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Tips for an Awesome World Pyro Experience on the January 12th and 13th

Surviving World Pyro

Exit Traffic after the World Pyro Olympics last Saturday Jan. 7, 2007

There will be lots of people on the 12th, Friday and definitely on Saturday, the last day of the World Pyro. Friday schedule is Denmark and Canada and on Saturday, it would be China and the much-awaited Philippines fireworks show.

1. Don't park in MOA or near MOA if you want to escape early after the fireworks show. There will be a mass exodus of people and the traffic will be a lot worse since it is a Friday gimmick night and even on a Saturday Night. I'm surprised by people parking in the MOA area and then later on complain of the exit traffic afterwards.

2. I suggest that you park in Blue Wave and HK Sun Plaza. You just walk to Esplanade and Mall of Asia and it is an easy cool walk. Just make sure that you walk with your friends.

3. Bring Water, Flashlight and Extra Clothes if you plan to go near the Esplanade.

Highlands Steakhouse View @ Mall of Asia - 1
The Crowd at MOA and the General Viewing Area on a Sunday.

4. Mobile/ SMS signal can be unreliable within the esplanade area so don't depend on it. Agree on a meeting place and time with the groups you are going to meet.

5. It would be fun eating while watching the fireworks. Here are suggested restaurants: Highland Steakhouse, Azul, Gerry's Grill both in MOA and Blue Wave and Josefina / Seaside Macapagal Restaurants.

6. Fireworks usually start at 8-8.30pm and the second one at around 9-9.30pm. On the last day, expect that there will be some delays.

Highlands Steakhouse View @ Mall of Asia - 2
The North Overpass has one of the nicest view of the World Pyro. I think these are tables from Azul restaurant.

7. If you are a photographer, you should be in MOA to get the best spots at around 5-6pm. Most of the people arrive 7pm so avoid this mad rush of crowd.

8. If you are not interested with Fireworks at all, avoid CCP, Roxas Boulevard, and Mall of Asia area. Expect that traffic to last starting from 6pm to 12mn.

9. We need to cheer for the Philippines and support our own! Go this Saturday to support the Philippines and see the much awaited China show which should be a prelude to the Beijing Olympics.

10. Join us on Friday and Saturday, We will be in the Special Viewing Area at P500. I have a few tickets with me and it is already sold out. Email me @

United Kingdom @ World Pyro Olympics - 7
One of the Best View of Fireworks from Highlands Steakhouse because of its elevation and great food.



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Thanks for the info about Azul and their tables on the overpass. I saw them last Sunday and wondered how to get there. My friends and I are coming on the 12th, and I'll suggest getting a reservation on that area.

Hi anton, Highlands Steakhouse is fully booked when i called Tues/Mon. Do you have the contact number for Azul?

me number for azul...thanks :)

hi! i found out the contact number of azul, for everyone who needs it -- 5560742. but they are already fully booked on saturday for the bridgeway. only four tables left inside.

anton, does gerrys grill have a good view of the fireworks also? i am just concerned that they are located in the first floor..can we still have a good view of the fireworks?



BIZU also has a nice view. We tried Highlands but fully booked daw so we called BIZU.

you think ill get a good view if we checked in at Bayview hotel?

may I get the contact number of highland steakhouse?


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