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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

December 05, 2006

The Need for Speed in City Kart

December 05, 2006

The Need for Speed in City Kart

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 115

We just hosted our regional teammates two weeks ago for a teambuilding experience that they will never forget. Last September, I already treated my team to a City Kart racing session and that is why we know that it would be a memorable event. We decided to do it again for 42 people coming from ASEAN, Australasia and India. I personally had fun because the racing format was 90 minutes of non-stop endurance race.

We divided the team into 8 groups of 5 and we let them decide their strategy on how to change racers to complete the entire 90mins race. The only requirement is that each team member should race for 6 minutes at a minimum. The team who completed the most laps wins the race! Before the actual endurance race, we conducted a race leveling where we let every one have their test run for 6 minutes. Their lap times will be the basis for creating the group and we want to make sure that each group has a mix of fast and slow racers. After the leveling, the teams chose the main racer who would run the qualifying round to decide the pole positions at the start of the endurance race.

It was really fun. I actually got sick after this race because I was drenched with sweat in my suit and I did not change my shirt.. We started at 6pm and ended the race at 11pm. Overall, we spend about P150k for the entire teambuilding session for 42 members of our regional team. After this, it would be difficult to think about the team building for next year since the expectation was to top this one. If you have any bright ideas, let me know. Thanks to Jeff and the City Kart Team!!

Here is a glimpse of the endurance race team building we had two weeks ago.

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AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 1
After putting on the jump suits and getting the baclava, the entire group were already pumped up. I chose the Green color of course but we are out numbered by the blue ones.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 2
Jeff, the french guy who owns City Kart, oriented the team on safety tips and regulations on the track. So far, we have zero casualties and no one was seriously hurt.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 27
Each team was seriously planning their strategy. Would they go for their fastest driver first or the slow one? What would be the changing drivers strategy and so on... Every one was serious and very competitive.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 43
This team is so pumped up as they give their final high fives before the start of the qualifying race.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 20
Go La Salle Signs are up! I'm ready to go and I started to visualize Shumacher in my head. I ran the qualifying race and I finished on the third pole position.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 56
The good thing about this endurance race was that you can actually feel like a F1 racer because of the complete costumes, the fast + safe racing karts, and even pole positioning to start the race.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 16
This picture captured what it actually look like from the drivers point of view. Everything was a blur because of the speed at which you are traveling.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 94
At some point, there is also a pit stop to change racers so this should also be part of your strategy.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 120
After 90 minutes, the checkered flag was up and ended the best teambuilding we ever had.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 124
Everybody can't stop giving high fives and thinking that they won the race.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 132
This was the top view of the pit stop. Initially, the monitor screens provided perspective on who was winning the race. A couple of minutes before the race, the monitors were shut off to give a surprise ending to the race.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 114
If you don't have gloves, you'll get blisters on your hand so be careful if you decide to try this City Karts for the first time.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 169
The fastest man and woman on the racing circuit.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 155
Congratulations to the winners! The team who won the race was the team who have the most balanced drivers during the leveling race. The team started from the middle of the pack and race their way to the top.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 149
As an added treat, we bought some Baluts for our visitors and make sure that they experience this famous Filipino delicacy.

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 161
These guys are at it and they ate the entire balut with the help of San Miguel Beer. Go fear factor!

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 162
Congratulations Nick for being the best Balut eater for the night!

AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 175
Everyone was indeed happy going home. I hope you guys truly have fun :)

Thanks so much for the men and women of City Kart Racing!! Thanks soo much!!
AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 61 AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 173 AAI MDO IDS Teambuilding - 172


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