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Hailed the Most Beautiful Experience in Kubli Springs

Read first: Kubli Springs Night @ Viaje del Sol

I remember after my first visit in Kubli Springs, I vowed to return and take a bath in the mineral water springs of Kubli. This time we are all prepared with proper swim suit, towels and extra clothes. It was a unique night to remember and thanks to my team for being "game" and adventurous for one night. Enjoy the Photo Essay!

Kubli Springs Dinner - 17
Hailed the most beautiful IT managers...

Kubli Springs Dinner - 5
Kubli Springs with flowing natural, potable mineral water. For the record, nobody had stomach ache after drinking a few glasses of the mineral water. Also, there are no mosquitoes and the area was clean.

Kubli Springs Dinner - 1
Before Shot. This is the natural lighting in Kubli Springs and this was taken the moment we arrived in the area.

Kubli Springs Dinner - 26
After Shot. We were all wet by the time we left the springs. Now, I know how it feels like to take a bath in pure mineral water... sarap!

Kubli Springs Dinner - 19
Hailed the the Most Beautiful (take 2) [Angel, Gretchen, Dawn, Ruffa]

Kubli Springs Dinner - 3
Everybody was hungry when the salad was served. BTW, Congratulations again to Bro. Connon Mr. Herbert Hallig for finishing top 5 in the recently concluded, Chemical Engineering Board Exams!

Kubli Springs Dinner - 4
The kitchen and the DJ booth all in one.

Kubli Springs Dinner - 7
Curry rice with Steak! The food will speak for itself and we cannot stop raving about it!

Kubli Springs Dinner - 10
A Lambanog Toast to the Board Top Notcher and to the success of the Team! The lambanog was just right and even if we drank a few jiggers, we were fine the next day.

Kubli Springs Dinner - 14
Hailed the the Most Beautiful (take 3) [Men, Camille, Joyce, and Ethel]

Kubli Springs Dinner - 20
Thanks to Ralph and Jay for a memorable night at Kubli Springs @ Kinabuhayan Cafe. Just call Jay +63 917 368 0054 if you want to arrange a Kubli Springs night. We usually pay P500/ head for the entire experience in Dolores, Quezon (near San Pablo, Laguna)

Kubli Springs Dinner - 9

Thanks to Charles and Naomi for being a sport. Really sorry for ruining your date :)

Kubli Springs Dinner - 22
The Class Picture (L-R, Top-Bottom). John (from China), Eric the Mr. Nabos, Francis Mr. U-Y, Ian "newcomer" Medina, "Olay girl" - Camille Toledo, Hippie Jay of Kinabuhayan Cafe, Joyce "Ruffa" Saez, the beautiful Ethel Blanco, Toffee "the man" Raferoga, Men "the intern", Bro Connon Herbert Hallig, Mr. Marc Camus.

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When I saw your first post about Kubli, I already told my hubby that we will set a date to go there. It would have to wait until next year..or maybe until our baby is old enough to go there..haha..

it seems like a really cool place! p500/head for the whole evening? not bad for the price. :)

Anton! Finally, the much awaited blog entry of the week. Haha. Thanks again for the great dinner idea, and for actually making us experience it. I vow to try it again in the future with my family. :)

hey anton! nothing at all was ruined that night.. i think u guys just made the night better! hehe. thanks for the music and the lambanog! :) peace!

hello anton, this danney league from LA. i'm going on vacation and should be home june 10. i like to visit kubli springs. have you tried bato springs in san pablo? it is a beauty too.

hey, out of curiosity? is that a face on an alien on the very first photo on the top right hand side of the cascading water below the bamboo pole? or just my imagination? my apology. no harm intended.

hey anton!
i was the one who asked you before if you have an extra map.. and since i never had the chance to leave my office to get a map from you, we just researched and called john of pettyjohn on the details of how we'll get to their place. from there (we asked for a map na), we went our way to the viaje del sol experience.. super fun! we stayed overnight at Jay's signature tree house, ate at the springs, and sipped endless cafe barako at the cafe! :) really a great experience! thanks for sharing this secret place with all of us readers of your blog :)

We're definitely going to this place. Thanks so much for sharing this. I enjoy reading your blog :)

ey guys the place is owesome, im want to go there

yah right y'all! let's go fun there! ang romantic naman dyan....i like the natural enviroment super talaga ang dating.....when i find a legal trusting company i will be there like a speeding bullet lol!....kasi it looks like a really good place to just cuddle the whole night lol!....

....hi! old high school mates dream scenes hopefully some of you have seen this place na....this place is picture perfect for group photo shoots para doon sa future schoolmates on line corner nyo about healthy earth by: sir_______i will want to add my photo collections too so let's go let's go tara tara na sa kubli spring.....teka i need to save 500 pesos muna pala lol!...

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