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March 31, 2007

Best Business Plan of the World Competition 2007 (www.bestbusinessplan.ph)

I'm so proud of this BBP Competition that I agreed to lead this search for the Manila Jaycees. We are on the 4th year of looking for that Filipino entrepreneur team who would bring the glory for the Philippines for four straight years. Our media usually don't cover stories like these (sad to say) not unless you would have to pay for it. For those awesome entrepreneurs out there, submit your Best Business Plan for this year's 4th Philippine Young Entrepreneur Best Business Plan Competition 2007! Check out the website for details: (www.bestbusinessplan.ph). Deadline for entries is on April 30, 2007!! Who knows, you might win $5,000 and an all expense paid trip to beautiful Antalya, Turkey!

The Pride of the Philippines:
Filipinos bag the ‘Best Business Plan of the World’ title 3 years in a row

For three consecutive years now – 2004, 2005 and 2006 – the Philippines has emerged the winner in JCI’s ‘Best Business Plan of the World’ competition, besting thousands of entries from some 100 countries. Thus, Manila Jaycees and all its sponsors take pride in helping bring out the best in budding Filipino entrepreneurs through its flagship project, the ‘Best Business Plan’ competition (www.bestbusinessplan.ph).

The contest is held yearly by Manila Jaycees as part of its search for Philippine entries to the JCI’s ‘Best Business Plan of the World’ competition. Now on its 4th year, the 2007 contest aims to sustain the Philippines’ strong performance in the international tilt. More importantly, Manila Jaycees hopes to inspire more of our young breed of entrepreneurs to come up with the best among the best business plans that are not only feasible but are capable of creating a positive impact on society.

Success Stories

2004 Winner: X-Tal Farms, Inc. by Christian Guerrero of Thames Business School

In 2004, a 27-year-old student-farmer-entrepreneur, Christian Guerrero of Thames Business School in Quezon City, became the first Filipino champion in the world congress held in Fukuoka, Japan for his franchise farming business, X-Tal Farms, Inc. Guerrero won US$5,000 as seed money for his cause-oriented venture, which aimed at helping his fellow farmers in Zambales to adopt modern farming techniques and be able to market their produce profitably. Photo shows Guerrero receiving a replica of his US$5,000 check prize from JCI President Fernando Sanchez-Arias and JCI Interim Secretary General Edson Kodama at the awarding ceremony in Fukuoka.

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March 30, 2007

Paying it Forward for a Cost of Friendship

oap statistics

Thanks to Friends of Our Awesome Planet!! One of my motivation for blogging is to gain more online friends and meet the fabulous Filipinos in and out of our country. Some just started as readers, then became acquaintances through comments/ email exchanges. At some point, I do hope to cultivate online friends that lasts. This is why I prefer food trips with small groups, photo tripping, blog meets/ eyeballs, and I make it a point to answer each and every comment (even if it is a delayed response). Also, there are people who ask me to promote their sites and most of the time I oblige as long as it is awesome and for the cost of friendship (free :) - as Pauline, our Media Manager would used to say. It is also a way for me to pay it forward to friends of Our Awesome Planet who are generous enough to share my site with people, give me word-of-mouth tips, and continue to read through out the blog's 27 months existence.

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Doughnut Miss it this Easter!

Krispy Kreme's Easter Doughnuts - 2
I was surprised that when I arrived from Singapore today, I got 6 boxes of half-dozen Easter Egg Doughnuts from Blooey. That was a pleasant surprise and I gave some to my team. Honestly, the chocolate and cream cheese toppings were so sweet that it is screaming calories every time you bite into it. These egg shape doughnuts does not have a hole so that you get that full carbo rich experience. How I wish they would start having those light or fat free doughnuts or healthy doughnuts (i know it is quite a contradictory but I'm just hoping that there would be one someday)

I'm more excited about the fun activities on April 8, Easter Day in Bonifacio High Street and Serendra. Thanks again to Krispy Kreme and see you there on Easter!

Krispy Kreme's Easter Doughnuts - 1

Krispy Kreme, America ’s most loved doughnut, offers new egg-shaped doughnuts in the spirit of Easter. With five colorful designs and two flavors – chocolate and cream cheese. These egg shaped doughnuts are great substitute for Easter egg hunts too!

Enjoy great value with Krispy Kreme's Sweet Easter Treat when you purchase 1 dozen Assorted with Egg Shaped Doughnut and a medium Frozen Blend or Iced Espresso for just P379. Hurry! This offer is until April 15, 2007 only.

Plus! It's our 1st Easter in the Philippines . So join us on April 8 as Krispy Kreme celebrates Easter with fun-filled activities for the entire family.

Visit us at Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City , Taguig City and Ground Floor, Bldg. B, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City .

Share some Egg Shaped Doughnuts today!

Lecheng Pastillas 'to

Jumbo Pastillas - 5
I think I finally found the best pastillas in Manila. Christine of Ramblings from a Gypsy Soul brought these Jumbo Pastillas during Poch's despedida dip party and we immediately got hooked! Christine was also responsible for my Sonja's cupcakes addiction way before it opened in Serendra. I finally succumbed to these Jumbo Pastillas temptation and we had to buy two boxes to satisfy our soon-to-be pastillas addiction. Finally, this might be the Best Pastillas in Manila!

Jumbo Pastillas - 7

Pastillas is one of those that conjured up childhood memories similar to our all time favorite chocnut. It was sad that it became a commodity and for a time, it was satisfied being sold in a generic unbranded cardboard box decreasing in size over time. Iya's Jumbo Pastillas decided to revive its lost glory starting with a maroon cow inspired box perfect for giving it as a gift or satisfying the most requested pasalubong of balikbayans in other countries. The pastillas of our childhood days is quite large and after seeing this 2.5 inches long jumbo pastillas (3.0 inches with the white cover), you would conclude that this the authentic pastillas. The actual pastillas itself is smooth, sweet and enough to make you forget how sinful it is.

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Jewel Box, Mount Faber, Singapore

Singapore's Jewel Box - 2
Mount Faber View -- The Highest Point in Singapore.

"An Extraordinary hideaway which stands out with its pleasing sense of rustic sophistication. The Jewel Box offers an ethereal ambiance in which you will enjoy the privacy and tranquility of nature, as well as the exquisite variety of bars & restaurant. In the midst of an enormous wealth of flora and fauna, of colorful sunsets, and songs of birds, this exuberant architectonic combination offers the most spectacular scenery of the city and harbour and is perfect for after-work drinks, intimate dinners and serious partying"

Singapore's Jewel Box - 5
(Left to Right) Apurva (Indian), Siriwan (Thailand), Mui - The boss (Singaporean), Donald (Australian), Alex (Singaporean), Birthday Boy Steven (Malaysian), Calvin (Chinese), and Mark (Australian).

Usually, our regional team meets twice a year and I always look forward to the group dinner. It is the only time I'm able to go to "bloggable" places, otherwise, we spend most of the time between the hotel and our Novena office. I was excited because I've never been to Mount Faber which is allegedly the highest point in Singapore. We went to Jewel box, Singapore's Iconic Hilltop Destination, which serves a 4 course set menu of salad, soup, entree and dessert. Despite the fantastic 180 degrees view of Sentosa, the lush forrest, and nearby islands, it was not enough to compensate for its uninspired ambiance and cuisine. They also have a very nice and enticing website but I have a hard time to even say that the food was OK.

In any case, it is always a nice experience and more learnings about Singapore. Thanks Alex for arranging this!

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March 28, 2007

OMAKAZE Maki Fever!

California Maki - 2
Suki Market's Sushi Bar (P150) for a bilao of 35 california makis! (taken from my point and shoot)

I am loving makis right now and there are two places worth raving about! The first one is from the soon-to-become-popular Suki Market in Dapitan where you can buy a bilao of 35 california makis just for P150! You can't beat that price anywhere but you need to go to the Suki Market to get these. This is perfect for gatherings or potluck sunday lunch with your in laws.

Omakase - 13
Omakaze's JSC Platter (Jurassic, Seabreeze, and Crazy Maki Combo) (P550++).

The second one is from the now popular Omakaze for the fusion Makis created by Ed Encisa. Literally, Omakaze means "at the Chef's pleasure" and Chef Ed was trained in Furusato and his brief Middle East chef stint in Bermuda. His popular maki creations include Jurassic Maki (P230++) composed of Ebi Tempura, Kani (crab meat), Ebiko (orange thingy), salmon skin inside out unagi and Crazy Maki (P140++) composed of spicy tuna & salmon inside, scallion and ebiko outside. Personally, I love the Jurassic Maki because of the texture of the salmon skin, different unique taste of the ingredients, and you can't go wrong with unagi and ebi tempura.

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Philippine Blog Awards Interview


Home & Living Blog Finalist @ 2007 Philippine Blog Awards
dessert comes first
Finestkind Clinic and fish market
Our Awesome Planet
Wifely Steps

Jhay, of The Four-eyed Journal (http://jrocas.com.ph) sent me a list of interview questions for the Philippine Blog Awards for his blogging series entitled: " The road to the PhilippineBlogAwards: Nominees Spotlight". I decided to answer some of them.

How does it feel to be nominated for the PBA?
I'm honored to be one of the finalist in the Home & Living Category. Although, honestly, I would have wanted to be in the Photoblog or Travel Category.

Who do you think will win in your category?
I think categorically in terms of hits, popularity, and alignment with the category, Joel, of Marketmanila.com will win this.

Why do you think you should win?
If ever, it is because I'm passionate about promoting the best of the Philippines.

What would you do if you win?
Good Question. Win or lose, we will party after the awards night!

What do you think of the Philippineblogawards?
It is about time. This should be a lot lot better than the webby awards.

Is there a blog that's not nominated but deserves to be nominated in the PBA?
We should also honor the bloggers who are part of the committee :)

Would you join the next Philippineblogawards?
I would join to meet new blogger friends.

Any messages to your fellow nominees?
Lets party on March 31!!

anton signature
email: anton@diaz.ph

The Big Garments Sale by Exclusive Invitation only.

Take a time out first from your online multiply shopping because the Great Bulacan Sale is here.

Unfortunately, I cannot send invites anymore to the Great Bulacan Sale which is scheduled for March 30-April 1(a bit earlier this year). You have to go with somebody who would have an invite and register yourself in their database to be invited in the next one. In the past year, most of the oap readers would have gotten an invite and you should have gotten a message from Divine.

Star Trends Bulacan Sale - 10

To: divine flores <xxxxxxx@gmail.com>

Dear Friends,

If you are looking to buy clothes for summer, going abroad, or just stocking up for the year, please come to our first sale of the year this Mar 30 to April 1. That's Friday to Sunday, for a change, we included the Sunday because a lot of people requested and they wanted to get their hands on the goods before Holy Week vacation.

We are having the Big Garments Sale earlier than expected this year because new stocks came in early. Also, we are disposing some aged stock for as low as 200 pesos so the price will be very very cheap. Expect to see more fashion brands such as Zara, D&G, Miss Sixty and even Killah which has been gaining acclaim in the global market, a lot of jeans, and more of the RL shoes that people keep re-ordering.

Hope to see you at our Meycauayan warehouse! For more details, kindly look for Divine at XXX-XX-XX or XXXX-XXXXXXX . For directions/map, she can forward to you through fax or email, but you should be able to remember how to get here right?

For security purposes, please bring ID, we will be cross-referencing your names with our guest list.


This email has been forwarded to you because you registered in any of our previous sales. KINDLY DO NOT FORWARD to anybody else, as we will not be able to entertain them as properly as we should. Your support is much appreciated, and we would like to make this event exclusively to you, in thanks. Our apologies for not being able to entertain more of your referrals but our current space is not feasible.