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[ElNido Palawan#3] Entalula Island, Your own private Boracay Island

El Nido Vacation (Day 4) -26
This is the best beach in the whole Bacuit Bay in El Nido :) This is a private beach where Lagen and Miniloc tourists can reserve this for a private lunch or dinner -- El Nido style. Lagen residents are given priority when reserving and since it is private, the people from El Nido town cannot visit here. So you need to take advantage of this and I suggest that you pre-arrange your lunch here because people who have been to El Nido would surely reserve this in advance. This is best if you have your friends or family with you and I'll guarantee you that you'll have an awesome experience here. I'll take you in on a closer look on the island.

El Nido Vacation (Day 3) -74
Fine white sands with coconut trees and rugged cliffs as the background. Better than Boracay beach!

El Nido Vacation (Day 3) -76
Aidan wondering around the beach. The white umbrella in the background is for the private lunch or dinner. Just imagine you have this island all to your self while you are dining El Nido style.

El Nido Vacation (Day 3) -72
A closer look at the beach sand in Entalula.

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Wow! You make me dream !
This looks so beautiful !

LOL!well it is not a secret anymore i was planning to rent this island for january 2009 if nature is positive for me to leave united states for a few weeks vacation i always dream of this island when i first went to boracay with my husband i thought i was dreaming of another parts of boracay but now i am sure it is this island who shows up in my lovely boracay-mediterrenean-south pacific dream fantasy i hope to be in this island with all my schoolmates picnics and releases all our world's stresses from problems-conflicts-chaos around the world thru internet's-media-televisions-newspapers etc.etc.

what i meant with thru internet's-media-televisions-newspapers that they are the sources-origins-that relays etc.etc. of all world's stresses from broadcastings-below the belt commentaries-bias discussions-discriminatory topics-selective arguments-bias insensitive remarks etc. their biases-selective pro agendas creates-adds more to the already stress out world-societies
so unpaid humans-citizens needs vacations-rest away from all unnecessary tensions-controversies from money making paid executives-employees-media conglomerates

.....anton diaz of our awesome planet is the best man to take those gorgeous shots-pictures no doubt lol!.....when i loose some lbs. anton should definitely take the 'dream' picture shots i always wanted to have of course with my junior high school first love lol!....thank you smiling talented caring creative fun filled filipinos lol....

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