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Jewel Box, Mount Faber, Singapore

Singapore's Jewel Box - 2
Mount Faber View -- The Highest Point in Singapore.

"An Extraordinary hideaway which stands out with its pleasing sense of rustic sophistication. The Jewel Box offers an ethereal ambiance in which you will enjoy the privacy and tranquility of nature, as well as the exquisite variety of bars & restaurant. In the midst of an enormous wealth of flora and fauna, of colorful sunsets, and songs of birds, this exuberant architectonic combination offers the most spectacular scenery of the city and harbour and is perfect for after-work drinks, intimate dinners and serious partying"

Singapore's Jewel Box - 5
(Left to Right) Apurva (Indian), Siriwan (Thailand), Mui - The boss (Singaporean), Donald (Australian), Alex (Singaporean), Birthday Boy Steven (Malaysian), Calvin (Chinese), and Mark (Australian).

Usually, our regional team meets twice a year and I always look forward to the group dinner. It is the only time I'm able to go to "bloggable" places, otherwise, we spend most of the time between the hotel and our Novena office. I was excited because I've never been to Mount Faber which is allegedly the highest point in Singapore. We went to Jewel box, Singapore's Iconic Hilltop Destination, which serves a 4 course set menu of salad, soup, entree and dessert. Despite the fantastic 180 degrees view of Sentosa, the lush forrest, and nearby islands, it was not enough to compensate for its uninspired ambiance and cuisine. They also have a very nice and enticing website but I have a hard time to even say that the food was OK.

In any case, it is always a nice experience and more learnings about Singapore. Thanks Alex for arranging this!

Singapore's Jewel Box - 3

Jewel Box, Mount Faber Leisure Group

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Whoa, I was just staring at Mt. Faber the other day. When were you in Singapore??

These panoramic images from Mount Faber may bring back memories for you! They area part of a collection from all over Singapore taken in 2007. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Singapore.

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