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Balay Indang, The Red Ginger Farm and Garden

Balay Indang - 20
" Balay Indang is a garden refuge comfortably located in Indang, Cavite. The wide, expansive gardens are filled with some of the finest flowering plants, trees and cacti making them some of the most relaxing and beautiful settings you could ever imagine. Our sanctuary boast of a variety of amenities including a large, well-maintained swimming pool, a luxurious and airy pool-side pavilion with billiards, mahjong and a collection of classic board games, a fishing pond with Red Kingfish Tilapia where you and your family can enjoy hours of fishing, and a well-stocked kitchen and restaurant specializing in local and foreign home-cooked meals. "

Balay Indang - 17

Balay Indang is a simple bed and breakfast place. It is perfect for corporate events, retreat, or if you want to simply escape from the busy city life. You can eat for P600/head and they serve simple home-cooked food (nothing to rave about). You can stay overnight complete with meals for P1,850/ head and you add P1,000/room if you prefer the air-conditioned room.

We want to be thorough in helping my brother in selecting the best reception place for their wedding so we had to check this out. I was only able to took pictures of the main Balay Indang house since we arrived late at night. Overall, it has a nice ambiance, a friendly staff and a relaxing eclectic atmosphere. This is a good place to escape with the family or go for a team building session.

Check this out...

The Food

Balay Indang - 5

The meal starts with a simple salad with ranch dressing similar to Sonya's garden in Tagaytay. The meal comes with ordinary powdered ice tea and brewed coffee. Everything is home cooked so don't expect a gourmet dining experience.

Balay Indang - 6
The ribs are tender and home cooked.

Balay Indang - 4

The pasta dishes failed to meet our expectation because it was not fresh and pasta seemed overcooked.

Balay Indang - 3

The rice was just OK.

Balay Indang - 7
The fish, although imported, was also OK.

The Balay Indang Ambiance
Balay Indang - 11
My dad poses with different kinds of mirror in the background.

Balay Indang - 8
By design, the tables, chairs and door knobs are different throughout the house to give an eclectic effect.

Balay Indang - 18
Aidan poses with the different buddhas as the background. This is one of the signature displays in Balay Indang.

Balay Indang - 29
A view from the second floor of the main house. On the second floor, you can find the three air-conditioned rooms.

" Our three rustic cottage house eight well-appointed and extremely comfortable rooms designed to maximize their closeness to the natural beauty of the gardens.The rooms are made for ultimate comfort and serenity, fusing both the comforts of modern living with Old World charm and vibrancy. Furthermore, each room has its own distinct character, with interiors and accessories specially designed to make our stay as comfortable and as unique as possible. Here, your total relaxation is our key. At Balay Indang, our well-trained and friendly staff will make sure that your every need is met. "

Hannah Room
Balay Indang - 26
A view of the small bed and the door that leads to the restroom.

Balay Indang - 25

A glimpse of the homey filipino inspired comfort room.

Balay Indang - 24
A view of the main king sized bed in the Hannah Room.

Deborah Room
Balay Indang - 23

This is the main room typically used as the brides' room when weddings are held in Balay Indang.

Balay Indang - 22
There are a total of 3 beds in the Deborah room.

EVE Room
Balay Indang - 27

This is a smaller room among the three.

Balay Indang - 28
with a sofa convertible bed.

Balay Indang - 30

Balay Indang, The Red Ginger Farm & Garden
"A refuge to commune with God Nature One's Self.
At Balay Indang, discover Life as it should be. "

Reservations: +63 917-837 4261, +63 919-5595884, +63 921 980 7154 (9am-8pm daily)
Marge Tan, Manager (Mobile: +63 917 866 5825)

Balay Indang - 1

Driving Directions:
From the South Super Highway, take Santa Rosa Exit and drive towards Tagaytay.
From the Tagaytay rotunda, head to the market located after Taal Vista Lodge.
You will pass by Taal Vista, Casino Filipino, and Total Gasoline station.
As you approach the Mendez market intersection, you should see mercury drug on your right.
Turn right on the stoplight after Mercury along Mendez drive.
Drive along this very long Mendez stretch until you hit a dead intersection.
Turn right and Balay Indang should be 3km from this point.
You would go past the Balay Indang Welcome Arc .
Look for a wooden gate on your left with no.88 (shown in the picture above).

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this is a nice a simple place to go..been there a lot of times..

thanks for posting the pictures anton. i've heard about balay indang but I just can't find pix on the net. ganda ha, looks interesting...

Great pics, Anton! And it really looks like an interesting place. But...uh...what exactly is the place? Resto? Bed and breakfast? I can't wait to hear (rather read) your review on the place.

The restaurant looks nice and interesting. Same with the food. Thanks for posting. Can you me how to get there? thanks

LOL we were there recently too. And I have a pic in the exact spot in the living room where Aidan posed between the statues hehehe

I absolutely LOVE pesto :) Yum.

Best friend of a good friend runs the place, we got to see it at its inception and have stayed a few times. Quiet and pleasantly appointed.

nice place...where is this at? can u give me the address and phone number?...thanx...

Very nice pics. Love the antiques. Pero bakit walang info or anything? Please write something about the place and provide us with some contact information. Layo ba yan?

I've heard a lot about this place and I've always wondered what it looks like. Your pictures are perfect. What are the rates like though? And what else is there to do there?

hi anton! i just want to ask if there are divisions in one room. aside from my hubby and me, i will be bringing my mom and dad and my father-in-law with us. so it's kinda awkward if there are no divisions per bed.

i wonder if my bf and i will stay there overnight can we cook by our selves? im looking for a place where in we can do the cooking :)like transient in tagaytay but the place is awesome! what else we can do there if we stay for overnight? thanks!!

gud day! i wud lyk to ask permission if i can download these pics that u got.. i hav 2 ryt a feature article in our scul newspaper regarding sum beautiful places in indang, and i chose that red ginger farm.. i hope you don't mind.. thank you and godbless!

Hi Anton,

Nice post, would like to give directions also going to Balay Indang...

From Edsa take D. Macapagal Highway and exit in Coastal Road
From Aguinaldo Highway you'll pass Bacoor, Imus and Dasmarinas
Turn right to Pala-pala before Robinson's Place Dasmarinas
Drive along Governor's Drive then reaching Trece Martires City turn left going to Indang (landmark is 7-11)
Drive along going to Indang town proper
From Indang town proper turn left, Balay Indang wooden gate would be 1-2kms away by then.

Travel time should take you 1.5 hours only...

thanks for all the information. i love the place. can't wait to to there.

mmmmm..hhmmmm... the most relaxing place we've went to.. all stress from the most dying work we got had been incinirated by Balay Indang.. everybody from tita marge to manong guard who always cheks our comfortability. we want to thank you!!! until next time..

can you tell me exactly what barangay is Balay Indang located?? i kinda need it for my report at school... please...

may i know Balay Indang's complette phys. add./location;contact nos. & email addresses?

wow the place looks really nice... were going to had our retreat there! I can't wait to go there.. another beautiful place to see..

wala bang swimming pool dito?

Hi! My friends and I are planning an outing this summer, and we're choosing between this place and Casa San Pablo in Laguna. I see that you've been to both places already. Which of the two would you personally recommend?

Now, it is 2,200 per person. The food was just okay but the place is definitely peaceful and good if you want quiet time with your loved ones. I would suggest the rooms without aircon so you can enjoy the night breeze. It is a wonderful experience.

Thanks Anton!

nice, thanks for all the info but where is ginger garden or ginger plant........I'm interesting the ginger plant.

Thanks anton!

i am planning a weekend trip and it's a toss between balai indang or Coco Grove Resort in Laiya Batangas. which would you pick?

i was there yesterday. really it's an interesting place.:) the concept of the place is really unique.

um, parang rip off to ng sonya's garden...

hi anton, nice pics there. anyway, any available email address of this place? i want to know the amenities. accommodation and rates. please help. thanks

Nakapunta na rin ako last May 23. The to-be-wed booked us overnight because their wedding was in the morning of the 24th. :D I blogged about it din hehe>

is it better than Casa San Pablo?

Yes definitely, bigger and food is yummier

Sent from Mobile

buffet lunch price is definitely worth it! every dish is delicious.. this place is really beautiful! cant wait to go back! thanks for the info :)

Hi Sir Anton, I would like to ask for your permission if we can use the photos you have used on this post for the website that we are developing right now for Balay Indang. We would make sure to give credits and put a watermark of the link of your website, ( on the photos that we will use. We would really be thankful if you would allow us to include your photos on Balay Indang's website. Thank you in advance and more power!

Hi Hazel,

Yes, you have my permission. Please credit as: Photo by Anton Diaz of


Thank you very much, Sir Anton! :)

Truly a nice place to eat and relax. Plus, it's a few minutes away from Tagaytay.

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