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The La Salle PEP Rally! Animo La Salle!!

The Lasalle PEP Squad - 15
Are you READY for the U.A.A.P? DLSU has been waiting for this day when our athletes can once again play and dominate the UAAP. This afternoon was the emotional PEP Rally entitled reANIMOtion and the lovely La Salle PEP Squad did not disappoint the crowd.

The Lasalle PEP Squad - 22
La Salle Spelling 3 Times!!! Ready!!! 1-2-3...

The Lasalle PEP Squad - 4


Rektikano, Set! 1-2-3

Rektikano, Keene-keena (2x)
Rektikano, Rektikano,
Rektikano! Rah! (2x)
Seez-boom-bah! (2x)
Boom-rah-boom-rah (2x)
La Salle, Rah!

The Lasalle PEP Squad - 8

Haydee Three Times

Haydee Three Times, Set! 1-2-3!
Haydee Three Times!
*Haydee Three Times
*Haydee, Kaydee
Kala Wala Waydee
Kala Wala Wingo Dingo Daydee
Hush, Kush
Kala Wala Wush Wush
Kala Wala Wingo Dingo Dash
(Repeat 3x)
*Animoooooooooo La Salle!

The Lasalle PEP Squad - 9


Boom-ma-kaya, Set! 1-2-3!
*Boom-ma-kaya! I-ma-ka-diwa (2x)
*Boom-ma-kaya, Imakadiwa! (3x)
*Fight, Team, Fight!

The Lasalle PEP Squad - 5

Who's To Win This Game

Who's To Win This Game, Set! 1-2-3!
Who's To Win This Game? * Green!
Who's To Win This Game? *White!
Green! *Green!
White! *White!
Fight! *Fight!
*Green, White, Fight!

*Green, White, White, White!
*Go, Fight, Fight, Fight!
*Green, White, Go, Fight!
*Green, White, Fight!
*Green, White, White, White!
*Go, Fight, Fight, Fight!
*De La Salle! De La Salle!
*Fight, Team, Fight!

The Lasalle PEP Squad - 2

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake, Set! 1-2-3
Strawberry Shortcake!
*Strawberry Shortcake!
*Strawberry Shortcake!
Strawberry Shortcake
Blueberry Pie
Victory, Victory
Is Our Cry
De La Salle, De La Salle
Heidi High

The Lasalle PEP Squad - 16

Derecho La Salle

1-2, 1-2, 3-4 )
1-2, 1-2, 3-4 )
1-2, 1-2, 3-4 )
1-2, 1-2, 3-4 )

D 1-2, 1-2, 3-4 )
L 1-2, 1-2, 3-4 )
S 1-2, 1-2, 3-4 )
U 1-2, 1-2, 3-4 )

DLSU, Derecho La Salle!!!

The Lasalle PEP Squad - 20

Zama Zipa Zam!

Zama Zipa Zam, Set! 1-2-3!
Zama Zipa Zam!
*Zama Zipa Zam!

*Zama Zipa Zam! (1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2, 1-2-3)
(Repeat 3x)
Win, Team, Win!!

The Lasalle PEP Squad - 25

La Salle Spelling 3x

La Salle Spelling, Set! 1-2-3!
La Salle Spelling!
La Salle Spelling
*La Salle, Rah!!!



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you were in the campus today? i wish i could've watched and spot you at least. too bad i had a seminar to attend.

I went to La Salle for part of elementary and high school, and I still remember all these cheers by heart. They've been burned into my brain! ;-) From the first time we were taught them till this day, I've wondered: WHO wrote those cheers and WHAT in the world do they mean??? Apart from the word "fight" in some of them, how do they egg a team to win? Rektikano? Kala wala wingo? And couldn't they come up with anything else to rhyme with the "Y" in "victory" except "blueberry pie?"

*ducks and runs from angry La Sallites* ;-)


those cheers are passed on from one generation to another. now that you mentioned it, I'm also curious who wrote these cheers... maybe some of them are tribal chants of something.


Hey Anton!

Great colors! I did not know that the cheerleaders can wear these short outfits. Cute though, reminds me of that Cheerleading movie, Bring it on (I think that is the name).

Looks like they had fun!

at last, they changed the lasalle spelling. it was like la salle spelling d-l-s-u, la-salle. so funny. =)

Hi Anton,

I suppose you're a DLSAA card holder? Maybe you can include the places and restos here at OAP that offer discounts and freebies for the Lasallians.

Live Jesus in our Hearts... Forever!

Ok already!! Hehehe!! For all that, this is what I have to say...GO ATENEO..ONE BIG FIGHT!!!!

Great photos! I'm getting psyched for the July 7 (or 8) UAAP opening!!

I'll try to find out where these La Salle cheers originated from. I work in a La Salle school I might find something interesting enough to share.

I'm so happy about your blog, Anton! Only now have I encountered a pinoy blogsite (is that what you call it) with all my favorites in it--FOOD, TRAVEL, DLSU etc. I always share your blogs with friends and family. Looking forward to your future reads :D

go la salle! ;p

Hi, Anton! I love your blog! I love DLSU!

Animo La Salle!!!


Animo Lasalle! Finally, we're back at UAAP! I miss the campus! SJ Plaza looks crappy, putting those fences. DLSU and UP this Saturday! Mabuhay mga taga-Velasco!

Am loving your posts on DLSU! Ü hope you can watch some of the games lalo na on the 26th. Ateneo-Lasalle. Ü As for me, I'm still sticking with (and super loving!) my college, CLA. Ü

hey ho

LS Yell Team Alumni - LS Yell Commander Notables
(Incomplete list)

1. Ambassador Ramon del Rosario – donated the main bldg of De La Salle, Canlubang and CEO of Asian Bank
2. Jose Cusia - Central Bank Governor and CEO of Philamlife Insurance
3. Pinky Webb - Chnl. 23 News Personality
4. Bobong Velez - CEO of P.B.A. Vintage Enterprises / Manager of the DLSU men’s basketball team
5. Gov. Teodoro De Vera of Sorsogon – founder of the Liberal Party of the Phils.
6. World War II hero – Col. James Russel USAF (Rektikano)
7. Gov. Lacson of Asian Development Bank (ADB)
8. Vice Major Joseph - Makati City
9. Carlos Valdez – Under Secretary of Education
10. Mark Joseph – CEO of Dominoes Pizza Philippines
11. Jonathan Atayde – President LSGHAA
12. CEO Johnny Valdez - CEO of Johnny Air Cargo/ Former DLSU men’s basketball manager
13. Don Paquito Ortigas – donated the LSGH campus and named his subdivision “Green Hills”, home of his beloved Green Archers
14. Chef Gene Gonzalez – Café Isabel / culinary columnist in Manila Bulletin
15. Rajo Laurel fasion czar who designs the ladies dlsu pep uniform
16. Noly Caluag - U.S. based taekwando instructor and businessman
17. Riquet Lagdameo - Pres. of Manila Memorial / DLSAA President
18. “Danny” Aldeguer Wieneke Inventor of the “GAS SAVE” device
19. Lamberto De Ocampo – former DLSAA president and owner of the famous “WHAMMOS” cupcake delights. He along with Br. Benedict FSC initiated the revival of our pre-war cheers with an aid of a vintage Archer’s Cheer book.
20. Ambassador Carlos Palanca – owner of La Todena
21. Comedian Dodo Gonzalez of Buddy Buddies Chnl.2
22. Say Alonzo CSB Green Peppers (Big Brother Fame)
23. Jorge Araneta – Pizza Hut Phils., Araneta Commercial, Coliseum and DLSU-Araneta
24. Joey Villareal – Hola Espana
25. Mike Enriquez – GMA 7 VP
26. Tito Rey – Co-proprietor of Kamayan
(and more............)

Trivia: Former LS Yell Commander Amb. Ramon del Rosario, CEO of the Phinma Group of Companies, donated the P150 million Phinma Training Facility in Tagaytay to DLSU. The huge facility was renamed as the DLSU-Phinma Executive Training Center.
UP, Ateneo and ABS-CBN and a host of other major corporations conduct their corporate meetings and seminars in this DLSU Tagaytay facility.

La Salle has a lot of better sounding NCAA fight songs and battle cheers than what we're accustomed to hearing in the UAAP,they're just dusting away in our archives. A lot of our initial 1920's & 30's fight songs and battle cheers were made by our American Irish Christian Brothers FSC.

Battle Songs:
1. The Green Archer Song - "On Into The Fight"
2. Men of La Salle - LS Hong Kong
3. The De La Salle Song
4. Cheer, Cheer for Old De La Salle
5. Fight Song
6. Onward Green Archers
7. Marching Song
8. Anchors Aweigh
9. Oh When La Salle
10. La Salle Fight - LS USA
11. Go La Salle
12. Aim High La Salle
13. Aim Your Arrows Higher
14. Hail to De La Salle - Alma Mater Song
15. Shoot that ball old De La Salle
16. Get that ball old De La Salle
17. Animo La Salle!
18. March On Lasalista Song - Don Paquito Ortigas

Battle Cheers:
1. Rektikano - Col. James Russel USAF
2. Yama Ka Dep
3. Boo Ma Kaya - DLSZ
4. Zama-Zipa-Zam
5. Haydee
6. Indivisa Manent
7. Signum Fidei
8. La Salle Spelling
9. Green Archer Spelling
10. Go La Salle Go, Go La Salle Chant
11. Who's Goin To Win This Game?
12. Fight'em Again La Salle!
13. Animo Cheer
14. D-LS-U...Animo La Salle!
15. Fight De La Salle Fight
16. La Salle Rally
17. Archers Aim
18. Shoulder to Shoulder
19. Strawberry Shortcake
20. Fight, Fight Green & White
21. Hold'em Tight La Salle
22. A-N-IMO!
23. Defense De La Salle Defense
24. La Salle Fans - DLSZ
25. La Salle Vivo Vivo Vum - LS Canada
26. Archers!
27. Mighty Bengals - DLSZ
28. Animo La Salle Fight!

Anti-ateneo Cheers:
(Circa 1960-70's)
1. The Roof -1990's - DLSZ
2. Blue Eggless Spelling - LSGH
3. TAENEO Spelling - LSGH
4. Loyola Memorial Song - LSGH
5. Fuck Blue! Fuck White! - LSGH
6. Taeneo...Ba-Su-Ra Chant - LSGH
7. Halikan Mo! (halikinoh - LSGH
8. Animo La Salle Fight...Beat ateneo - LSGH

New La Salle Songs:
1. Rektikano Song - DLSU
2. We've Won - Gary Valenciano - LSGH
3. One La Salle Song - Br. Bernie Oca FSC & Juan Miguel Salvador - LSGH
4. Cheers to De La Salle - LSGH

Religious Songs:
1. Live Jesus In Our Hearts Song
2. Honnuer a toi Glorieux De La Salle (300 yr. old battle song of our Christian Brothers FSC) - France

I hope and wish they get revived by the DLSU Animo squad. Our older NCAA fight songs and battle cheers would surely rock the UAAP. Sigh!

La Sallites never cheered in the NCAA especially prior to the late 70s rivalry with Letran. Why cheer when you're an NCAA loser? It's only in the UAAP that you gained the guts to cheer.

Yes, De La Salle did not cheer as much because they sang their way to victory. The opening fight song was "Oh when La Salle goes marching in" as the Green Archers ran center court and gave the Green Gallery a traditional bow. It was followed by a lone LSC Yell Commander who circled the court as the crowd sang "Cheer, cheer for Ol De La Salle". The LSC Yell Commander entered center court and do the La Salle spelling as he left the gallery would sing "Men of La Salle". When the game was about to begin la sallites would sing " On into the fight Green Archers" and proceed to chant Fight'em again...La Salle! Trivia : The Green Archers together with a Lasallian Christian Brother would pray Domine Opus Tuum / Lord, the work is yours before every game and end it with Live Jesus In Our Hearts...Forever!

De La Salle used to have a Marching Drum and Bugle Band complete with a band conductor. Don Pauito Ortigas, who gave us LSGH and VP of GMA 7 Mike Enriquez were memebers of the DLSC Band In the 1970's we had a rock band complete with electric guitar, drum set and sax. It was the time when we sang 'Aim your arrows higher...De La Salle! In the 70's we were the only school in the NCAA and the UAAP to have female cheerleaders doing traditional La Salle battle cheers and dancing to the beat of our fight songs such as the Go La Salle Song that inspired the Go La Salle Salt and Pepper Song of the 80's.

Lasallian Tradition: The history behind the singing of our Alma Mater and the raising of a defiant clenched fist during Lasallian events and sports games
De La Salle was the first school in the Philippines to sing it's alma mater song with a raised clenched fisted "HAIL" salute in a spirited defiance against a winless
NCAA basketball season. It was the worst NCAA season of the Green Archers. The game being the last for that season prompted our proud DLSC Yell
Commanders to rally the Green and White Gallery to sing much louder and longer than usual. Our alma mater song could be heard all the way to Taft Ave. and Vito Cruz and also by several on going evening classes in Taft. During the 1960's Lasallites sang and raised their fist not for the glory of victory but in a stubborn and spirited defiance of defeat. The words of our alma mater song "NEVER SHALL WE FAIL" was deeply felt thus uniting all lasallites to valiantly refuse to lose. This 1960's lasallian tradition is now being emulated and copied by several UAAP and NCAA schools at the end of every game...AN1MO LA SALLE! The spirit of FAITH and ZEAL drives us...Saint La Salle

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