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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet


21 posts from May 2006

May 31, 2006

Best Halo Halo in Town -- Razon's of Guagua, Pampanga!

Razon -08 .jpg
Razon's Halo Halo (P60). If you are a razon virgin, then you're missing on one of the best halo halo in town!

How can a simple mix of sun-ripened banana (saging na saba), shredded macapuno, and leche plan with dayap rind taste so good?! It is as if they are blended into perfection that their sweetness does not overpower one another and the its taste is not boringly sweet. There is something with the mix of the ingredients, milk, and shaved ice that makes this the best halo-halo in town. Indeed, it is simple but excellent in taste!

I'm glad that they opened a small resto in Mall of Asia in the South side of the Main Mall. This is always a good choice for a merienda when you are in MOA. Check out this short post on Razon's in Mall of Asia.

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The Legend Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant

Legend Seafood -17 .jpg

I'm always on a lookout for good chinese restaurants in the Manila area. Normally, I prefer not to blog about them because there are too many of them. Although if you are tired of always eating at Gloria Maris or Emerald Garden for that special occasion, maybe you might want to try out the new Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant in Boom na Boom complex in CCP. It has a nice ambiance for a chinese restaurant and the food is good chinese cooking by a Hongkong trained chef. This is their first store in Metro Manila but they have branches in Malolos, Bulacan; San Fernando, Pampanga; Tarlac and the most popular one in Angeles City. We treated my parents-in-law and the food passed their taste buds. I'll tell you that they are a great critique about chinese food (they know what good chinese food is) and they can certify that the food was cooked by what my father-in-law calls as a Hongkong Boy :)

Overall if you are looking for a good cantonese Hongkong-style chinese food, your budget is P300/head and you are escaping the madness in Mall of Asia, then it is worth to try out The Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant in CCP. Check this out!

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May 26, 2006

[BigBinondoBowl2] Culinary Secrets of Binondo!

Big Binondo Bowl -17

I've always wanted to explore the culinary secrets of Binondo. I always knew that Binondo has a lot to offer aside from the all time favorite Eng Bee Tin Hopia stop, or eating in the exotic Estero, or grabing a quick chinese fix from your chinese fast food chain like tasty dumpling or the usual President chinese meal. This tour is also not about the original Diao Eng Chay (popularly known as DEC) store or the famous Quan Yin Chay Vegetarian in Binondo. I got curious with the Big Binondo Bowl streetwalk tour by Ivan ManDy ever since Marketman's Binondo Food Tour post last Sept. 2005. There are a lot of articles already written about this tour and the background story about Ivan's streetwalks which I will not attempt to duplicate. What I like about this tour is that you can see and feel Ivan's advocacy on the Filipino - Chinese's rich history. At the risk of divulging the entire tour, I'll just give you a glimpse of the tour, the food stops, and try to compress the 4 hour streetwalk into one blog post. Hopefully it would also have the same effect that after reading through this post, you will say "So when is the next tour?"

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May 25, 2006

[BigBinondoBowl1] The Mystery of Binondo...

Big Binondo Bowl -46 .jpg

Binondo is Manila's Chinatown. As you passby Jones bridge into the plaza leading to the Chinatown welcome archway, you get transported into a different world. Ever since I was a kid, my mom used to bring me to Escolta during her PNB days and I've never understood and get to appreciate what Chinatown really is. The history behind it, the culture, and the oddities have always been a mystery to me. I've always been fascinated by Binondo but at the same time scared because of the horror stories that can happen with you in this place.

Thank you to Ivan ManDy, the self proclaimed Street Walker in Old Manila, who passionately organized the Big Binondo Bowl walking tours to show people what Binondo really is. You would completely feel safe when you are with Ivan in Binondo. Who wouldn't be, since Ivan seems to know half of the people in Chinatown. It is like going into a college campus where he would say hi to most of the people walking in the streets. I was always afraid to bring my huge camera with me in Binondo but during the tour, I really took the opportunity to shoot and shoot. The Big Binondo Bowl started as an architectural/ cultural tour of Old Manila but it got popularized into a culinary tour of Binondo.

Each of the Binondo scenes below have interesting stories to tell. I would not attempt to tell it since only Ivan can do justice to the stories. Check this out...

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May 24, 2006

[Mall of Asia 06] Ted's Old Timer La Paz Batchoy since 1945

The Mall of Asia -39 .jpg
Ilonggo's are very proud of Ted’s Old Timer La Paz Batchoy and they opened their 6th branch in SM Mall of Asia! I'm glad that Ted's Batchoy is near Makati already so that it is easy to satisfy that craving for authentic Batchoy. What I love about it is they have a 100% beef Batchoy rather than just the pork version. Batchoy goes very well with puto manapla and it is also available here. Their menu is very simple and the ambiance is simple.

Now since this is in the Mall of Asia, it might be tricky to find this. I'll tell you exactly where it is.

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