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34 posts from January 2007

January 26, 2007

Balloon Fiesta - 11th International Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

10th Balloon Fiesta (Feb. 12, 2006) - 21

Our Awesome Planet and Pinoy Travel Blog presents OAP and PTB Live in the 11th Intl Phil. Balloon Fiesta in Clark Field Pampanga!
Just join us if you want to witness these Awesome Balloons and have fun with photo hobbyists. Here are the details:

What to expect?
A Day Trip full of fun and laughter with Photo Enthusiast and Travel Addicts
FREE Photography Lessons from Anton of Our Awesome Planet
This is a Photo-travel-cum-food trip in Pampanga. Let me tour you to sample the best of Pampanga cuisine :)
Bonus side trip to Zoobic in between the Hot Air Balloon departure/ arrival

How to Join?
Simply put a link to this post from your blog, multiply or friendster site expressing your interest to join us this coming February 10, Saturday. Call or Text me @ 0928 558 8500, Anton (for further questions)

You can cut and paste the html code below:

<a href="http://anton.blogs.com/awesome/2007/01/balloon_fiesta_.html">Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta </a>

Travel Itinerary

Meet up: 3.30am (Yes!) at Shell North Luzon Expressway, February 10, 2007 Saturday
4am enroute to Omni Aviation, Clark Field Pampanga
5.30-7.30am Hot Air Balloon Takeoff Shoot out
8.00am - Breakfast @ VFW along Friendship Road (a secret cozy american place in Clark)
9.00am -- Enroute to Zoobic in Subic
12.00nn -- Lunch @ Meat Plus in Subic
3:00pm -- Go back to Omni Aviation, Clark.
5.30pm-7.30pm Hot Air Balloon Arrival and Night Glow (Bring your tripods!)
8:00pm -- Dinner is a surprise :)

What to bring:
Jacket (it is freezing in the morning)
BYOT - Bring your own transpo -- we don't plan to arrange a common transpo we will do convoy throughout
Photo Camera and preferably Tripod (if you have one)
PAYO - Pay as you order -- you manage your own expenses. Bring 1,000/ head as a budget for this day trip event.

10th Balloon Fiesta (Feb. 12, 2006) - 17

Check out the Photos below. Simply Awesome as Sidney would agree :)

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10th Philippine International Hotair Balloon Fiesta (PIHBF) @ near Clark

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January 24, 2007

A Suite Romance Anniversary

I thought twice if I was going to post this. In the spirit of the valentines season, we decided to share this with you. January 11 was our 4th year anniversary and it was kinda difficult to plan surprises these days for my wife. Here is a sneak peek...

a Suite Romance Anniversary - 29
Admittedly, it was hard to plan an anniversary surprise for my wife. On our first anniversary, we went to the land of the Samurai's in Kyoto, Japan. Our last two anniversaries was forgettable because of the pregancy in 2005 and I was on travel in Cebu on our anniversary day (which I learned to be a no-no). So this year's anniversary would be different and I learned not to take it forgranted :).

a Suite Romance Anniversary - 14
We always wanted to try out Westin's Couple's Spa Room ever since we saw it 2 years ago. When we tried it this year, we realized that the entire Philippines Westin Hotel is now bought by Sofitel Hotel group. They offer three (3) packages under the brand name Suite Romance Package:

Passion (180 minutes) - P7,500
(2) Fresh Fruit Shake
(1) Bottle of Champagne
(2) Passionate Massage
(2) Body Moisturizing Treatment with herbal lotions
(2) Foot Spa treatment
(2) Four-course gourmet meal by Spiral!
30-minute private time for the couple
Use of bathrobe and slippers

Sensual (120 minutes) - P4,500

(2) Fresh Fruit Shake
(2) Sensual Massage
(2) Body Moisturizing Treatment with herbal lotions
Box of hand-made chocolate pralines or truffles
Pot of hot tea infusion
30-minute private time for the couple
Use of bathrobe and slippers

Tender (90 minutes) - P3,000
candlelit whirlpool bath of crystal bubbles
(2) Tender Massage
(2) Chilled bottled mineral water
30-minute private time for the couple
Use of bathrobe and slippers

a Suite Romance Anniversary - 12

We tried the Passionate package primarily because of the 4-course Spiral dinner and the foot spa pampering! The photo above is the how the couple's room looks like. This was featured in Us girls, and so I wanted to share with you the actual experience. Bottomline, the massage was great as expected but the Spiral food was so-so. I expected too much I guess on the Spiral dinner but we both agree that the package would have been worth it if the dinner was very good. The room looked old but I must admit it was well maintained. It was a great way to spend our anniversary :)

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Roshan's Lemon Torte

Balducci Birthday Bash! - 22
I love this cake! The tangy lemon fights with the taste of sweet walnutty meringue. I would call it the yin-yang of cakes. I would not even attempt to describe this cake further. The Queen of Desserts, Lori, described this perfectly and I cannot agree more.

"A torte in this case is three layers of crunchy meringue with roasted (whole!) walnuts baked right in. When eaten, the walnuts shatter in the mouth, giving way to the meringue’s subtle crunch of complaint before melting on the tongue in a sea of sweet, releasing a dazzling tang of lemon. Roshan has said that she can actually vary the intensity of the lemon curd in the torte, depending on the request of the client. (Oh, in that case then, maximum intensity for me, please.)" (see: Roshan’s Lemon Torte by Lori, dessercomesfirst.blogspot.com)

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January 23, 2007

Balducci Birthday Bash

Balducci Birthday Bash! - 23
It was great to capture this photo moment! Thanks to my sister-in-law, Clauds who took this picture -- priceless !

Aidan's Birthday is on January 19-- last friday. Coincidentally this falls always within the Sto.Nino celebrations which usually happens on the third Sunday of January. My little Sto. Nino is two years old already and I can't wait to experience what they call the terrible two stage. We were planning a birthday celebration for him and we thought whether or not to plan a children's party.

I liked last year's celebration at Je Suis Gourmand -- private and a time when our two families are together once again. I kinda like that setup at the moment, since I'm sure Aidan won't still remember and appreciate a children's party. We might just plan a grand celebration on his 4th or 7th year :) I actually told my wife that I prefer to celebrate it with family and if possible to just travel during his birthday. When he is old enough to appreciate disneyland in HK, we might do that on one of his birthdays.

Balducci Birthday Bash! - 3

There were two choices for us, the new Tagaytay China Palace Restaurant in MOA or a Balducci Italian Restaurant in Serendra. I preferred the China Palace place but it would be far away from most family members and it was a little bit expensive. When we saw the second floor area of Balducci, we thought that this would be a nice cozy place for the family birthday dinner. A place where Aidan and his cousins can roam around freely without disturbing other customers.

We liked the golden chinese tseongsam that his Sachimpo gave last Christmas. It would have been perfect for China Palace but admittedly, Balducci is relatively cheaper than a chinese lauriat.

Overall, Balducci was not as great as we expected. It was OK for us and we loved the ambiance -- very conducive for chit chat and group dinners

Happy Birthday to our Little Sto. Nino, Aidan!! Thanks to all the greetings!! One of these days, he would see and appreciate them. Here is a sneak peek of the Balducci Birthday Bash @ Serendra....

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January 19, 2007

Wanted: someone who has had a food-borne illness and is willing to share his or her story with Reader’s Digest Asia

Maybe you know someone who fits the profile below...


Dear Mr. Diaz,

Congratulations on your engaging and upbeat blog!

May I request your assistance? I am a freelance writer-editor-photographer who's writing an article on food safety for Reader’s Digest Asia. It will focus on food-borne illnesses in Asia and how they can be avoided.

And I need to interview someone who has had a food-borne illness (that is, an upset stomach due to microorganisms such as Campylobacter, Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, Norovirus, or Vibrio bacteria). There has to be laboratory confirmation that the bum tummy resulted from any of these food bugs.

Would you know of anyone who fits the above description? Please email me or text me.

I’ll be grateful for your help in promoting food safety in Asia.

Thanks and regards,
:-) Dinna

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