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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

June 22, 2006

Blue Lagoon Cove, Maira-Ira Beach, Pagudpud

June 22, 2006

Blue Lagoon Cove, Maira-Ira Beach, Pagudpud

Are you going on a road trip to Pagudpud? Download this Infographic Guide before you go...
Infographic: Your Awesome Journey to Pagudpud

Blue Lagoon -011

My ultimate motivation in going to Pagudpud was to see the once secret beach known as Blue Lagoon which is becoming popular lately. Saud beach is a nice place to stay but Blue Lagoon beach is the most beautiful beach in the North. The sand quality is not entirely white but it has an off white grainy quality that would be similar to the sand in Boat Station 3 in Boracay. The best thing about Blue Lagoon is that it is like one large blue swimming pool! The water is bluish, the entire sea is calm and the underwater floor is deep but purely sand. The cottages are exotic and you can rent a water cottage and have fun diving in the water. There are no resorts in the area which is good in the sense that you only go here to purely enjoy the beach. Downside is that you still have to drive an additional 20mins to and from the main Saud beach in Pagudpud. There is actually a resort near the place called Kapuluan Vista Resort and Constantine have some resort shots. Another thing, one of my criteria for a great beach is that the sun sets in the horizon, unfortunately, Blue Lagoon is situated where the sun sets behind its back covered by the mountains.

Overall, I love Blue Lagoon! We had a fun time having photo shoots and just enjoying the beach. Check out these photos...


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Blue Lagoon -001
Exotic Cottages with a strong mountain as backdrop.

Blue Lagoon -012
The tip of the blue lagoon cove.

Blue Lagoon -002
Takeijiro's lovely pose.

Blue Lagoon -013
Tilandoy's Wife

Blue Lagoon -005
Clauds' appreciating blue lagoon.

Blue Lagoon -009
Bong swimming to the water cottage.

Blue Lagoon -017
Moogs Dive for Joy!

Blue Lagoon -018
Koolits' version of a reverse dive.

Blue Lagoon -015
Takeijiro and Anne enjoying the Blue Lagoon waters..

Blue Lagoon -020
Lovely ladies of Flickr Philippines.

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