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Krispy Kreme in Manila

krispykreme in manila

I got the email below from Krispy Kreme today:

Subject: Krispy Kreme is Here!

Dear Sir Anton,

Krispy Kreme, America’s favorite doughnut, is finally opening in the Philippines on Nov. 30, with its first store at the City Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Before the opening, we would like to give Our Awesome Planet the 'first bite' into this much-talked about doughnut. We would like to ask your permission to send you Krisy Kreme doughnuts.

Please let us know where we can send you the Krispy Kremes. You may email us at this address (press_***@yahoo.com) or contact 729-**** or 0917-******* and look for Blooey.

Thank you so much and we hope to hear from you.
More power to your blog!

PR Consultant for Krispy Kreme

I immediately called Blooey to check if this was indeed true. It turns out that they are starting to seed these Krispy Kreme to the "media". Now, I'm not sure I'm qualified to be part of the "media" but I'll be glad to get a first hand taste of these fresh doughnuts :) Krispy Kreme will finally open on nov. 30 in the City Center the Fort. This is the new rows of restaurant in front of Serendra-- more places to blog about!

Also, during the store opening, the very first customer to buy doughnuts will get a one year free supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts! In the US, it was rumored that a guy, Rob Perugin, camped out for 17 days to get this one year supply. (see Krispy Kreme Mania) I thought about it for a minute, and said to myself, would I want to get fat for a year? Would you camp out for these doughnuts? Imagine, the guy camped out starting today until the opening on Nov. 30. So I guess, there is no hope now for any Filipino in beating the record of 17 days....

Their website is now up and running at http://www.krispykreme.com.ph/ and I immediately signed up to become "Friends of Krispy Kreme". My plan is when they send me a box of these doughnuts, I will buy Go Nuts donuts and have an informal taste test with friends. Let the battle of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts vs. Go Nuts Donuts begin!

"The Good Body", Review

I must admit that I was not able to relate to the show.

Don't get me wrong... the entire show was very entertaining from the moment Pinky Amador started her monologue and showed her belly button to Eve's last entry #18 in her diary about Afghan Women eating ice cream illegally. The performances by Monique Wilson, Pinky Amador, and Juno Henares were excellent with their eloquent delivery with the right accent to the emotional facial expressions. Pinky Amador played the role of Eve, she was very funny. Her timing was excellent and her confidence showed through out the entire show. Monique played the role of Woman 1 which means, she would play a lot of roles and have to transform herself through the different woman she portrayed for 2 hours. What was memorable for me was the time she played an aggresive Indian woman in the gym -- it was a hilarious scene! Lastly, this was the first time we saw Juno Henares in a play. She has a very beautiful expressive face and a not-so-slim body which fits very well with the role. The highlight for me was her performance on the "spread tuck" -- I can still imagine the spread until now...

There was no dull moment except for Entry #13 on Isabella Rossellini portrayal that we ask what was the point of that monologue? This was an adult show obviously and it was very vulgar. I originally thought it was all about women's obsession on her stomach but it attacks issues on women's obsession in conforming to society's standard of beauty defined by a slim and young body. The show is an essay and a deep dive on these issues and provokes the audience to reprogram their minds and love the body they are in. This reminds me of Olay's tagline "Love the Skin you are in" and Dove's Natural beauty campaign.

Now, this is where I can't relate: why women around the world have been "programmed" to hate their body for what it is and always strive to make it a "good body" as defined by society. I guess this would remain a mystery to me and a subject of debate between me and my wife. There was no mention of the Filipina in the show but I bet these issues are also prevalent in our society brought about by the "Kris Aquino" generation. For me, a Good Body is a Healthy Body and that is the standard that we should aim for.

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November 06, 2006

[Fort Ilocandia #3] The Sand Dunes of Ilocos

Microsoft 5th Quest
To end my Fort Ilocandia series, I would like to share with you my experience of going to the famous Sand Dunes of Ilocos. This is about 45 mins to 1 hour walk along the beach from Fort Ilocandia. Yes, I endured the walk just to get these photos. This Desert in the North is famous because this is the setting of Fernando Poe's Panday desert scenes and you can just imagine it when you are already in this place.

There were no people in sight but I was surprised to see bahay kubo/ shanties hidden in the small sand hills. I also took a self portrait above and this one is my favorite! I experienced for the first time what they call the "presence" walk where you don't think about the future nor the past but just think and be grateful for the present. It was such a nice experience visiting this desert.

This is not for everyone so I'll leave you with the photos to enjoy this place. These photos are very special to me so please ask permission if you want to have a copy of it. I only ask for proper acknowledgement and my special request is not to use it for commercial purposes.

Lastly, imagine your favorite saying or think of inspirational messages as you look through them.


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The Good Burger

The Good Burger - 1

If you are looking for the best Vegetarian Burgers in the Metro, get it from Good Burgers! The vegetarian patties are made from wheat and soya and it tasted like luncheon meat. I'm glad it is not made from glutten which is sometimes slimmy in texture that makes me not want to eat the food. They also serve chicken patty for those who would like to be healthy and still get a taste of the real meat. This literally hole in the wall establishment along C5 in front of Tiendesitas and the new SM Hypermarket, have been existing for almost 6 years.

Thanks to one of my vegetarian readers, George Ramos for this tip. He described it as "The Best Vegetarian gourmet burgers in the World!!" He recommends the Garlic BBQ and Mexican Salsa. Best of all, the burgers are affordable at P50-75 for a "good" single patty and P75-P100 pesos for a "best" double patty. Almost the same price when you buy your burgers at the usual hamburger joint. The only issue here is where to eat your just bought burger. It is either you eat it outside their kitchen or in your car. As you can see from the first photo, rightmost part is where you will have your table. Correct! Too hot! But you can call in advance to order your burger so that you can just pick it up ala drive through along C5 :) But be sure to get it when you do order or else, the staff in charge might pay for it or maybe somebody will not get a fresh cooked burger! That would just be to bad.

Don't you think they should have a stall in Makati? I'm sure they won't be able to manage the demand there. If you happen to know who owns this place, let me know. We need to support, acknowledge and give thanks to establishments like this! This is indeed a great find and this should be included in the list of good vegetarian place in Metro Manila.

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November 05, 2006

Market Manila Eyeball !

Market Manila EyeBall 2
The Blogging Families. Merry Christmas Shot :)

It was a great and successful eyeball, Marketman! Finally, we met MM, MMM (Mrs. MM), and the kid. The eyeball ended at 10pm, after 4 hours of chikahan and kamustahan. The time was not enough to meet everybody. I learned a lot during that night and it was a night of pleasant surprises for me. We came for the conversations with the intent to truly build online friends. We also have a lot of questions for Marketman but those would continue to be unanswered specially on the impact of blogging on the family.

Generally, we don't enjoy buffet food that much because of the mess it creates on your plate and sometimes it is served cold. In short, I wasn't able to really indulge myself with the food last night aside from making more acquaintances of the bloggers who were there. There were lots of desserts and for us, the winner for the night was Dimpy Camara's Frozen Brazo de Mercedes. I can't wait to order an entire cake all to ourselves! This was featured by Wysgal last month in her post, Icebox Brazo de Mercedes but it was Debbie who brought this awesome dessert to the party. Thanks Debbie!!

I was not able to take a lot of photos because I realized some people might not want their identities revealed. I missed a lot of foodie EBs due to travel. There have been three already -- Marketman's First EB, Lori's Tea Party with parade of desserts, and Lori's Nestle cooking demo. But for those who were not able to attend, here is a glimpse of what happened during that night.

Thanks to Chris for hosting the eyeball in Gourdo's!

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November 04, 2006

[Fort Ilocandia #2] The Youngest Quester @ Microsoft CIO 5th Quest

Microsoft 5th Quest

To my dearest son Aidan,

I'm sure you won't remember this already but I'll share with you our 3 day adventure during the 5th Microsoft CIO Summit last Oct. 19-21, 2006. We had fun and we always love traveling with you. Your mom and I loves to travel, eat and discover new places. You are exactly 21 months old at this time. This is our second time in Fort Ilocandia thanks to the Microsoft team. Yes, you are the youngest delegate to this Microsoft summit. If you chose to be in the IT field, someday, you'll be joining these summits too.

I'll share with you the highlights of our trip...

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November 03, 2006

[Fort Ilocandia #1] a Fort Ilocandia Affair

Fort Ilocandia

"Fort Ilocandia Resort and Casino, the only 5-star resort in Northern Luzon. A spanish Moroccan inspired villa. "

This is the official marketing tagline of Fort Ilocandia. What they did not tell you is that it is a spanish Moroccan inspired villa with a chinese accent. It is an open secret that Fort Ilocandia is marketing to taiwanese gambler and chinese golfers. Golf and Casino is its biggest asset and with its proximity to China, this resort needs to attract tourist who has money. That is why all around the vicinity, you can see chinese poster, chinese rates and chinese TV stations, that would make you feel out-of-place in your own home country.

It is a 5 star resort indeed. If you come here via road trip it is like an oasis of city amenities in the middle of provincial neighborhood. When you are driving for almost 10 hours, seeing Fort Ilocandia is like seeing a Fortress in the North. You can opt to fly via Cebu Pacific directly to Laoag airport and it would only take you an hour to arrive here. The cost of a one way flight is equal or even cheaper than the cost of fuel going to the North. I prefer the road trip because you are not trap inside the resort and be held hostage with the activities and tours offered by the resort. You also control your time and itinerary if you have your own car -- that's the way I like it.

All the comforts you would need in a resort can be found here. But I would argue, why go all the way to the North and just experience city amenities in the resort? It is true that there are all sorts of activities that would keep you occupied. They have a hot air balloon for P900/person/flight (P1,400 on weekends) where the balloon would rise up to 20 meters above the ground and you can enjoy it for 15 minutes. There is a firing range (P550/ shot), golf driving range (P600/hour), paint ball (1,000/hour/ 100 rounds), wind surfing (P300/hr), and an all terrain vehicle (P550/ 20 mins) where there is a sandy track along the beach. There are tour packages of Laoag City for P750/person, and a Pagudpud tour for P900/ person. Again, I would argue, if you are already in the north you really need to explore the different churches, the heritage sites, the market place, see the Laoag mansions, or head over to Pagudpud. It would be expensive if you would just treat Fort Ilocandia as a sleeping destination.

C'mon, let Aidan tour you inside Fort Ilocandia and let you decide for yourself if it is worth coming here or not.

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