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[Fort Ilocandia #3] The Sand Dunes of Ilocos

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To end my Fort Ilocandia series, I would like to share with you my experience of going to the famous Sand Dunes of Ilocos. This is about 45 mins to 1 hour walk along the beach from Fort Ilocandia. Yes, I endured the walk just to get these photos. This Desert in the North is famous because this is the setting of Fernando Poe's Panday desert scenes and you can just imagine it when you are already in this place.

There were no people in sight but I was surprised to see bahay kubo/ shanties hidden in the small sand hills. I also took a self portrait above and this one is my favorite! I experienced for the first time what they call the "presence" walk where you don't think about the future nor the past but just think and be grateful for the present. It was such a nice experience visiting this desert.

This is not for everyone so I'll leave you with the photos to enjoy this place. These photos are very special to me so please ask permission if you want to have a copy of it. I only ask for proper acknowledgement and my special request is not to use it for commercial purposes.

Lastly, imagine your favorite saying or think of inspirational messages as you look through them.


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I like the second and third last picture. Very ZEN.
Wonderful pictures. You are not only a culinary expert but also a lover of beauty. I guess it goes well together!

Anton, these are truly impressive! You ought to frame and display them. You should be very proud. :-)

Interesting photos na bro! Let me know kung kelan photo shoot so you will know what needs to be improved! hahaha. ;)

We went to Laoag/Vigan/Pagudpod over the weekend and unfortunately we weren't able to go to Suba :( dang. However, we took pics of the local fishermen doing their bayanihan thing pulling in fish for their daily catch... hopefully next time we'd be lucky enough to take pictures of the dunes. i like the first pic here :)

I'm an Ilocano (although from Pangasinan), wala lang... Never been to this sand dunes although I've been to Fort Ilocandia/ Ilocos. Hope you tried their different bibingkas and empanadas (pero I think I had this in Vigan). Of course, bagnet too.

nice.. we'll probably go there one of these days... thanks! I LOVE BURGERS!!!!!! yummy

I feel proud you featured my hometown :)
Next time I come for vacation I will drag you and your wifey to go there with me.
By the way, im not sure if you know but some scenes from Tom Cruise's Born on the 4th of July was filmed also on these sand dunes.
I hope you got to taste the longganisa and bagnet ilocos.... and also you should have tried dinakdakan, hehehe

Hello Anton!

I like reading your blogs. It's a stress reliever! I like your food shots! Keep it up!

I love the photos ... me andm y dept will be going to visit ilocos soon....

awesome pictures... I'm glad theres one proud pinoy out here displaying our countrys wonders. :)

I grew up here in Manila and we spent our vacation in Ilocos Norte once or twice a year but sometimes after 1 year. Wow! there are so many places in Ilocos that I really want to see and experience like the sand dunes. Hmmmm..... Hopefully one day!!! I'm looking forward to that. Please continue to add some photos from Ilocos!!! Thanks! It's a really big help for me and to everyone especially those ilocanos who were not grew up there.....

Cool photos. Looks like a desert island somewhere. Hmmm.. hope to check this place. My family is planning to visit Vigan and the north this November. Freakin excited already! :D

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