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Thai Pad, Hole-in-the-Wall Reincarnation of SukhoThai

Thai Pad - 3 Thai Pad - 6
Check out Thai Pad Menu (Bigger Version)

Most of us regarded SukhoThai as the standard of Thai food in the Philippines. When it closed down in the malls due to high overhead costs, we felt some sadness in our hearts. For a few months now, SukhoThai was reincarnated as Thai Pad in Marvin Plaza (where Canon Service center is located) along Pasong Tamo. At first, I was skeptical every time I see Thai Pad when I send my Canon 20d for repairs. I thought, oh no, not another one of those Thai restaurant wannabes. If they are really SukhoThai, why change the name?

Here are some stories that I heard about Thai Pad. The SukhoThai chef got sick and had to leave SukhoThai. Eventually, he setup his Som's hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Rockwell and eventually along N. Garcia. While Thai Pad, reinvented their concept to be more hole-in-the-wall setup which means, basic ambiance and affordable prices (around P100 only). It is owned by the same owner and uses the SukhoThai recipe except that their chefs are the "sous" chefs of the original SukhoThai chef. So expect same SukhoThai quality (I felt it was diluted) at 50% serving size and 50% the price.

Even if we felt the food is not as rich as before and the ingredients are kinda diluted, I would still recommend Thai Pad if you are craving for Thai comfort food. Although, Som's is the clear winner between the two in every Thai food aspect except for the Pad Thai. For some reason, Som's Pad Thai does not taste as good as Thai Pad's Pad Thai (I wanted to say that :).

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Thai Pad - 5
Sukhothai Tom Yum (P86+). This is actually small and good for one person. It has limited ingredients and tasted like Sinigang. Som's Tom Yum is way better because it has a sweet and spicy twist to it and only P135+ but served in a bowl good for 4 people. The Thai Pad one is more on the sour side like Sinigang. So, it is up to your taste buds whom you like better.

Thai Pad - 10
Bagoong Rice Special (P95+). This is the same bagoong rice we loved at SukhoThai. Same price with Som's but this one looks a lot better than the anemic version of Som's.

Thai Pad - 8
Chicken Green Curry (P95+). I can't tell the difference from Som's except that this one is kinda light and diluted in taste. Som's Green Curry cost P102+ but it is twice the volume of serving and much richer in taste.

Thai Pad - 9
Pad Thai (P95+). Hands down this is a clear winner versus Som's Pad Thai which costs P102+.

Thai Pad - 11
Takoh Rice Cake (P16+ each). I'm glad that I will no longer have to remove staple wires in my Takoh. Instead of using those wires, they just use more of banana leaf to contain the Takoh. This one looks yummier because of its uneven banana leaf container. Can't help but to order another serving of this.

Thai Pad - 12 Thai Pad - 7
Thai Halo Halo (P55+) and Thai Iced Tea (P28+). The halo halo has the same delicious taste at affordable prices while the Iced Tea had too much condensed milk in it...Yes, we were in a hurry to drink it =) But we had to let the ice melt to get a better taste but then, we felt it was too diluted...okay, maybe we need more flavor in it.

Thai Pad - 13

Thai Pad
inspired by authentic SukhoThai Cooking or Recipes by SukhoThai
For semi-catering and reservations 815-1329
Open Monday - Saturday only from 11am to 9pm
Along Pasong Tamo where Canon Service Center is located.

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I saw the said restaurant when I went to Canon Service Center and was thinking if its really good. I'll try the place when my canon products are done. I do miss Sukho Thai a lot!

This is very near me so I'd been curious about it for a long time. So when I went to Canon, I decided to have merienda at Thai Pad. Had the catfish salad -- it was allright, but not as good as Sukhothai's used to be. I'd go back, if only because it's very affordable and nearer to me than Som's.

hi anton,

i work for Canon but me and my officemates seldom eat here.. maybe because we find it pricey compared to other places where we can eat.. :) however, i've tried it thrice already and since i'm a sucker for pad thai, i guess this place ain't bad at all. :)

it wets my appetite !

Hi Kuya! Di ko napansin napost mo pala ito.=) Im so so so Happy=) thanks so much for the information. ang Galing. Bibisita kame jan for sure. My mom, brother and i love Suko Thai A LOT!!! Yahooo!!!=)

Hi Kuya i just called the restaurant mali ata number kuya check it nalng po thanks

Thanks for that. Correct Number is 815-1329

Hi Anton! Thanks for the heads up! I hope this is better than Som's! :) Hahaha.. :)

Regards to Rache and Aidan!! :)

No Problem Kuya=) It's My Pleasure.

I miss Sukhothai especially my favorite kratongtong appetizer. Glad to know that a new and affordable restaurant inspired by Sukhothai has come up.

Great! I've been looking for Thai halo-halo for a while now. Excited to try this.

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