by "INTERPOL" or law enforcements to make sure citizens are safe in their areas of communities-neighborhoods another safe protecting measures are the governemnt's planned electronic cameras in metro manila so DO NOT FEAR to discover the chance to find the NEW YOU.......


I just found out today that Wensha Spa is no longer open 24hrs. Their operation is only 11am - 3am the next day.


Thanks for the info Anton. This Wensha spa looks like a very good deal indeed!

Another sad news...

Wensha no longer offers a buffet meal. All I got was a Shabu-Shabu with 1 squid ball, a small slice of corn, a small slice of tofu and a couple of vegies. Good thing I had a heavy dinner before I went in.

The body massage is still good considering a 580 price tag.

Hi Anton! I'm going to Wensha Timog tomorrow with some friends... I hope my experience will be as nice yours.

Hi Anton! I'm going to Wensha Timog tomorrow with some friends... I hope my experience will be as nice yours.

a few mini BOQUETS of flowers in the indoor entrances-well lit lobbies and large potted 'flowering trees' outside will greatly help make people men-women feel at ease-comfortable visiting-coming back to the places once they saw the 'flowering trees' outside if passing by.....

why i have respect-admirations to asia's chinese-japanese cultures but resisted their extremism in cruelty....because they work-think hard to make a living to become wealthy majority of them have self respect to at least become self sufficient-independent a pride-trademark they carry around the i can understand the difficulties wasting something precious they do in their daily lives that made them do what they do these characteristics draws me to comments about them just like i did in the past admiring the culture likes of switzerland germany
and all others i expected that these cultures will open BRANCHES of SPA world hopefully in almost all neighborhoods in the philippines in all parts of the world sooner than later.....filipinos must experience other asia's cultures exotic-miraculous-soothing hands at least once a month or open your own spa in your neighborhoods here in united states it's quite costly if they will bring down the prices here in america i will until then....

the place was so relaxing,the crews are friendly,i like to visit their again.

Me and my wife visited the spa yesterday... 24 hours na ulit sila open. mwf buffet starting 12nn. ang ganda ng facilities.

i just inquire over the phone today (10.10.2007) and still offering the same only that food is served on different days; MWF for Buffet and TTHS - shabu-shabu.

ganda pla sa wensha spa nakapunta nako sarap ng experience heheh mawawala stress nyo kaya punta na din kau ...pupunta ulit ako sa susunod and magdadala pa ko ng mga friends ko dyan ...... thank you wensha spa.. more and more guest to come !!!

Even Santa will take a day-off at WENSHA SPA!!!!!
I am a regular guest visiting 2 Branches of Wensha in Q.C. and Pasay.....I love it!!!!....yes!....and thank you lol!....

my friend and i visited the place last night and it was such a great experience. very soothing, relaxung. i love the massage. though the food wasnt so nice, it was still worth it. winner was the sauna and jacuzzi. i met someone pa in the wet sauna and well... the rest is history, hehe. thanks wensha, will surely visit your place every now and then.. better visit the place too guys...!....that is why i will never tell when and what day i go to places like these lol!....coz i might met someone i cannot resist looking at lol!! meaning i will lose half of my allowances lol!....I WAS JUST JOKING{i am in united states of america}....really lol!.....i am just having so much fun thinking of other people's fun-happiness in spa world lol!....i wish my spa world in makati few years ago ended the same as yours meaning like a FAIRY TALE....well it did'nt....oh well....what can i say but i was sad lol!....NOW i could'nt wait to go to spa center that i go to....i hope next time i will not be alone lol!....with or without my full allowances lol!....JOKE LANG PO lol!....

I enjoy alot here in wensha! but I have few question. Can you teach me how the right procedure before you go to massage area? like shower first and then take a jacuzzi and take a sauna or steambath & then shower? or steam bath/sauna first and then go to jacuzzi? whats the right procedure?

My God!!! Sobrang relaxing ang venue. Sauna pa lang nila hindi mo na kinaya ang ganda at talagang tanggal ang excess Fats nyo. I really love this place. I will send our whole family at WENSHA. All the crews are very accoumodating and they respect their clients very well.

My God!!! Sobrang relaxing ang venue. Sauna pa lang nila hindi mo na kinaya ang ganda at talagang tanggal ang excess Fats nyo. I really love this place. I will send our whole family at WENSHA. All the crews are very accoumodating and they respect their clients very well.

true yan dude,around 4;30 ng morning me and my frnd..nkakita kmi ng nag oral sex sa steam.grabe, sobrang kadiri chong!!..ang balita ko pa nga khit sa vip room my nangyayri na ganyan..kaya ritzspa na ko ngayon.

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Hey hus using my name here???

masubukan nga etong spa nato:-)

i went to this spa yesterday the service is fair enough but the only prob is that theres just a lot of eyes roaming know what i mean,its a new nest for our pink bros.hopefully wensha will assign an attendant inside the bath area maintaining peace and order and banned guest that creates annoyance.

....i see your point....yap....middlemean are needed to police inappropriate behaviours in fairness to all those who behave those who mind their own business appropriately lol....oh boy lol!....i am running out of new ideas of places where i can have privacies lol!....first ferry cruise boats maybe? not there anymore lol! now wensha spa is not private anymore lol!....i guess i cannot have any dates anymore lol! lol! poor me stranded na naman ako lol!....

Good day!

I'm just curious if you have a male who would do a spa for me?Iam with my wife and she like a male person to massage me.

thank u.

Good day!

I'm just curious if you have a male who would do a spa for me?Iam with my wife and she like a male person to massage me.

thank u.

wow... sounds interesting... dito nalang kami magdadate ng husband ko.!!!

alam nyo bang ang panghi-panghi dyan sa wensha timog.................
nakakadiri, dapat amoy spa, kasi relaxing place dapat.
tapos nakita ko pa yung isang naka suot ng pang super-visor kumakain ng buffet. eh di ba dapat bawal yun, kasi para yun sa aming mga guest....... really care about your own country's higher standards and wants to protect o help your citizens then ALL OF YOU as an individual citizens police should TELL the managements....HELLO! we have big problems here inside your establishments....from there you laid out all your good firm believers that you're a deserving custumers i will ASSUMED you demanded that they clean o clear o straightened up all those problems right away coz 'i would'....i even asked some spas i go to change their carpetings or furnitures o inappropriate services o employees that do not deserve to be there....that is if you do not have personality problems yourself{disturbed persons or accute complainers}or have grudges agaisnt the businesses you're complaining about....if you are shy to get involved but love your country and wants to improve every inadequate system then i suggest spent time writing or leave comments or call the managements
in silence and if not done{no changes}no more than 30 days....i will call the department of health to have them pay fines first then if no further actions or changes needed then i will asked the dept. of health to closed them down if not you can charge the city govt. for failing to act....and the phils. govt. should read all local websites concerns so that they will know which is which is worsts at this time or at this moments short of notice para walang iskandalo to spare some good assets o positive part ng problematic establishments kasi masama naman yung mapanghi kasi someone knows you'll complain while maybe some parts of the places are in order
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What company owns wensha spa?

There are separate wet areas for men and women right? How would couples spend time in the spa? Kakaibang date nman din yun diba kung magkahiwlay kayo most of the time... Curious lang.

....personally dates to me other than my own husband 'cannot' not meant to be associated with sex but 'purely' for fun memories or my comments are based from jokes to add wit o di kaya sense of humors purposes only....'dates' other than my own husband meant meeting me or joining me like a ferry cruise tour with maybe an old childhood first love who already moved on but my life is not complete unless 'reminishing' high school fun
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can women wear two piece bikini in the jacuzzi?

i think what everyone here is trying to say is that there are way to many faggots hanging around like hungry lions looking for fresh meat to pounce on. The spa has become a hangout for faggots. I saw that shit, fucking old fags all over the place, fucking disgusting.

but other than that, the place is pretty nice.

....the best way to avoid this kind of 'disturbing' trends while improving international spa-massage world of dreams and paradise 'tourism' is to add a 'school' exclusively for 'massage therapists-masseurs 101' filipino courses right there in wensha spas....good luck spa-massages world of happy content clear sleep of paradise and dreams i know of lol!....

hey there, i just want to ask if the 12 hour stay is for everyone who paid for any services they have? like i can just pay 800Php for the body+foot massage then i can stay there for as long as 12 hours?
email me! thanks :)

I love the massage and the reasonable sulit price at Wensha. My mom, along with my cousins are there last Saturday. We had good food, yup nice facilities, relaxing massage. Hope that wensha will be able to maintain their facilities well. We'll definitely be there again and i recommended it to my officemates and friends.

I think the level of service and facilities have degraded a lot since this blog was written. i wrote this review in my blog, w/c is contrary to anton's praises when he wrote this a year ago.

hey, is there a service for couples in wensha? me and my husband would love the idea. we will be having our first anniversary and planning to chack the place out^^

good information you have there on Wensha. Other massage centers and spas can be found in the directory pages of

i'm a frequent guest of wensha roxas. body massage is now php630.

eat all you can buffet AND shabu shabu is now available everyday.

i like wensha. sulit talaga.

wow! what a very informative post you have here! after reading what you wrote, i'll definitely visit wensha spa A.S.A.P! thanks for this! =)

can me and my husband have a massage together? or do we have to be in separate rooms? =(

hi to all,

ive been there last apr.08. my friend recommend me tnat this is nice hang out to go, and its true,its so relaxing. yeah girls are welcome!im in canada so i better go again next vacation. and i will bring my friends too.see yah

I am very surprised that people are giving great reviews about this place!

This place is OK but it is not good. Service sucks. It's a sad place to get your massage. Spas are supposed to be places where you go in tired and get out refreshed. I didn't feel refreshed when I got out.

And their Timog branch? Don't even bother giving them your money. The place is the dirtiest skankiest spa i've been into and full of gays

that's what we heard too lately ..too bad massages gets crappy or ordinary so sad it is not of highest standard anymore

hey mates! i visited wensha last wednesday (since most of my friends were saying a lot of good stuffs about this spa) but it's a bit of disappointment to be honest with you guys... (sorry for those who adore this spa much)... i agree there were a lot of uncomfortable moments in the mens locker room (u know what i mean), well i cannot blame the administration to the behavior of their customers but i guess peace and order should be supervise/monitor :)

then the moment of truth has come; finally i'm having my massage... i feel like the guy broke my backbone (ouch! really... i already said light massage only yet he's still hammering my back with his big and heavy hands) :(

and you know what mates? would you believe THEY WERE ASKING FOR A MINIMUM TIP OF P150.OO? Shame shame shame on them really! my therapist told me that I should hand him over his tip right after the session? (in my mind: are you kidding me? i came here to relax! my wallet isn't here!!! so i just replied okay after the session i'll come back... then there was this sheet of paper where you will sign that the session has been done with a little space for the amount of tip you're going to give; then i wrote P100.00 (mates! he complained!!! ouch really! i told him i don't have a P50.00 peso bill) you can see the disappointment on his face! :( he even told me that he haven't had his luch yet and he's hungry and got no money at all! (what the hek is this place!!!???)

so.. me with my sister take our lunch... then from their buffet we can see all the flies flying around to some foods) ahhh... we lost our appetite after that scene... better to get a green tea at starbucks with honey after!

and yeah! we both had our body massage which resulted to more body pain after :(

EXCUSE ME... try nyo sa Bay Spa, located at Blue Wave Macapagal. i've been there alot and i find the place relaxing talaga.. compare sa wensha spa. super ganda ng place ang wensha spa no doubt about that but when it comes to the service, the manner, the approach, DI SULIT!!! i would rather go to aplace na konti lang ang tao, mas tahimik diba, kaya nga relaxing eh.. while having a massage its really hard to relax if you're constantly thinking kung how ba ang dapat mo ibigay na TIP.. right? sa Bay Spa simple lang ang place pero OK talaga ang services, manner and approach nila!! yes they will ask you for a tip, but walang minimum noh, any amount will do, mahirap kayang magmassage... they will give you a small envelop after ng massage. Wala namang perfect services diba... Basta Try it.

This SPA is great....ive been a consitent customer of wensha since 2005...and the service is realy good...i just wanna ask why wensha TIMOG is closed.....TNX


This really good place to unwind...

hey anton! i was browsing the net looking for details baout the wensha spa then i saw you have an entry of it pala. i read it and continued browsing for more. i came across this site and the writings are so mch similar to what you wrote i was wondering if you also run this site or not. kasi this is like plagarism? or is it not? hehe :p i was just concerned kasi i have a friend who is a writer in our school paper that was a victim of plagarism :p more power anton :) God bless

here's the site:

hi! tnx for your post! me and my friends are planning to go there at least we now have an idea how much the cost will be.. nice photos! can't wait to go there.. however does the spa itself have a it's own webpage?

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I went to Wensha Spa last Saturday at around 7 am and here are my "things to work on" and positive comments:

1. The floor entrance are is full of dust.
2. The receptionists doesn't even know how to smile.
3. We were lost because no one was assisting us. We went inside then headed straight to the unknown zone, only to find out that we need to go to the bathrobe, towel or jaccuzi area. jeezz....

4. The jacuzzi and shower area are dirty.
5. Airconditioning system turns on at 10 am or 11 am (can't remember the exact time). So, it was kinda' hot inside.

6. There are a lot of noisy Koreans or Chinese people.
7. Some of the staff are noisy as well.
8. There was an LCD at the dining area but you can't hear its sound.

9. If you going there, don't ask the Food/staff people coz' they don't really know anything about Wensha Spa.



1. I love the Shabu-Shabu and their Mango Juice. Pansit tastes yummy as well.

2. Hot towels
3. Dining area is adorable.


so is it still open 24 hours?

hey thanks 4 sharing us ur experience at wensha! ive been looking for some place to have some relaxation and there it is!

hey thanks 4 sharing us ur experience at wensha! ive been looking for some place to have some relaxation and there it is!

I like this place, great ambiance, good foods and service. That was my first time at Wensha SPA, I am going back there again!!!!

my friend mentioned this spa so i had to find out what wensha was about...thanks to your blog for the helpful information. all the best!

got contact numbers with this spa?thanks..

may couples' room ba jan??

grabe talaga sa wensha spa kasi nag seserve sila ng bulok na karne wag kayong kakain.
pinapakuluan lang yun tapos binabalot sa plastic utos ng may ari daw.

well for me ang Wensha ang "Pinakamaruming Spa" sa lahat ng spa..well,kailangan nyong malaman ito lahat mga girlalush at kapapahan,mga lolo at lola at sa mga kafederasyon ko!...i have my reliable source na talagang nagpapatunay na nuknukan ng dumi ang wensha...makinig kayo sa mga sasavihin ko...eto na ang kalagim-lagim ng WENSHA spa....#1. Sa mga jacuzzi..ayon sa aking source, hindi daw talaga pinapalitan ang mga tubig sa jacuzzi.kahit abutin pa ito ng 2mnths,3mnths etc...idinadaan lng daw tlaga sa mga gamot para magmukhang malinis ang tubig sa jacuzzi(male&female}.and un mga shampoo na ibinebenta nila ay expired na..#2. sa mga food na sineserve nila..lam nyo ba na ang sabaw na ginagamit sa shabu shabu nakalagay lang itoh sa napakaduming kaldero na kung ano ano ang inihahalo kahit abutin pa ito ng 1wk(kakasuka)..nilalangaw lang daw ito sa kitchen{yaiks!} pag iseserve na nila iinitin lng itoh at ready to serve na...tapos sa mga buffet ganun din..un tubig nila sa dining hindi daw mineral..galing lang itoh sa gripo..tapos ang ice tea nila nilalagyan lang ng coloring at asukal para magmukhang ice tea talaga(tipirin daw ng mga baklersh)..ganon daw kababoy ang mga pagkain sa wensha(grabe na itech!)..kaya daw "eat all you can".walang kalugi lugi ang wensha dahil sa mga kababuyang ginagawa nila sa mga customers.
like me,isa ako sa mga regular guests ng wensha..pero nung nalaman ko lahat yang nakakapangilabot na ginagawa ng wensha hindi nako nagpunta dyan..gusto ko lang malaman nyo na ganyan ang service sa WENSHA SPA..good service daw!well, hindi ako magtataka na 1 of dis days may mga kawawang customers na magkakasakit dyan! marami pa akong ibubulgar but i have to go out of the country...mag vavakasyon muna ko.......well, dats all 4 today...till next ish.......

hay naku luis kulang pa yang nasagap mong balita sa wensha...alam moba na ang beef na ginagamit sa wensha sa ung beef na tipong kahit 49yrs mo na pakuluin eh hindi lalambot!try nyo lang mga friends diba manipis lang ang slice nila eh dapat pag niluto mo un sa shabu2 eh mabilis lang lumambot try nyo parang bubble gum lang!and watch out sa vegi na sine serve nila kasi bulok2 na!mukhang pinulot lang nila sa divisoria un kasi nga naman eat all u can diba?!and my bago sila ngaun ung ice cream.try nyo tikman iba ung lasa...mukang expired na or kung san2 lang binili na pinalitan lang ung balot ng magnolia.ano b yan!!!mag iingat din kau sa dining area nila baka magulat na lang kau may lumulutang na ipis sa food nyo kasi maraming ipis jan na hindi nyo lang sabi ng source ko alam nyo ba na ung pinaglulutuan nyo ng shabu2 eh hindi nililinis yan?!pagtapon ng mga tira eh basta na lang itatambak at pag humingi ulit for shabu2 eh un pa rin ang gagamitin.YUCK!!!CAREFULL CAREFULL BAKA MAGULAT NA LANG KAU EH MAY SAKIT NA KAU!!!

well,sabi ng isa sa mga source ko eh ang jacuzzi nila jan sa wensha eh 99yrs ng hindi pinapalitan ang tubig!!!mula nung nag open daw yan eh dipa pinapalitan ung water.nilalagyan lang nila ng gamot and try nyo hawakan ung gilid ng jazuzzi ang dulas!kasi hindi nililinis!!!tipong malapit na magkalumot.tsaka ung kitchen daw jan eh napakadumi.ung mga cook hindi daw mukang cook kundi mukang tagalinis lang ng kitchec!pwede nga ipa check daw sa government ung sanitation jan eh and for sure bagsak na sila!one of my friends went there last week..nanghingi daw sya ng cotton w/ alcohol sa staff so binigyan naman daw sya eh ung friend ko bagong manicure ung binigay daw sa kanya na alcohol eh may halong acetone!pano ba naman ung nail polish nya biglang nasira eh ung alcohol lang naman daw ginamit nya.MEANING,HINAHALUAAN NILA UNG ALCOHOL NG ACETONE!!!ano ba yan ganun katipid?!chinese nga owner kasi lahat ng katipiran eh ginagawa.ung ice tea nga daw hinahaluan lang ng pampakulay tsaka ginagamitan ng brown sugar kaya hindi nyo napansin hindi lasang ice tea kundi lasang brown sugar!ay oo nga pala eat and drink all u can nga baka naman lahat ng gamit jan eh may halong kung ano2 or puro expired na!naku ha!

grabeh talaga sa wensha..pabor ako sa mga sinabi mo....eto dadagdagn ko pa...lam nyo ba ang mga masahista dyan sa wensha mga nagpapa EXTRA SERVICE..oh di ba ang taray! wag kayo magugulat na may nag-aanuhan dyan sa loob ng shower room or sa steambath, lalung lalo na dyan sa toilet....look out namin ang mga attendant...syempre nagawa ko na yan dyan sa timog...ahahay! hehehe...minsan sa massage area kami..pag busy..tyagaan na lang kami sa toilet...nwey,mabalik tayo sa mga food na sineserve nila...kadiri to the max talaga mga food sa wensha...cmula ng malaman ko yan hindi nako kumakain dyan..EXTRA SERVICE na lang ang ipinupunta ng mga vaklersh dyan..sana hindi kumalat AIDS dyan sa WENSHA!

mga vakla, "WENSHA Timog" ang kasulasulasok na cnasabi nmin! ganyan din kadumi sa isang branch nila ayon sa aking source...{uurghh!!}

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I just saw in TV that someone died in their spa due to negligence by the spa. The vacuum hole in the middle of the jacuzzi was left open and the foot of a customer was caught in it and she drowned.

samahan ng mga buwaya...

grabe nmn ang mga comments dyan sa wenshaspa na yan... bat nmn ganan...? balak ko pamandin dumaan jan minsan... yayks pala wag nalang... dugyot pala.... yayks... sa mga comments palang eeeeww na talaga pano ba yan... ano ba kase gawa ng management...? balita ko may namatay pa daw jan? totoo ba un? wawa nmn mga customerz nila... hoy aus ausin nyo pamamalakad nyo ndi ung pansariling kapakanan lamang... matakot kau sa karma noh! bye!

is there a room for a couple?and how much for the body massage?

We are planning to have ours at Timog. Would you recommend the one near MOA otherwise? Thanks.

Sa MOA na... the Timog one has a bad reputation.

I have some second thoughts about this spa when I first heard about it from my friends. But now that it was confirmed by anton, I will definitely go here. Thanks for posting this very informative article.

The first time I went to Wensha was about 5 mos. ago, the first experience was good. The second visit was 2 mos. ago and still the same thing with everything in buffet meal. Just recently I brought 6 guests from europe and it was really some kind of horrible experience for me because of the shower cubicle was so dirty like black molds, water in the jacuzzi was so dirty and I even told the receptionist to remove the particles, the toilets are yakk, the dressing room was so un organized. Wensha is a good place for relaxation and destressing, I hope the management give attention to the details of maintaining the cleanliness of the place. All of this this was covered up by the masseuse, they are well trained, all my guests was happy with the masseuse service, great massage. If you can bring this out to the management for their business sake.

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