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The Great UP Sunday Picnic Brunch

H@ppy Feet @ Great UP run
It was my first time to run under the trees of the famous UP oval for the Great UP Run. Now I understand why a lot of runners do their training runs here because of the scenic route and the shade offered by the trees. I'm starting to become a run-aholic like my friends from the H@ppy Feet running group.

H@ppy Feet Picnic @ Great UP run
H@ppy Feet organized a picnic near the lagoon in UP as a bonding moment for the group. It turned out this was one of the best Sunday Picnic Brunch I ever had.

The Great UP 10k Run

I recorded my personal best of 75 mins for a 10k which is still relatively slower than most runners. I aim to go sub-1 hour for my 10k run and sub-7mins/km pace. I lost 1030 calories but I think I gained more than that from the picnic. I'm running these days just to keep my current weight.

H@ppy Feet Picnic @ Great UP run
My running buddies from H@ppy Feet. Most of us have started running for less than a year. The common thing that binds the group together is the passion for running. If you are looking for running buddies, join us at

Also, we are looking for sponsors for the group's running shirt/ singlet. Let me know if you know of somebody who would like to sponsor H@ppy Feet.

H@ppy Feet @ Great UP run
Of course, our P&G running buddies are always there in all the major runs.

H@ppy Feet @ Great UP run
Everyone contributed to the picnic and it was a memorable Sunday Picnic Brunch. The 10k run was a good excuse to eat a lot. I brought M Cafe's killer Jackfruit Sansrival dessert to the picnic.

H@ppy Feet @ Great UP run
Here is a quote from Mon Sunday, the god father with 2 decades of marathon experience, about the Sunday Picnic Brunch:

" Wow, after the wonderful race at UP Great Run was the first picnic at UP.Grabe na to. Si Trisha nagdala ng hershey mini chocolate and barbecue, Si Chai yata nagdala ng manok and saging?? correct me if i am wrong and the pang-ulam (danggit and pusit) and the sawsawan. Si Vanggie brought her home made ensalada and the healthful cucumber inspite of her hectic schedule(talagang mahal na mahal niya talaga ang Happy Feet I salute you Bangiggay) . Si Anton brought the tasty langka cake. SMith brought goldilocks cake. He also brought her beautiful wife. Si Roselle cook us first class rice from Rustan pa yata. Si Joms yata brought his good service of showing/touring us the place and made funny faces and remarks. Si Ben brought the mineral water. Si totoy, Rey and Sam pala ang doon din.Me, i brought the softdrinks. Si Eric brought a virtual lechon. Si Michelle and her friend Aljoy run the UP great run but they left early . At least she came to visit our group and meet the new members."

"After the upakan ng pagkain at kantiyawan, Nag picture taking ang group. Mga 11 am , the group dispersed and we will meet again on our practice run next week."

H@ppy Feet @ Great UP run
The girls of H@ppy Feet!

H@ppy Feet @ Great UP run
We can't resist not to take a picture in front of the oblacion. (Photographer on the run, Ben Chan orchestrating the UP shot)

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There's a saying that if you take a picture with old Oble there, you won't be able to graduate on time, haha. Well, I think that would only apply to us undergrads but I never dared take a pic with the old statue after hearing that.

I actually noticed that there's an increase of people jogging in the acad oval when classes resumed last week!

was this pic taken earlier today?

if yes, i think i saw you guys! haha!
we drove by while you guys were just about to pose :)

my bf and i jog at the oval too. every saturday.
but i'm in no shape to joing a run... YET! :)

Kinarir mo na ah! :D Keep it up... health is wealth to borrow the time worn cliche

well i've never felt this static-excited before but after seeing all happy feet's inspiring bonding kind of pictures-stories i felt great let me share past story of my 14 years old son who came-finished 4th in a 10 miles 'hills'marathon run agaisnt more than 400 highly trained men mostly u.s. high ranking military officers-non commission officers and below that include my highly physical trained terrorist fighter husband too who finished way behind my 14 years old son my husband was proud of him but he was embarrassed that my 14 years old beat him just before climbing a hill quarter of a mile to the finish line he said 'goodbye' to him just before he took off on his own he was shocked to see my 14 years old passing all highly trained soldiers- officers one by one in front of him.....a decade later he also join the u.s. military so i came to see him but to my surprised he was being cheered-acknowledged for 'beating' more than 5,0000 shipmates-battalions over a hundred push ups in less than 1-3 minutes in overall physical non stop PUSH UP marathon well good for him we are proud parents of 14 years old who can also beat my husband in any mathematics tests-competitions he was literally helping my husband do his college homeworks at dinnertime but the interesting part of this story my son was the only non trained-under age and the only non caucasian in the 'hill run' since then they made his life too difficult for him so being 'great' can also be a 'threat' but that is the challenges we have to face if we want to take risks and show the world how good we are......keep it up

Sob sob...I missed this one! Next time! :)

hahha! so it's from M cafe! gotcha! yes i agree! ang sarap ng brunch picnic at least it made up to what i missed in the run.

sana you could join us in our training runs too sa salcedo/legazpi park. :-) cheers!

same as jaymie...sob sob

wow! it's from M cafe pala! Ok going there right now. hehehehe I hope we can do this picnic again soon!
Thanx for joining us anton!

Hey Anton,

Nice shots! It's nice to have you in the group. Thanks for bringing that super delicious sansrival (is it correct?). Join us in our practice runs in Makati just in case you're in the area. Ben suggested that we'll have it on weekdays MWF. See you!

Uy, eto na ang mga "runners ng bayan." Great shots of the UP Naming Mahal campus. =) The Diliman campus is really something else.

I hope you are not sick but if you are, get well soon! I am teeming with envy seeing you besides those two beautiful ladies in your Olay blogpost. I like the smiles with Diaz just like this perfect smile ( ) of my 15 mo granddaughter taken before her first birthday. Hope to read your next blogpost soon.

thought you'd want to know, my friend is arranging an event on the 25th, The Happy Run at the Fort. It's for the benefit of a public school in Taguig. There's info about it here: :)

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