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Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Enroute to Pagudpud -014
This is the fantastic facade of the Caoe Bojeador also known as Burgos Lighthouse. This is a perfect portrait place and I must admit that for heritage places, we need to turn to the experts at Heritage Conservation Society to accurately describe its beauty.

"Faro de Cabo Bojeador is set majestically on top of a hill overlooking the South China Sea. Located approximately 35 kilometres north of the City of Laoag, the lighthouse is the most accessible of all lighthouses in the north of the Island of Luzon. Situated 160 metres on top of a hill named Vigia de Nagparitan, the lighthouse of Cape Bojeador serves as a station point for ships veering towards the Pacific Coast heading towards the Babuyan Channel. Similarly, it as well assists ships heading towards the ports of Salomangue in Ilocos Sur which is 87 kilometres south from the lighthouse, and Curmimao, which is 60 kilometres away in Ilocos Norte. In addition, beyond to the port of Manila. Completed on the 30th of March, 1892, the design and construction of the Lighthouse of Cape Bojeador was initially undertaken by the Engineer Magin Pers y Pers but was subsequently reconfigured and finished by the Engineer Guillermo Brockman. ..." ( >> Read More: Heritage Conservation Society - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse )
Enroute to Pagudpud -010 You must be wondering what is the big deal with this lighthouse? This magnificent view of the jagged coastline facing the South China sea awaits anymore who patiently waits their turn to go up the lighthouse. You can also opt to go here to view the magnificent sunset in Ilocos Norte!

Enroute to Pagudpud -012
This is a close up picture of this magnificent spanish lighthouse.

"The tower, which constitutes the highest level, is situated in the rear, five metres higher than the pavilion below. Built of locally made brick, the octagonal shaper tower has an inner dimension of two metres and an exterior dimension of three and half metres. The lower one fourth of the tower is truncated whereas the remaining body of the shaft is straight. The top of the tower supports an overhanging balcony, which is surrounded and supported by decorative grill works. The attic where the cupola and lantern rests is cylindrical. What is notable about the Bojeador Lighthouse is that is still has intact the original cupola and lantern." ( >> Read More: Heritage Conservation Society - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse )
Enroute to Pagudpud -001 The rustic walls of the pavilion is perfect for portrait shots like this...

Enroute to Pagudpud -008
This is the door that leads to the staircase going up to the actual lighthouse. You have to wait for your turn since only a few people at a time can go up because it is narrow. Also, this lighthouse is the most visited lighthouse in Ilocos Norte so going up could take some time.

Enroute to Pagudpud -009
To save you the trouble, here is a photo of the actual lantern in the light house for those of you who are curious about this.

" The cupola, made of bronze is surrounded with glass panes. The dome on the other hand supports a ball shaped flue, which exhausts smoke from the flame of the original gaslight. The lantern on the other hand is fitted with a first order Fresnel Lens that is partially intact. “During my very first visit to this lighthouse way back in the 70’s, the original lens and mechanism was still operational. Sadly due to the intense earthquake that shook the region in 1990, parts of the lens collapsed and the alignment of the mechanism was displaced.” Nevertheless, the Coast Guards has retained the original mechanism for historic purposes and only retrofitted the lighting mechanism for its daily operations. " ( >> Read More: Heritage Conservation Society - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse )
How to get here: Located approximately 35 kilometres north of the City of Laoag, there is a large sign along the national highway which serves as the landmark for Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

Links and Resources:
Heritage Conservation Society - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

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Nice site actually. Gone to my favourites. Thanks for creation.

Mabuhay!! It makes me homesick whenever i see Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Even though it is my wifes hometown. I adopted the culture wholeheartedly. We go to Burgos 3 times a year,

may i know where is it exactly located? is it near currimao or Paoay? thanks :)

sa mga naghahanap ng resort or cheap transient house s pagudpud mtutulungan kau ni jun (ctg) 09292510709, pwede nyo din xang maging guide qng balak nyong puntahan lahat ng kilalang pasyalan dun. (saud beach, blue lagoon, kabigan falls, bangui windmills, cape bojeador lighthouse, etc.)

The best time to visit the Lighthouse is on the early hours of the morning (on peak season) like before 9am since it gets crowded once the tourists, both local and foreign, start arriving. It may be difficult to go up the lighthouse and park your car once all the parking slots are taken.

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