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Saud Beach, Pagudpud

Are you going on a road trip to Pagudpud? Download this Infographic Guide before you go...
Infographic: Your Awesome Journey to Pagudpud

Saud Beach Pagudpud

When people say Pagudpud beach, it usually refers to the popular Saud Beach. "Pagudpud actually consists of three vast beaches, strung along Luzon's northern edge and hemmed in by huge points jutting out into the ocean. Coconut palm-backed Saud Beach is where the resorts are. Maira-ira, also known as Blue Lagoon, is a few points east. Deserted Pansian beach is still further on, near the bother of Cagayan Province. "*

It should be called the "anti-Boracay of the North" since it boast of beautiful white beach backed by rows of coconut palms minus the noise and nightlife of Boracay. In fact you can call it either serene or boring depends on how you want to look at it. If you are standing in the middle of Pagudpud, Saud beach the photo above is the scene that you would see on your left side with the shores transforming into a rocky coastline. Behind it, you can already see the Bangui windmills.

Saud Beach Pagudpud
On your right side, you would see the photo above of endless shoreline cove vanishing into the forest mountains. It is great to walk in the morning from one end to another. After seeing Blue Lagoon, I was much less impressed with the quality of sand in Saud. But still its warm cove embrace never fails to welcome you and impress you after driving for more than 14 hours from Manila...

Saud Beach Evaluation

Saud Beach Pagudpud

Sand quality and color- White when dry and midday. Beige when wet in the morning or late afternoon. I took the pictures above early in the morning, that is why it is beige in color. When you see a photo of Saud Beach that is white, I'm sure it was taken in at noon time. The sand quality is good but looks disorganized when wet.

Water quality- Clean and inviting.

Pollutants- Well Maintained. Most of the resort owners makes it a point to clean their own surroundings.

Gradient Waves- The beach is a gradient slope which is very good for a swimming beach but at some point, there is a sudden drop off. For kids, make sure that they have a life vest instead of just floaters.
Saud Beach Pagudpud
A view of Bangui Bay

Currents- Be careful not to go far from the shore.

Underwater obstructions- there is none near the shore that is why this is ideal as a swimming beach.

Marine life- Be careful of the Jelly fish.
How to Get There

Saud Beach Pagudpud
There are a lot of signs already once you reach Pagudpud via the National Higway. Just make sure that you arrive when there is still light because there are no street lamps. This is a famous Saud Shell landmark near the different resorts which means you already arrive in Saud Beach.

Links and Resources
* Lonely Planet 9th Edition

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[...] 3. Saud Beach Pagudpud Anti-Boracay of the north >> Saud Beach Pagudpud Details [...]

the pagudpud beach in ilocos was reall made my heart pound as if i where in a paradise...wish i could spend my whole vacation here...

yes, im here again. When we arrived at Saud, the waves were really strong. We took pictures of it and it was like a brown shoulder-high wave will eat my brother alive. We were not able to swim even though its early April but I'd definitely come back! I won't let this stop me. Soon, the waves will be good to me and my family.

been to this place... and il be coming back again and again to this paradise of the north... to those who have not been to " blue lagoon " visit it next time you visit pagudpud... a real paradise. see you there.

Was there just last weekend. The waves are really strong but we had so much fun. We also had the chance to take a tour around the place. T'was really a nice experience.

this beach was so amazing! I feel that im in paradise... the view is so beautiful and the places is so good..

we have been to saud pagudpod beach resort last feb of this year. What i can say is its really amazing, its like finding a new paradise, the whitest and finest sand can be found here. Blue lagoon)If you are looking for a place to relax,unwind and meditate on, this is just the place. Although there is no nightlife, once the sun sets down, the place lacks lights and seems to quiet, i would not advise going out for a night walk.

wat is the best resort saud or blue lagoon??? n d chepst resort?

need pict and info.

H1i..our company would like to hold a company outing. Approximate number of people is maximum 15 person. Which beach do u think is much appropriate for us. Is transportation by land the only way to get there. We only have 2 days so we want to spend most of our time as much as possible relaxing than traveling in roads. thanx..hope u cud help us.

Hi..our company would like to hold a company outing. Approximate number of people is maximum 15 person. Which beach do u think is much appropriate for us. Is transportation by land the only way to get there. We only have 2 days so we want to spend most of our time as much as possible relaxing than traveling in roads. thanx..hope u cud help us.

Hi Jan!

In case you didn't know, Ilocos Norte has an airport that caters to domestic flights situated in the capital city of Laoag, about an hour's drive away from Pagudpud. This could save time on your travel and provide more convenience for the group. Take note, total travel time will only cover 1 hour flat. You can check flight availability with Cebu Pacific or PAL for timing/ schedules Manila via Laoag and vice versa.

If the company is able to allot a big budget for this outing, you may opt for Saud Beach Resort. But be warned, prices are extremely ridiculous here.

I would suggest to check-in at a more affordable hotel in Laoag instead (try Renzo Hotel or Palazzo de Laoag), and drive from there to Pagudpud's Blue Lagoon. This would make more out of the budget...

Well, hope I've been helpful and wish you enjoy your stay in Ilocos! A word of advise though, don't expect a nightlife around the area contrary to Boracay. ;)

in case you don't know, there is a souvenir shop cum restaurant in pagudpud. it's called sarabo. the food is very good, comparable to the best restos in laoag city. and the price is unbelievably low. we ate there all through our stay in pagudpud this holy week. they also have a newly constructed lodge, the beat in the whole area. they also rent tents at Php200/head with free breakfast. the crs are clean and water is abundant.

The beach is the best! its really a new found paradise.... being there is really an extra ordinary the 13 hours trip its not a joke, nakakapagod talaga but its worth it lalo na pag andun kana sa seashore at naglalakad lahat ng pagod mo nawala na, pati puyat mo sa byahe forget mo na....buti na lang anjan c kuya clarence para ipasyal kami...gusto rin naming mag thank you sa kanya...kc kung di dahil sa kanya hindi kami makakarating sa Kabigan Falls thank you talaga kuya! Next time pagbalik namin ikaw pa rin hahanapin namin para ipasyal uli kami sa the way kuya clarence is the tricycle driver sa pagudpud na nagtiyaga sa kakulitan namin...hehehe sa mga nagbabalak na pumunta rin sa pagudpud at gustong makapamasyal ng walang hassle txt nyo lang c kuya clarence 0919-5755040.

iloocos norte is a very fine place to have a vacation . pagudpud is so great parang wala kang problema pag nanadun ka. and if you will look for a reastaurant nadun ang max's chicken ,ang shakeys,ang eagles nest at syempre ang may original na baby back ribs na walang iba kundi ang bistro bamboo. sarap dun kaya sa pag babalik nyo tikman ninyo ang baby back ribs ng bistro bamboo.

inquire ako anong magandang beach ang pupuntahan na maganda sa pagudgud. ilang oras from laoag to pagudpud para makarating sa mga beach resort na maganda

sa mga naghahanap ng resort or cheap transient house s pagudpud mtutulungan kau ni jun (ctg) 09292510709, pwede nyo din xang maging guide qng balak nyong puntahan lahat ng kilalang pasyalan dun. (saud beach, blue lagoon, kabigan falls, bangui windmills, cape bojeador lighthouse, etc.)

pagudpud is very nice! i've been there.but may i invite you to our small baryo with very clean and virgin was voted as the 2nd cleanest beach in pangasinan.simple place,with clean cottages.bring your own food.we have facilities.kung baga,adventure for me.i can guide you for free.just want to promote our little can see it in the internet.just yype burgos,pangasinan.

maganda talaga dito sa pagudpud super ganda talaga, actually kapag nagbabakasyon kami dito, lagi ako pumupunta dito,, malapit lang talaga kasi sa haus ng lola ko... as in. nung mga bata pa kami lagi kami dinadala ng tatay namin, kasi dito xa limaki. nangingisda nga sila dati dito eh... pramis talaga pag napunta kayo duon mapapanganga kayo sa sobrang ganda. ilang taon na din ako hindi nakakauwi duon pero i can still remembr the beauty of this place.

well i don't even have the chance to go there for being too busy...but i really want to visit that place....lagi ko ngang kinukulet ung tupak kng bhevz n isama me dun xe taga ron sya...but then don't have time... this xmas vication for sure my dream to visit saud will come true...

I'm planning to go there this December but well i guess i can't...but i will do my best to see the famous BORA of the north... i really want to see how does the beach there and why they called it paradise.... that's the place of my real true ever dearest closes friend in my life....


Hii.. May I know who can advise the nearest 4 to 5 stars hotel if i to visit bangui bay windmill farm . Pls email to me at Thank you

i don't know...sory for the late reply on your message.. like wat i've said, im realy busy...but if i get some info i will send it to you..mery xmas...

im still dreaming to visit saud... i really want to go there, but im really sumkinda busy this time..maybe on summer...

sa wakas i've been there in saud doubt and regret im going back there again..hmp maybe this friday, camping on the sea shore with bonfire...hmp....cant help but dreaming that im already there this time.....its really a niceand great place...


Punta Azul Beach Resort is a home away from home. Originally built as a family retreat blending the natural beauty of this part of Pagudpud and Western lifestyle living, the owners decided to share it with visitors who yearn to escape the hectic and stressful life in the city.

The resort is nestled right at the Blue Lagoon in Baranggay Balaoi, Malingay, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. The first time you see Blue Lagoon, you will be captivated by the stunning crystal blue water, pristine white sands at the foot of verdant mountains; just like a hidden treasure; a paradise at the northern tip of the Philippines!

may i know which hotel to stay with very cehap prices and we are 10-15 persons?

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