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26 posts from May 2007

May 31, 2007

Cha Gio Vietnamese - Old Time Favorite

Cha Gio Vietnamese - 10

Manila has a lot of good restaurants and you need to discover them. I admit, it is sometimes easy to go to the many Jollibee and Mcdonald's out there, specially when these are the restaurants that have a good name recall from the kids. Cha Gio (pronounced as Cha-yo) vietnamese restaurant is one of those special quaint hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Malate. Cha Gio refers to the popular Vietnamese spring rolls. It opened in 2003, in its original store located near the Diamond hotel, along J. Quintos St. Carlos Celdran was the one who introduced me to its delicious pho-noodle dishes and I made a mental note to blog about Cha Gio.

They tried to project an aura that they are a cafe rather than the noodle house so the pho dishes assortment were toned down. But they cannot readily compete with the nice figaro cafe along that street, so I would have thought that they should market themselves as an authentic vietnamese noodle house instead. This is where you can try a vietnamese coffee called ca phe su which is a Vietnamese brewed coffee dripped from a perculator mixed with condensed milk. They carry a vietnamese brand of coffee called, Trung Nguyen. Have anyone tried this coffee?

Best Vietnamese Restaurants in the Philippines:


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P&G Philippines Career Opportunities

P&G Phils

Here is a shameless plug for those who are interested to apply in P&G. The Official P&G Philippines Website is up and running at http://www.pg.com/en_PH/ . You can apply for internship or regular employment through the online application process. (Here is the 7 step process for applying in P&G. ) We are looking for qualified individuals who have a balance between academic excellence and leadership skills. We are not limiting our search to the top 3 schools because I personally believe that there are a lot of qualified people out there outside the usual Ateneo, UP and La Salle graduates. As we usually say, we offer a career where you can live up to your potential and truly make a difference. This is an exciting time to be part of P&G because you will become a part of the Greatest P&G Operation of all time in P&G's History globally.

Also, just a tip for those applying, better read the website so that you'll know the history of the company and the P&G brands. Let me know if you have questions. You can contact the recruitment team via these contact information:

Corporate Recruitment Manager
Phone: +63-2-8148112

Procter & Gamble Distriuting (Phils.) Inc.
6750 Ayala Office Tower
Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Metro Manila, Philippines 1226

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I Am Proud To Be A Filipino!

Philippine Flag Large

Have you read the article, The Philippines Through the Eyes of a Foreigner By Barth Suretsky? (see reposted article below). I totally don't agree with his article. I can't believe that a foreigner would have the guts to criticize the Filipinos for not taking pride in being Filipino. All the Filipinos that I met through this blog take pride in being called a Filipino. It doesn't mean that if you are outside the Philippines, you are not proud to be a Filipino. It has been OAP's quest to document the Filipino Pride and proclaim the Beauty of the Philippines.

Maybe, we are just not vocal about it.

In Celebration of the National Flag Day (May 28) until June 12 (National Independence Day), let us put the Philippine Flag on all the Filipino Blogs out there. Lets declare that we are all proud to be a Filipino! You can steal and hot link the Philippine Flags below (I have enough bandwidth to take it). I also encourage you to design your own Philippine Flag and give me a small banner version and I will include it in this list. For those who are asking reciprocal links from OAP, just give me your own version of the Philippine Flag and I'll be glad to link you from this site.

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Philippine Flag Banners

Philippine Flag Smalle

Small Version:
<a href="anton.blogs.com" title="I am Proud To Be A Filipino"><img src="http://anton.blogs.com/flag/small.jpg" alt="Philippine Flag Small" />

Big Version:
<a href="anton.blogs.com" title="I am Proud To Be A Filipino1"><img src="http://anton.blogs.com/flag/large.jpg" alt="Philippine Flag Large" /></a>

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May 27, 2007

Sunshine Puey, Goddess of Degustation and Roberto Pengson, Culinary Kung Fu Master

Read First:
Sunshine Puey's The Art of Dégustation

Rob and Sunshine Dinner @ Global Academy - 2

Imagine that this is a scene from an iron chef chinese movie where the two lovers are preparing to cook the best dinner they ever prepared in their entire life. Welcome to the world of Sunshine Puey's Degustation Dinner in Roberto Pengson's Global Academy Culinary School. I'm glad to be part of their second batch of degustation dinner event at the 50% off introductory price of P1,500 (regular price @ P3,000) for a 14 course tasting menu. At the same time, we got educated with the Art of Degustation:

" Dégustation means “tasting” in French, and refers to the practice of serving more courses in a meal but in smaller servings. Instead of the typical five or seven-course dinner, the tasting menu can offer anywhere from 7 to 20 or even more dishes in one sitting. A tasting menu allows the chef to fully explore the interplay of flavors, textures and aromas, to become even more creative when set free from the restraints of a traditional menu. " The Art of Dégustation By Goldweene Quetulio

Rob and Sunshine Dinner @ Global Academy - 20

It was a select group mostly composed of friends and family of maybe 30+ people. We were fortunate to be invited by Nena of Ramblings of a Gypsy Soul. It was another fun night with the foodie bloggers and be@rbrick lover, Ariel. The menu looked intimidating (May 26 Dinner Menu by Rob and Sunshine) but I'm glad that I'm not the only one who don't understand some of the french terms in the menu. We had a fun time pronouncing the french words, and specially I learned how to pronounce degustation properly from the goddess herself, Sunshine.

Let me share with you our Degustation experience with some French lessons on the side and some critique (from the group) to improve the overall dining experience...

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Som's Noodle House

Read First:
Som's Noodle House - cheap authentic version of SukhoThai (October 25, 2005)

Som's Noodle House - 2

Living Room Area in Som's Noodle House

I first blog about Som's when it created a buzz in Rockwell area around October of 2005 (Som's Noodle House - cheap authentic version of SukhoThai). Ever since then our verdict was the thai food comes close to Sukho Thai except the Pad Thai. Also, after our first trip to Som's in Rockwell, we never went back because the mosquitoes and flies were annoying us. Their full pledge restaurant along N. Garcia is still down to earth and serves the same quality of food. I liked their idea of having a living/dining room area with TV that you can rent for P100/ hour. It was perfect for us especially since we have kids and we are a big group of 8. Also, this is good if you want to watch a much awaited telenovela with your officemates or simply watching NBA with your friends.

Overall, Som's is highly recommended for the Sukho-Thai taste of Thai Food except for the Pad Thai.

Check out the Som's Noodle House Menu

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