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P&G Exec saves a man’s life

We are proud of this! This is my big boss @ work :)

Exec saves a man’s life
By Tina Arceo-Dumlao

" MANILA, Philippines -- On Oct. 24, 2006, Romil Silva of Lipa, Batangas, believed he saw Christ.

And no, he did not have shoulder-length hair, kind eyes or a two-inch beard. Rather, the person he saw had the build of a wrestler; wore rubber shoes, shorts and a marathon shirt and was furiously giving CPR to his father who had suffered a heart attack.

It was more than two months later before he realized that the person who had saved his father’s life that chaotic day at the Nagoya airport in Japan was James M. Lafferty, president of Procter & Gamble Philippines."

Read More @ Inquirer.Net: Exec saves a man’s life By Tina Arceo-Dumlao Inquirer



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Link is not working.

such an excellent example of an unplanned, random act of kindness

I followed the link and it's really a touching story. I'm glad to read about the happy ending and it seems that both men have become great friends.

What a heartwarming story! Thanks for the link!

i cried.

OH you work from PG? Hehe im working for P&G as well...i mean P&G accounts but I am actually an HP employee working for P&G BBP :p

grabe anton! i got goosebumps after reading the's really heartwarming...

still crying over the article...

The life saving benefit of knowing CPR!

My mother, who is a retired Intensive Care Unit nurse, has saved alot of lives both at work and outside -- 1 of which occured at a Canadian airport.

Great article. I have read so much about Mr. Lafferty and reading this article makes me really want to meet him. You joining his 42k? Btw, would you know Mr. Lafferty's email add-just want to thank him for inspiring many Filipinos.

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