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Shawarma Center - Malate's Mediterranean Favorite

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 6

I love Mediterranean food specially the authentic ones which gives you a different and unique taste aside from the filipinized mid-east food you find in the malls. One of the shawarma place favorite in the Malate area is Shawarma Snack Center (SSC) near Hyatt Casino area. I'm sure most of you would know this already and I just want to share the secret to other people who haven't been to this place.

This is frequented by tourists and makati people who wants to eat authentic mid-east food. There are a lot of hole-in-the-wall shawarma places in Malate that you can get confused on which one to go to. This place is packed night after night. In fact, the owner of the SSC bought the space across which was formerly a chinese restaurant and decided to expand so he can cater to more people. You can order in both places but I prefer to eat in the original shawarma snack center. Hopefully, you get to find a table in the original place because usually this gets packed more easily than the one across.

Overall, the taste is quite unique and delicious but sometimes inconsistent. Although some people might find mid-east food to be dry and the meats mostly hard in texture. I like it because of its unique flavor. You might want to check this out.

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 8
The Shawarma Place @ Shawarma Snack Center

Shawarma Center - 4
Each shawarma's is sold for P65 for the large one. I like the thick arabic bread they use for the shawarma. The meats are sometimes harder than expected. Their yogurt garlic sauce is not strong and has a mayonnaise consistency.

Shawarma Center - 2

The place is small and simple with a rectangular aquarium that amazed Aidan.

The Menu
Soup and Appetizers
Seafood and Meat from the grill, Cooked Dishes
Pressure Cooker Dishes, Rice and Drinks
Shee Sha Flavors
Tea, Coffee and Sweets

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 16
All of their dishes are served with this thick kind of arabic bread. So be careful to order a lot of these since you can get full easily with just one bread.

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 13
Hommous (P95+). I didn't like this hommous version and I find it expensive.

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 12

Motabal (P95+). This one is the winner in the appetizer. This is the one made out of eggplant so very healthy.

Shawarma Center - 3

Steamed Fish with Garlic Soy Sauce (P220+). Different steam fish taste but it passed my mom's standards. You can order Basmati rice (P35+) which is the healthiest rice but expensive.

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 17

Ox Brain. My cousin-in-law Pam's favorite in Shawarma Center. They cooked this very well that it taste like omelet. But still just the thought of eating Ox brain gives me images of the monkey brains sashimi in China.

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 21
Lamb Kabab (P195+). I find these dry and my wife was disappointed with this. She was looking for that longganisa taste in the kebab.

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 19

Fish Kebab (165+). Since this is made of fish, we were not expecting too much from this dish. Same complain that it is dry.

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 20

Chicken Tikka (P195+). These one of the chicken tikka versions I like better than the indian versions.

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 11

Sizzling Mixed Seafood (P250+). They also have cooked dishes that are not typically mediterranean.

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 36
Sheesha (P195+). The owner was kind enough for us to give us a try of these shee sha's. I've never smoked before in my life but I tried one or two puffs of the flavored sheesha (grape).

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 41
My brother enjoying his sheesha. It would take you 2-3 hours to finish one and too bad we tried it when we are about to leave. Next time, we should order these first :)

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 38

Thanks to cousin-in-law Pam for introducing us to this place. I have heard about Shawarma center for a long time now but this is the first time we have been here.

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 7

Shawarma Snack Center.

You need to drive along Mabini going to Hyatt Hotel and Casino. This is a one way street so just follow Mabini street and after the Hyatt stop light intersection, you have to turn left along Salas street. The landmark is happy travel agency and you can also find Shawarma Snack Center along Salas street.




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If I'm not mistaken, Shawarma Snack Center used to sell in Rustan's Supermarket Makati. Have you ever been to Behrouz? We've been to a lot of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restos, but Behrouz is our pick for inexpensive and very good eats of this type of cuisine. Our faves are beef kebab, sauteed liver (or ground beef) with tomatoes and onions, sauteed ox brains, and the grilled boneless chicken. Behrouz has branches on Wilson St., at Metrowalk and on a side street off Timog Ave. We prefer the branch on Wilson for serving size and ambience.

very nice photos anton. i often go this place, it's just walking distance from me..though the last time, the shawarma i bought wasn't that good. you'd be surprised, there are lots of hole-in-the-wall, mid-eastern places in malate:)

thanks for sharing this one!!!!! the food looks delish!

hi anton..have u heard of mister kebab located in west ave?..i was just wondering which one is better...

@cae: Went to Mister Kebab on West Ave as recommended by an officemate. Wasn't that impressed. The sauteed liver with onions and tomatoes tasted like kaldereta. The brains weren't that good. Only the beef kebab passed muster. Prince Kebab on Timog is even better, I think. I'd go with Shawarma Snack Center and Behrouz.

got to agree with notsolillulu's comment on Mister Kebab. been there last week. food was ok. but service was terrible. took them 30mins to serve our food and another 15 mins to give us our bill. remember not to go there when you're really hungry or else, you might blow your top!

Myen, thanks for reminding me about the super slow service at Mister Kebab. It took forever to get our food and we were there past 9PM na on a weeknight. I almost blew my top because I don't think they're good at tracking orders. =(

I enjoy reading your blogs. it eases my homesicknes.nga pala, Im marie from Germany. Filipina of course!THANKS; Thanks for sharing this. before my hubby and I used to eat at the Persian Rest. along Mkti. ave.I dont know if it still, I know where i can eat my favorite humus when im back there. Thanks A lot!
Keep up the good work! and Mabuhay!

Thanks Marie for letting me know that you're reading my blog. Comments
like this makes me want to continue what I do despite my other

maraming salamat and happy holidays :)

love the presentation of the hummus.

Do you know of a good dimsum place in metro manila area who uses dimsum carts?

Suzhou in Malate.

Hi i found some of your photos posted on a different blog. i sure do hope he asked permission from you

Thanks so much for letting me know. I'll call EYP's attention about this.


wow! eto pala yung sinasabi nilang ox brain shawarma.. ma try nga :D woooot!

F.Y.I. A drag of sheesha is equivalent to an average of 9 sticks of cigarette. haha so be careful not to finish it in a span of 3 hours if you don't want to burn your lungs.

Love this place.

Here is the number...

5 Salas St. Malate

Manila, Metro Manila

(02) 525-4541

Thanks Carlos for the number and address :)

Thank you for sharing this. I had such a wonderful time myself traveling and performing in India and this bought back so many memories.

sir.. ask kolng kung available ung flavor ng shisha n how much ung 250grms n alfakher.tnx

Hello Anton.

Shawarma Snack Center has a branch in President's Ave, in BF Homes Paranaque.

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