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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet


21 posts from April 2007

April 30, 2007

Balay Indang, The Red Ginger Farm and Garden

Balay Indang - 20
" Balay Indang is a garden refuge comfortably located in Indang, Cavite. The wide, expansive gardens are filled with some of the finest flowering plants, trees and cacti making them some of the most relaxing and beautiful settings you could ever imagine. Our sanctuary boast of a variety of amenities including a large, well-maintained swimming pool, a luxurious and airy pool-side pavilion with billiards, mahjong and a collection of classic board games, a fishing pond with Red Kingfish Tilapia where you and your family can enjoy hours of fishing, and a well-stocked kitchen and restaurant specializing in local and foreign home-cooked meals. "

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April 28, 2007

Antonio's, Tagaytay -- Still the Best

Antonio's , Tagaytay - 20
The new Antonio's Main Gate.

We went back to Antonio's to check out their wedding package for my brother's wedding. As I posted a while back, I still think that nothing beats an Antonio's Dinner in Tagaytay. It is still the best if you want to hold a grand wedding for your closest friends. Antonio's beats any other places in Tagaytay in terms of great food and great ambiance. There is no set package in Antonio's for wedding and they leave it up to you to order from the menu and the beverages menu. You should budget a minimum of at least P2,000/ head and it doesn't make sense to go cheap on your guest if you decide to hold your wedding in Antonio's. There is a corkage fee of P500/ bottle so they highly discourage you to bring your own wine.

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April 25, 2007

Batungbakal Zambales Mangoes

Zambales Mangoes - 1

One of our awesome indulgences unique to the Philippines, is to eat as much mangoes as you want! Not just any mangoes, but you need to try out these super delicious Batungbakal Zambales Mangoes! They are in season this summer and we are loving them now. This is also the best time to indulge in Dulcelin's Mango Torte because they would be using mangoes from Zambales.

At first, we were kinda disappointed to receive our box of zambales mangoes because when we opened it, the mangoes were green. But we now understand that it was necessary to prolong your indulgence for two+ weeks. Because once these mangoes ripen and becomes golden, oh man, we can't stop eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can even make my own mango torte or my own mango dessert. We bought two boxes of the Large Batungbakal Mangoes which cost us about P350/ box.

Personally, I love my mango green with a mix of yellow to give it a sweet and sour taste. My wife loves the ripe ones and it is perfect for the lihi period. Check out the email that we got from watergirl below... (Thanks so much!!)

BTW, I'm also looking for other zambales mangoes sources, please please let us know...

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April 24, 2007

Hacienda !sabella , Celebrate Life!

Hacienda Isabela - 35

" You need a getaway. And fast. What's holding you back? You don't want to feel as if you were far, far away from the city.

You want to pay good money for a nice place. But somehow, every other resort feels too generic. Same old cabanas, same old bungalows. As if it would hurt to have just a little more uniqueness and style.

You need to feel refreshed and recharged after, not tired out and exhausted. You've realized that taking a break is as much a need of the spirit as it is of the boy. It isn't about running away and spending all your money and burning out. It's about coming home to a place that allows you and your family to be the best people you can be, in a place where the true luxury is that of choice.

Hacienda Isabella... The possibilities are endless... Dream Weddings, power team buildings, intimate parties, fabulous events and enchanting moments.

Welcome to the World of Hacienda Isabella!"

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