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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

September 05, 2006

City Kart Racing, First Indoor Go Kart in the Philippines!

September 05, 2006

City Kart Racing, First Indoor Go Kart in the Philippines!

City Kart Racing 06.jpg

City Kart Racing 45.jpg

After the race.

This was my first time to try out Go Karting and I loved it! It is a great team building session that somehow simulates how it feels to race in a F1 circuit. (Ok, that might be an over statement but you need to imagine that you are in one to get the best experience :)

To tell you frankly, I was hesitant to try Go Kart and I can't understand what's the fuss about this. It is fortunate that Jeff, a French guy, decided to open City Kart, the first indoor Go Kart and most technically advanced in the Philippines, 4 months ago. Aside from being indoor, the City Kart circuit have an outdoor portion and an elevated track to go on a second level. It also boasts of a higher standard of safety better than any of our Go Kart racing circuit. This was highly recommended by my friend, Jovy, a passionate racer.

We had definitely had fun! I was already getting the hang of it during the third race that I'm more confident to turn into the tricky corners at high speed of maybe 50-60kph. Of course, what is a Go Kart without its racing suit and helmet. What a memorable experience for my team!

This is still a secret for most people and only popular to racers. You would normally see this on the right side (if you are going to Alabang) along the service road in between the Bicutan and Sucat exit of South Super Highway. Here's more of our experience.

City Kart Racing 11.jpg

This is a snapshot of the track. I love going up and down that ramp and it is quite unique where the circuit has an elevated portion.

City Kart Racing 12.jpg

Here is a view of the canteen/ reception area from the main control point in the track.

City Kart Racing 07.jpg

All of us are first time racers so Jeff personally taught us how to operate the Go Karts. He also explained to us the Safety Rules and Regulation of City Kart. He put particular emphasis on the yellow flag/ yellow flashing which signifies danger and the blue flag telling you to give way to a faster person behind you.

City Kart Racing 10.jpg

Another photo of the team who excitedly got into their racing costumes and is just waiting for the race to start. Hang on there guys!

City Kart Racing 15.jpg
The balaclava is the racing mask you have to wear before putting on the helmet.

City Kart Racing 40.jpg
We had a practice lap for 10 minutes to get us comfortable with the Karts. Then, a qualifying round for another 10 minutes. After the qualifying race, we were put on a racing grid based on our best time in the qualifying round. It was such a fun race and I finished 5th!

City Kart Racing 41.jpg
Chris Alano won the race --- Congratulations, buds!

City Kart Racing 26.jpg
City Kart Racing
Jean-Marc Freihuber, Managing Director
Km. 18 West Service Road
Sucat, Paranaque City
Tel: +632 821-7087
Mobile: +63 917 - 866 5555
Website: www.citykartracing.com
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9am-11pm

The Racers (Name and the best time in finishing a lap)
City Kart Racing 18.jpg
1st Place: Chris Alano, 75,285 seconds -- Congratulations!!

City Kart Racing 25.jpg
2nd Place: Francis Uy, 78,722 seconds.

City Kart Racing 22.jpg
3rd Place: Ethel Blanco, 79,163 seconds

City Kart Racing 35.jpg

4th Place: Camille Ballo, 79, 603 seconds

City Kart Racing 29.jpg
5th Place: Anton Diaz, 81, 336 seconds
(Okay, we were beaten by two ladies...I can't stand wearing a blue racing suit)

City Kart Racing 21.jpg
Boni Andino, 82, 933 seconds

City Kart Racing 20.jpg

Bro. Connon Awardee, Herbert Hallig, 86, 206 seconds.

City Kart Racing 43.jpg
Eric Nabos, 85, 012 seconds.

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