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Fort Ilocandia

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Fort Ilocandia

Fort Ilocandia ( is the only rated hotel in the Ilocos Norte Region. This was originally constructed by the Marcos Family for their daughter Irene's wedding reception. This spanish inspired resort mainly attracts taiwanese gamblers but it still never fails to charm the first-time Filipino tourist. It is best suited for hosting conferences and events but it could be quite expensive to stay here for your family's vacation or use it just as a stopover. If you decide to stay here, might as well maximize the facilities and even walk to the famous Sand Dunes of Suba.

Virtual Tour of Fort Ilocandia

Fort Ilocandia
This warrior of Fort Ilocandia welcomes you in front of this 2 storey high reception area.

Fort Ilocandia
A red carpet with matching chandelier greets you as you enter Fort Ilocandia.

Microsoft 5th QuestMicrosoft 5th Quest
You can feel that this is pretty much, Marcos territory and you can find these interesting photos in the 2nd floor of the reception building.

Microsoft 5th Quest
There is a huge impressive fountain in the center of Fort Ilocandia. I was fortunate to see the fountain operational only during events and wedding reception.

Fort Ilocandia
The red brick facade and interiors are simply amazing and gives a cozy warm ambiance to the entire place. This is the hallway that leads to the hotel rooms.

Fort Ilocandia
The rooms are spacious and well maintained with a veranda that has a view of the sea. Surprisingly, the restrooms are well maintained with bath tub. This is what you will expect from a rated hotel in this northern part of the Philippines. The usual complaint is that there is a lot of chinese channels in the cable TV.

Fort Ilocandia
There is a mini-zoo with interesting animals that could amaze your children.

Fort Ilocandia
Amazingly, there is an olympic size swimming pool in this resort! You should never miss taking a dip in the swimming pool :)

Fort Ilocandia
The gardens are well maintained and you can play with your kids or have awesome portraits.

Fort Ilocandia
The Suba Beach is directly in front of the resort but due to dark grey sand and rough waves, most people don't even attempt to take a dip in the beach...

Suba Beach Evaluation

Sand quality and color- The sand is dark grey when dry but almost black when wet. The sand particles are large enough that it would hurt when the strong beach wind carries it.
Fort Ilocandia
Water quality - Dark and cloudy. You cannot see anything underneath.

Pollutants- The beach in front of Fort Ilocandia are well maintained. No locals or guests not booked in Fort Ilocandia are allowed to use the beach.

Gradient Waves- The beach gradually slopes down as it meets the waves. Then you don't want to know what's beyond that.

Fort Ilocandia
Currents- Strong current and definitely not advisable for kids.

Underwater obstructions/ Marine Life- Beware of Jelly Fish.

Sunset- The sun sets in front of the resort but most of the time it is cloudy where you can't see the sunset fully.

Fort Ilocandia

How to get there:
Once you see the welcome to Laoag arch and before you enter the bridge leading to Laoag, you NEED to turn left. There is no clear signs in this intersection so don't miss this turn. From here, there are already road signs pointing you to the direction of Fort Ilocandia.

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hiya, when this site shows up on google, it gets redirected to this page:

Just thought you should know :) thanks for the info. we'll be going to fort ilocandia this christmas

Useful site. Thanks!!

Useful site. Thank you!

Wow! great place too!!! I'm looking forward to visit it one day!! I will always be a proud Ilocana eventhough I grew up here in Manila. Ilocos Norte is a great place forever.....

the best place i ever i wish i can go back here with my love one:) yay+

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