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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

April 24, 2006

[Golden Sunset 3] What to do in Golden Sunset?

April 24, 2006

[Golden Sunset 3] What to do in Golden Sunset?

Golden Sunset -43 [17 mm ISO100].jpg
Golden Sunset is a very nice place for the family and they have the best Philippines Cultural Show that I have ever seen! Food, Drinks, and Pets are not allowed inside the resort so you have to be contented with eating at the Filipino Fishpond Restaurant or at Cucina de Oro (which serves international cuisine pasta, pizza, etc.). I like the Fishpond restaurant a lot better than the Cucina de Oro (they need to have a better cook). Although the restaurants are not something to rave about in this place. My son, Aidan really enjoyed with the fun swimming pools, playground, kids room, and the butterfly sanctuary. My wife, Rache also enjoyed the massage at the Serendipity Spa for P500 :) For me, I enjoyed the cultural show and taking photos of the surroundings and the golden sunset. So everyone is happy :)


Golden Sunset -11 [17 mm ISO400].jpg
Just to give you a feel of how big the resort is.


Golden Sunset -6 [27 mm ISO400].jpg
Nice big slide with an olympic size swimming pool.

Golden Sunset -17 [26 mm ISO400].jpg
Aidan loves playing with the water coming out of the side of the swimming pool.

Golden Sunset -20 [26 mm ISO100].jpg
This reminds me of Ace Water spa where it is called a rainfall massage area where you can lie down in the tile bed under man-made rainfall shower. Aidan also loved this place.

Golden Sunset Night Shots -8 [21 mm ISO400].jpg
This is a view of the rainfall shower massage area at night.


Golden Sunset -14 [19 mm ISO400].jpg

This is the butterfly sanctuary but you can only see a few butterflies but there are a lot of instructional posters all around.

Golden Sunset -13 [26 mm ISO400].jpg
A very nice playground but it is too hot during the summer season to play in here.

Golden Sunset -25 [17 mm ISO400].jpg
There is a kid's room beside the Serendipity spa so we had fun here while Momsy is getting her massage.


@ Veranda Cafe

Golden Sunset -22 [28 mm ISO400].jpg
Welcome Ice Tea Drink @ Veranda Cafe. This is where the videoke is located and normally you can order snacks and drinks.

@ Fishpond Restaurant

Golden Sunset Night Shots -6 [17 mm ISO400].jpg
The Fishpond Restaurant. The best is their Tilapia because it is fresh!

Golden Sunset Night Shots -2 [20 mm ISO1600].jpg
Pinakbet (P150). The servings are generous and the taste is just OK. The vegetable dishes is lined price at P150.

Golden Sunset Night Shots -3 [38 mm ISO1600].jpg
Tortang Ampalaya (P150). Trying to eat healthy and observe the holy week abstinence.

Golden Sunset -29 [19 mm ISO800].jpg
Tinumok (P150). One of their best vegetable dish similar to Laing.

Golden Sunset -30 [17 mm ISO1600].jpg
Inihaw na tilapia (P300) served with steamed talong, okra and bagoong balayan. The best because of its freshness.

Golden Sunset -38 [25 mm ISO100].jpg
You can also go on fishing for the tilapia.

@Cucina de Oro
Golden Sunset Night Shots -9 [20 mm ISO400].jpg
Nice name but mediocre food...

Golden Sunset -27 [33 mm ISO400].jpg
Florintine (P120). Pathetic and forgettable taste.

Golden Sunset -28 [26 mm ISO400].jpg
Seafood Chowmien (P180). This is just pansit canton with a fancy name.

Golden Sunset -31 [36 mm ISO800].jpg
They have the best cultural show that I've ever seen which is a mix of the Philippines and Hawaiian cultural dances. The performers are beautiful, handsome, and really knows how to dance. The fire dance was amazing too.

Golden Sunset -32 [24 mm ISO400].jpg
Aside from the usual Tinikling dance participation, there is a hula dance participation too. My wife did not get away with it because I tried to grab Aidan and take care of him so that I won't be selected to participate :)

Golden Sunset -34 [17 mm ISO800].jpg
Aidan with the beautiful dancers of the Cultural show.

Check out Hocchuan's Photoset on the Cultural Show. Simple the best and truly world class, I should say.

Golden Sunset -24 [17 mm ISO400].jpg
Serendipity Spa! My wife loved her massage even just the basic Swedish Massage (P500) for 1 hour.


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