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Fun Ranch Happiness

Fun Ranch Happiness - 21

Kids these days are very lucky. Imagine an entire compound built for them where they can play, shop, eat and have a spa massage. This place is called Fun Ranch Center (beside Tiendesitas) where kids definitely rule! It is fast becoming the cool place to spend family time with your kids or celebrate your kids birthday.

We celebrated valentines with Aidan at Fun Ranch and you can definitely see the happiness on his face after the trip. It is best to visit here during the weekdays to avoid the kids crowd on weekends. It is 50% operational and the best places are the Active Fun play area and Little Lambs Spa. Of course, every kids center have the usual kiddie traps in the form of the fun rides such as the merry go round and carousel rides, game centers, and junk foods which we usually avoid to give our kids. Also, there's a Big Red Barn restaurant which was built with kids and family in mind and I'm glad they did not put the usual Jollibee/ Mcdonalds food.

Overall, wonderful place for kids and I do hope they are able to maintain it. Thanks to Leslie/ Helena for the tip on this place. I do hope to meet you in Fun Ranch one of these days :)

8 Tips for the best Fun Ranch Experience
1. Play with your kids @ Active Fun. For kids less than 3 years old, it should be accompanied by a yaya/ a parent (for free).
2. Socks are a must! (for the kids and the parent :)
3. Schedule a Kiddie Massage Spa before you play. This is definitely a must! All kids love this.
4. Go on a Weekday. Little Lambs have a promo discount during weekdays. Avoid the Kids crowd.
5. Bring Extra Shirts. (for the kids and the parent :)
6. Spend 3 hours in this order: Active Fun Play Center -- Little Lambs Spa -- Big Red Barn Resto
7. Prepare a budget of P500/ kid for the entire experience.
8. Don't forget to bring your camera and take fun shots :)

Check out this Fun Ranch Happiness experience....

Fun Ranch Happiness - 2
Every kids center should have a Merry Go Round and mini-Ferris Wheel for kids. These are definitely what I call, kiddie traps that you should avoid.

Active Fun Play Center

Weekdays (12nn to 9pm) : P150/ Hour
Weekends (9am to 10pm) : P175/ Hour

Hobbies of Asia, 8 Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Ave., Pasay City, Metro Manila +632 551 3848
Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde Ortigas Ave/ C5, Pasig City +63 915 370 9006, +632 396 5237, +632 634 0067, +632 396 5290
Hotline: 0906-3005231

Fun Ranch Happiness - 12
The parents and kids would love the giant Active Fun area. I personally love this 2-storey tube slide. The Active Fun play area is like a giant maze that is fun and safe for the kids.

Fun Ranch Happiness - 15
Since Aidan is still a toddler, I had to accompany him in the tube slide. It was a fun bonding session with Aidan.

Fun Ranch Happiness - 13
Before you can get to the 2 storey tube slide, you need to cross this tunnel. After passing through this, I'm sweating like crazy.

Fun Ranch Happiness - 11
If you would feel claustrophobic about the tube slide, you can try this out with the same thrill factor for both the kids and the parents.

Fun Ranch Happiness - 7
There is a small place area for toddlers which is equipped with a small slide. We all know how toddlers can be amazed at slides and plastic balls like these.

Fun Ranch Happiness - 18
Aidan can't get enough of these swimming pool of balls. He likes sliding, jumping and being swarmed by the balls.

Little Lamb's Pediatric Wellness Place (Spa - Clinic - Salon)
Fun Ranch Center, Ortigas Ave Corner E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Pasig City
Mobile # +63 920 500 6897

Infant Massage (P300)
Shiatsu for Kids (P330) Adult (P380)
Swedish Massage (P350) Adult (P400)
Haircut (P250) Adult (P300)
Foot Massage (P280) Adult (P350)

They currently have a promo of 50% on Mondays, 40% on Tuesdays, 30% on Wednesdays, 20% on Thursdays, 10% on Fridays.

Fun Ranch Happiness - 3
This is the second branch of Little lambs and this is a lot bigger than their T. Morato branch but still small and crowded spa place if you ask me. I do not want to be in this place on a weekend!

Fun Ranch Happiness - 22

After one hour of playing, we treated Aidan to his first kids spa massage. Little Lambs claims that this is the first Spa-Clinic-Salon for your kids in the Philippines. It is also the first spa place to cater to the Family -- there is a whirl pool for the family and a family room where you can have a massage together with your kid.

Fun Ranch Happiness - 23
Aidan was coughing heavily before having the massage. After the infant massage, the coughing stopped. The therapist shared with us some techniques to massage Aidan's chest and back to stop his coughing. We were surprised that Aidan just stayed lying down for the whole 30 minutes!

Fun Ranch Happiness - 24
Aidan's Priceless Happiness! I do hope he remembers this when he grows up :)

Fun Ranch Happiness - 5
After the massage, go to the Big Red Barn to end the night with a lovely dinner.

Fun Ranch Happiness - 1

Fun Ranch Center (beside Tiendesitas)

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Thanks for sharing all these helpful information and tips. I've heard about Fun Ranch before and we plan to bring our 3-yr old son there one of these days.

Wow! This looks great! I'm a stay-at-home mom and I've been wanting to get a massage (I really really need one!), I just don't know who'll watch my son! Now we can take one together. =)

Yeah I've seen this place beside Tiendesitas, and promised my son that I would bring him there, a reward for doing well in school. Now I know what to expect...thanks for the info!

If the child is only a year old, would you still recommend this place?

Haha! I was just about to say, he stayed still long enough for the massage?! Sobra siyang cute talaga! I gotta tell my sister (who has 5 kids!) about this place. :) I'd love to take them there.

Thanks for the review! I really want to bring my baby over there but she's still 4months old. Are there any activities for her age? :)

A blessed day to all!

We've already experienced the joy of being there a week after Fun Ranch was featured in one of our programs (MUP) and we love to have our son celebrate his birthday there. Could you please e-mail the birthday packages you offer? Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks so much.


The place is really nice especially for my toddler. Though I didn't let my baby try the infant massage because she was asleep. My baby massage instructor taught me how to massage my baby. Of course it's more expensive than P300 but she can experience my massage everyday because of that. Especially for young babies, it's better if a family member does the massage.

The place is nice and it's very accomodating
My children really enjoyed and have fun a lot.
And surely we will always return in this place.
Thanks for all the persons who had made this spot.
We love it.

Hi there! We are watching TV ( Mel and Joey ) TFC and happened they featuring your place there.My daughter would like to go to your place when we go back to Philippines . She said she really needs a massage Spa and to think of it she's only 5 years old. I was laughing and told her okay we will go there.I hope there's one closer to Calamba, Laguna. I'm looking forward to see you all guys there.

My Daugther seen that place at Kay Susan Tayo and she loves to go there thats why I search to the internet for the exact location of you're place. Hope we can go there as soon as possible

can you give me the direction going to fun ranch.If im coming from antipolo city.

hi, my family is planning to go there this coming weekend! bt the problem is we dont know the exact place...can u tell us about it! or give us a location map were from Project 6, Quezon city! thanks a lot.

Hello there!

I lived in Pasay. I want to know how to get there? I can't wait to experience the fun at FUN RANCH.

Please let me know.


thanks for the useful infos!I recommended the place to my Korean student.I think she and her family will love it!Thanks for thinking about the kids!

Hi,i heard about your place for parties, im interested, can you please send me the packages you offer, it will consist 150 adults and 50 kids. for my son on his 7th birthday, thanks a lot for your attention on this matter.

Good day!
I've herad a lot about "Funranch". But were here from Bulacan, how could we go there. My kinds could not wait to go there this summer. Thanks!


Good day!
I've herad a lot about "Funranch". But were here from Bulacan, how could we go there. My kinds could not wait to go there this summer. Thanks!


where is this located un fun ranch pls emailme thanks

what are the contact numbers of fun ranch?? please inform me thanks;D

Thank you for sharing this! I've been thinking of bringing my 2 toddles before Easter. Thanks for all the infos

hello! akala ko babae ang nagsulat. nung nakita ko ang picture mo at ang iyong anak, aawww....ang sweet. yung tatay pala ang nagsasalita!

hmm..sana lahat ng tatay, ganyan!!!

mabuhay ka!!!

nice place for kids....

how can i can join the club for my child?

heard a lot of great things about fun ranch. we are planning on going home to the philippines for my daughter's first birthday party, can you give me some birthday packages with prices or the contact number/email of fun ranch. thanks

I've heard a lot of things about fun ranch. and we have plans to go there on my daughters bday. how can we go there? im coming ffrom marikina. thnx.


I am looking for a place to celebrate my daughter's birthday. sombody referred Fun Ranch to me can you send me information about birthday celebration in your place? Do you have birthday package and how much.

What is your contact information and how can we get to your place from Sta. Mesa Manila. Right now i am still in California but will be celebrating my daughter's birthday there in P.I. on September
Hope to hear from you.

For younger children (ages 0-6), check out Sea & Learn Development Center, located at the second floor. There's a safe play area, snack and nap room, and an entertainment nook.

Sea & Learn is also a progressive pre-school open to kids 2-7 years old.

You may contact Sea & Learn at 3965289 or 09159801646. Look for Teacher Cia.

Hi! I heard about this place from a friend and this is the only site in the web that has a lot of info about the Fun Ranch. Could you send me a list of birthday packages for this? It's my son's first birthday on November 8th and I'm interested to hold it in the Fun Ranch. At least for just 100 adults and 30-40 kids. Please email me asap. Thank you.

hi! i have this small preschool and would like to add FunRanch in our itinerary for our 1st field trip this they give discounts for small groups?i hope you can email me back before my ocular inspection. many thanks!!

LOL! yes mighty baby aidan is surely a willing patient in this photos lOL! he enjoys it very much.....i wish me too LOL!

Hello. I'm really having fun reading all your blogs. My son also wanted to spend his 7th bday at the fun ranch. can somebody give me any contact number or any idea on the party packages ? Thanks.

Hi! We plan to celebrate our daughter's 6 bday party at Fun Ranch. Could someone please send us some info regarding party packages they have to offer.thanks,

cool place for kids.. what are your birthday packages? my daughter is turning 8 this oming jan.01
thanks, kriz

nice experience for my toddler and baby, lessens the stress they have to go through after vaccination, their services are really child and mother friedly

Glad i found this place! my son will be celebrating his 3rd yr bday by march22 can you send me a the amount that we need too pay for 30 person.Thank you.

Hi Anton! Just thought you might wanna know -- the Ark Avilon just opened today at the Fun Ranch in Tiendesitas. It's a mini-zoo, an extension of Avilon in Montalban. There are lions, pumas, tigers, orangutans, eagles, falcons etc. There's also a donkey and Shetland pony that the kids can ride on. Entrance fee is 250/person. And on the 2nd floor there's a cafe filled of butterflies that flutter all around you and perch on you as you sit and sip your coffee / latte / hot chocolate. Here are some pics that I found thru google:

Wow! We'll be visiting Manila next month and my cousin will take us here. I'm sure my daughter will have fun. Thanks Anton!

HI Anton,

Thanks for the review... Do you happen to have a number to the Big Red Barn?

Thank you.

Hi! Check out our place: Xplora Science Discovery Center at Funranch, a place for play and learning, where children can learn science in a fun and entertaining way. If you're planning a visit, please advise me so i can meet you there and present to you what's in-store for the kids.

Txt me at 0927-9125245 or email me at

HI Anton,

It looks like you had a lot of fun at Fun Ranch. The next time you visit, please visit us on the 2nd floor, we also cater to children from ages 1-6. Sea & Learn Development Center is primarily a preschool but we also offer day care. In fact, you could safely leave your child with us the whole day, with or without the yaya. Please visit our website for more information.

Hope to see you there!

hi! do kids ages 7-11 will still enjoy this? isnt their already old for this? thanks

Thank you very much for this post. Like one comment had said, this is the only site that provides real information about Fun Ranch. :)

i juz want 2 know if u have birthday packages. i think dis is d best place 2 celebrate my kid's birthday. tnx...

hi.. can you send me list for bday party 1 year old baby? thanks :-)


i'm looking for a venue to celebrate my daughter's 4th birthday. i'm overseas and would like to know if they do kid's party at fun ranch, catering, baloons, and all???



Hi everyone!

Add life to your party...

...."HOST" gonna do it?

Big Red Barn is a great place!I'll be there again this July to host a party :-)

hi everyone!

If you're thinking of a unique and useful giveaway or prize for the games....
May I suggest, the Writable Flash Cards by Aunty Pesy.
Letters and numbers in one box.

email me at or text me at 09178874894 :)

My son is turning 1 on oct 3..are you offering birthday packages? i work out of the country therefore would not have the chance to visit the place for inquiries and i would really appreciate your response asap..thanks..

i am a kid you now igo there na po your sevice is good

Hi. I am currently planning my Son's 1st birthday on September. Can you send me the rates and packages.

Thank you for visiting Fun Ranch! We hope to see you again. For inqueries, you may contact us at 706-3029 or 706-3031. Also, check out our website, Have a nice day ahead!

Thanks for posting.. My hubby just went out f the country and i want to have a real fun bonding time with my sweetie.. Thanks

hello. my daughter is turning 1 on may... can you please send your birthday packages. thank you so much. :)


I’d like to know if you hold party events at Fun Ranch. Do you have any packages? Kindly send me details thru my email.

Thank you very much!

for all parents planning a party, please visit our website:

an online resource for planning a kiddie party in the Philippines. find everythin you need for your party, from venues, magicians, cakes, caterers and more.


great information!!! my daughter and three of her friends are going to Fun Ranch tomorrow for a playdate... thank you!

You're welcome, Ella!

Great idea! I'm a stay at home mom too.

thank u for i have an idea where will i bring my daughter on her 3rd bday..

Hi,im planning to have my daughter's 7th birthday party at fun ranch. Can you pleasesend me the details?


Keshena Chua

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