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Casa San Pablo, Laguna

Casa San Pablo, Team Building - 4

"Tucked into a corner of one of San Pablo's still-genteel family compounds, Casa San Pablo is a cozy country inn surrounded by Baguio-like pine trees and sprawling lawns. It is country charm that lures visitors here-- portable hammocks make for moveable feasts, lounging chairs looking out into a grove of young palm trees, and the swimming pool is surrounded by hundred-year-old trees. At night, pathways are lined with candlelight and mats are laid out on the lawn for moon gazing.

"Avid art collector and hobby enthusiast Boots Alcantara and his wife An Mercado-Alcantara, writer and magazine editor, run Casa San Pablo. The main cottage, with its eight bedrooms, reflects their pursuit of contemporary and folk art, eclectic junk-turned-art and literary collections. Each bedroom is designed with wit-- Laguna papaer mache' horses, miniature cars, seashells, auto parts, and clay leaves. It is the ideal getaway for those looking for a change to recharge their creative energies and re-learn to look at the world with new childlike wonder." (Casa San Pablo Official Website:

This is one of the best jump off point for you to discover the Viaje Del Sol Destinations. Don't get lost with the flowery words of the marketing brochure and website. I'll share with you what Casa San Pablo really is:

  • This is my favorite bed and breakfast place if I would decide to stay overnight in the San Pablo area. Other options would be Kinabuhayan Cafe, and Villa Escudero.
  • This is a writer's haven where you can get inspiration from the eclectic rooms, or decide to be alone in one corner of the inn. Although, this is a popular spot for team building these days so you might have a rowdy crowd at times.
  • A swimming pool that nobody dares to swim in it probably because it is not inviting enough.
  • The owners are very friendly. A bed and breakfast place that would ensure you feel at home. I've featured Casa San Pablo last October 2005 but this was my first time to stay in Casa San Pablo but I knew then that this was a special place.
  • The best package is their OVERNIGHT STAY WITH BREAKFAST. Rates are on a per head basis including breakfast. There are rooms that can fit 2-4 people (P1,500/head) or 5pax and above (P1,100/head). The best rooms are those on the second floor so don't forget to specify that or else they would assign other rooms for you.
  • The breakfast is one of the unique Filipino breakfast I have ever tasted. So don't miss this unique Filipino treat.

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Casa San Pablo, Team Building - 3

Free Wifi in San Pablo, Laguna! You can check out your email and blog on top of a banig under the blanket of stars.

Casa San Pablo, Team Building - 10
This is the main house and off limits to walk-ins. How I wish I could have a chance to at least see the house or even have a dinner inside it. I actually thought they would remember me when I first featured them but I guess not. This place have been featured a number of times ever since I posted it last 2005.

Casa San Pablo, Team Building - 1
The rooms are retro and eclectic. The bed is a thin layer of foam with cute and colorful covers. My tablet PC was out of place in this charming room.

Casa San Pablo, Team Building - 5

All the meals are served buffet and home-cooked as what is served in a typcial San Pablo Laguna home.

Casa San Pablo, Team Building - 8
One of the best breakfast ever for me and this is truly Filipino. I like the crunchy dilis and the binalot with Adobo Chicken.

Casa San Pablo, Team Building - 13
My team in an addicting game called Mafia. It is a role playing strategy game of Killers, Angel, Police, and Civilian.

Casa San Pablo, Team Building - 16
The place is equipped with a lot of team building activities.

Casa San Pablo, Team Building - 12
You'll be surprised with a lot of the interesting retro artifacts and collections around Casa San Pablo.

Casa San Pablo, Team Building - 9

The famous Laguna paper mache' horses.

How to get there:
Coming from Manila, after the San Pablo border, watch for the following landmarks to your left (km readings from the border): Total Gas Station (1.7kms) and a Caltex Station (1.9kms). After Caltex, there is a fork in the highway (2 kms.) The right side of the fork heads straight to Lucena, the left leads to San Pablo City. Take the left road, this is Colago Ave. Watch for the Community Hospital on your left. Shortly after the hospital to the right, is Kay Inay Resort (2.9kms.). This resort has been closed down but it is the access to Casa San Pablo. Turn into the resort gate, drive to the parking lot and you will be directed to Casa San Pablo.

For Reservations:
Call or Text Boots Alcantara at + 63 917 812 6687 or +63 920 962 4083.



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You were there last weekend, and left Saturday? We arrived Saturday at kami yung magugulo na walang ginawa kundi mag-picture taking sa ilalim ng araw. ;)

Btw, I'm an avid reader of your blog. :)

Hi Anton! I'm an avid reader of your site and I really love it! ;)

I clicked the link mentioned above but nothing happens. I mean, there's no reference links...

Is Casa San Pablo, Laguna open to all? Can you give me some directions going to this place?

Looking forward for your response.

Thanks so much! ;)

More power and God Bless! :)

Please take pictures of the bathrooms as well. It would help a lot in decision making. :)

Interesting photos as always. Do all the rooms come with laptops? =) Looks like a nice place for team building.

hi! my company also had its teambuilding here. casa san pablo is such a nice place. the owners are very friendly too.

kaso nga lang para sa amin, there conference room is very hot. kulang sa aircon. :) i hope they've improved this facility na by this time. :)

visited this place with my family after you featured it ...we enjoyed it a lot...the food that they served was really home-made and very yummy and soothing... i loved their daing na bangus belly and tsokolate eh with pinipig...also had the chance to tour their main house with boots an and the mom...turns out we're all from lucena city and had lots of common friends

we enjoyed the swimming pool since we were the only ones swimming

i really enjoy your blog and i often visit the site for the latest and best places to go to with the family...

Hi Anton!

I remember that motorcycle! Sobrang cool noh? Did you see the room with the super plenty matchbox cars? Hahaha, I loved that. Although that wasn't the room we stayed in.

By the way, I took your advice and have bought a camera. And I've been shooting every experience. :) I also try to take shots of the local food here, kaso, how do you do it? I mean not eat the food first and take the pictures muna? I usually forget the pictures and dig in right away! Hahahaha

Safe bang magbayad ng Full Payment sa ganyan? Love ko talaga yung place eh. kaya lang natatakot ma-scam syampre.

Yeah OK naman but pay on the spot. If ever, 50% down payment lang.

is this a good place to go for a day trip? esp if i have 2 kids (age 5 & 3) in tow?
i read that you dont really like the pool? was hoping the kids can swim it really that bad?

This is not good for a day trip... I would not recommend it.

Hi Anton, we are currently revamping the Casa San Pablo website, as well as managing actively and would like to include your article in our news posts. Can we share this?

Billy Villareal/Boots Alcantara

OK Billy :) feel free to share it :)

hei there I would like to ask about the information in your beautiful place? much and the direction going there if we have a van with us or commute..tnx I really appreciate your response

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