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August 21, 2007

Manila Baywalk's New Look

Manila Baywalk
Yes, Manila Baywalk is now clean. The only remaining evidence that there was once commercial activities happening here is the still standing huge Cafe Puro cup. There is a debate going on in Carlos blog about pros and cons of closing Manila Baywalk. The blogosphere started to get emotional about it. These are the type of news that you won't ever see in Manila's newspapers.

IN MEMORIAM... and WTF... by Carlos Celdran
Why Baywalk Deserve to Close by Annalyn
F*CK. I knew this would happen: Mayor Lim shuts down BAYWALK!!! by Manila Boy

Manila Baywalk
Ever since Manila Baywalk was commercialized the entire place became dirty (with trash all around) and non-family friendly entertainment. I'm not sure if I'm going to thank Alfredo Lim just yet because we don't want the baywalk to be dark and unsafe again.

Manila Baywalk
Just to be clear, I'm happy that the establishments are gone to keep the area clean from trash. I do hope that it remains clean and safe where families can go to and enjoy the manila sunset.

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August 20, 2007

Oh Boy, Oh Boy! It is another Boy!

It's Another Boy!
Oh yes, It is another boy! Aidan is now an Ahiya with a Syoti (younger brother).

It's Another Boy!
We are trying this 4D technology of In My Womb and our first attempt was not really successful. Baby 4 was being covered by the placenta so we have to return to get a full and moving shot. This is a first-come first-served basis. All the re-scans are done Tuesday/ Thursday only to avoid the long queue. By the way, no cameras nor video cameras were allowed during the procedure.

We took the cheapest 3D/4D Package (Ruby) for P3,300. It includes:
20-30 min 2D, 3D, 4D session
DVD recording set to music.
5 glossy, high resolution black/ white 3D photos
2 glossy, high resolution Sepia-toned 3D photoes
Medical Report, baby weights, estimated due date, heart rate, gender determination
Free return visit within 14 days if baby does NOT cooperate during your session.

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Takbo Para Kay Ariel

Takbo Para Kay Ariel
H@ppy Feet Members running for 2nd Lieutenant Ariel M. Toledo

TAKBO PARA KAY ARIEL. Sino ba si Ariel?
"This is a FUN RUN for a Cause. Proceeds will go to 2nd Lieutenant Ariel M.Toledo, Phil. Airforce, Philippine Military Academy Class of 2006-MANDALA's Magna Cum Laude and Valedictorian, 27 years old, who has been orphaned and now diagnosed with Cancer of the Bile Duct. He is in need of an amount of US$55,000.00 or approximately Php2,600,000.00 for one continuous therapy and Php2Million to cover other expenses for his sustenance and pending bills to be paid in different hospitals. His story was recently featured in ABS-CBN's Maalala Mo Kaya (June 20, 2007). "

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Takbo Para Kay Ariel

I'm happy that I met the H@ppy Feet runners group. These group are passionate about running and even supports causes such as Takbo Para Kay Ariel. I met them in the blogosphere when I was preparing for my Milo Marathon and looking for blogger runners. These group of people are the official source of runner's information in Manila!

Here is an un-official list of H@ppy Feet Blogger Runners:

The Bull Runner (thebullrunner.com) Coffee Mug (banggigay.wordpress.com)
o.O Surviving this lonely planet (renz.ticsay.ph)
Photographer on the Run (benmchan.blogspot.com)
RUNNING DIVA (jambalayamuzika.blogspot.com)
Habang Tumatakbo (tackbow.blogspot.com)
a one-live cat's life (witchkitty.blogs.friendster.com/the_kitty_cats_blog)
Hit me with your best shot… (hitme64.wordpress.com)

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August 19, 2007

An Intimate Champagne Brunch with connoiseur Jerome Philippon

Champagne Brunch - 1

I miss having Sunday brunches and drinking champagne with family or friends. Two of my favorites places for Sunday brunch closed down already: Sunday Brunch @ Lumiere and Sala Sunday Jazz Brunch. These places introduced me to champagne drinks such as Mimosa (orange with champagne) or Kir Royal (champange with a touch of sweetness from Creme de Cassis). Sunday brunch is usually reserved for special occasions to celebrate birthdays, despedida or any milestones in your life.

Just imagine our excitement when we got an invite for a Champagne Breakfast with connoiseur Jerome Philippon of Sommelier Selection. It was held at Prince Albert Rotisserie, The Intercontinental Hotel, Makati City. It was a PR event for Sommelier Selection but we came for the breakfast and to learn more about Champagne. Let me share with you my notes on the Champagne lecture so that we can appreciate this wine a little bit more.

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August 18, 2007

Lime 88, Street Food na Pina-Sosyal

Lime 88. Street Food with a Twist - 3

I must admit, we had second thoughts of going to Lime 88. It appeared like any one of those inuman place in Mandaluyong and we don't want that especially we have Aidan in tow. We saw bikers who lived in the Mandaluyong area, patronizing this place. Sometimes, you might see Mac Mac Cardona or some of the basketball players eating here because they say, they just live nearby.

One of the reasons I agreed to do a taste test of what Lime 88 has to offer, is because of Chef Archie Val Juanta. He worked as senior chef in M Cafe and currently a chef in Paseo Uno, Mandarin Hotel. He will soon be the corporate chef of Hagen Daz, Max Brenner, Olivers, Tea n Therapy and Blue Steak and Bistro, Trinoma. Given that credentials and the ambiance of the place, you can only expect excellent food at very affordable prices.

Lime 88. Street Food with a Twist - 1
Daryl, Earl and Chef Archie Val Juanta -- Owners of Lime 88, Mandaluyong

Chef Archie decided to convert his lola's ancestral house (these days anything old is called ancestral for sossy effect) into a restaurant. It serves Filipino Street Food with a twist or "pina-sosyal" as he would call it. It is a very interesting concept where I can bring my visitors to an authentic street food experience prepared in a clean and nice way but of course, nothing beats the original.

I will always remember to not judge a restaurant by how it looks but by how the food would taste like. I'm going back to Lime 88 for sure and I do hope the place remains to be a secret. We almost tasted everything in the menu and this was the first time we had such a wonderful taste test experience.

Lime 88 serves a fun menu, check this out. Let me know what do you think are the most interesting one...

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Opus Restobar, Metrowalk

Opus Restobar - 15

I got interviewed in the Living it Up show on Qtv with Raymond Gutierrez and they showed me a list of restaurants that they will feature in that episode. I got curious with one resto in the list called Opus restobar owned by Danielle Lee. This newly opened restobar located in Metrowalk serves Filipino Fusion Food which reminded me of Filos kind of dishes in the Fort area. We wasted no time to check the place out.

The verdict, the Filipino dishes are something worth driving for all the way to Metrowalk. However, the entire place is a smoking area. If you eat here, you'll smell like smoke after. I thought it was illegal to have an entire air conditioned place to be a smoking area but apparently these kind of places are starting to come back. The food is highly recommended but the place is not your ideal place to bring a date or your family (who doesn't smoke). Good thing is you can eat in one of the Metrowalk restaurants and you can order food from Opus and they will deliver it to you. Our compliments to Chef Blanche Pontiveros for the excellent Filipino fusion dishes.

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August 17, 2007

Special Moments @ SM . MOA

Official Entry to the SM Hypermarket Blog Writing Contest

SM Supermarket - 7

I hate supermarkets. I drag my feet every time my wife would suggest to go to one. I don't like to go from one aisle to another in search for diapers or milk. Most of the supermarkets in Manila are not designed for you to hang around. The only time I would go to one would be to do a store check of our products as part of work. I also do shelf management for supermarkets so every time I go to a supermarket, it reminds me of that work. Maybe, I hate supermarkets because I don't like following a certain routine or I don't cook at all (surprisingly). My wife can attest to the number of arguments and negotiations just to convince me to shop in a supermarket on a weekly basis.

There is only one supermarket that I love going to. I love going to SM Hypermarket in Mall of Asia which I think is the best supermarket in Manila!

Top 8 Things Why We Love SM Hypermarket in MOA

1. SM Hypermarket in MOA, is Aidan's playground. You should hear Aidan say "Papa, go SM" with a paawa effect facial expression. We love it because it is spacious, and there is enough carts with this little Tykes car. We never had a problem getting one of these cars even on a peak hour like Sunday evening. We would imagine that this is the MOA race circuit for Aidan and racing through the food section, to the non food, all the way to the apparel and appliance section. Going to SM is a special bonding moment for the entire family.

2. Best Value for Pampers. We know that the prices in SM are a little bit higher than Cash and Carry, Puregold, Shopwise or Robinson's which are SM's competitors in the Mall of Asia catchment area. We live in the area and my wife would alternate between Cash and Carry or Puregold to get the best deals. But buying the Pamper's XL 34's with free 6 pads is more than enough motivation to go to SM Hypermarket. We know that this is the best place to buy Pampers and Mr. Sy would ensure that it stays that way.

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August 13, 2007

Wensha Spa in Manila: My running days will never be the same again...

Wensha Spa - 1

I'm happy that Wensha Spa has opened its second branch in Manila. I'm excited because it is the first 24 hours Spa in the CCP area. When I was training for the marathon, my usual route was from the DLSU area to SM Mall of Asia and back. As I finish my 10k run, I thought of going to a spa to rest and have a foot massage after. Problem is, most of the spa in Manila and Pasay Area opens at around 11am.

My running days won't ever be the same again because of Wensha spa. I'm now looking forward to the days I would run my 10k, because I can justify the P500 foot massage after each run. Care to join me in one of my weekend runs...

I like the overall concept as it introduce new ways to enjoy your spa experience. First, all the massage treatments includes a buffet and unlimited servings of soup and drinks. But don't expect too much on the food because it 's nothing to rave about (hmm, I should complain once I get to be a regular there). Second, you can stay for as long as 12 hours. In fact, you can decide to sleep after the massage and no one would wake you up. Third, it uses a unique sensor type locking mechanism to ensure security of your belongings in the locker. The prices are quite reasonable and I love the P800 body and foot combination for one hour where two therapist would massage you at the same time. Isn't it just great?

It is a legit spa and there is no "happy endings" in this place or else, I'll be banned from going to this place by you know who.... I do hope it gets a better reputation from its Timog counterpart where they say that people who work in the nightclubs are their usual customer in the early mornings after their "night" shift. Since they just opened, the crowd is in their late 20s / early 30s and I do hope it will maintain a friendly atmosphere.

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