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Sunset Over LA :)

Aidan's LA Adventure! - 7

I'll be on a blog leave until the end of March. I'll surely miss updating this blog regularly and I'll surely miss exploring the culinary delights of Manila. It's been fun over the last few months, specially when I receive comments and feedback from my readers. I love the conversations! This blog is very fulfilling for me in making connections with other people and in the process, I learn more secrets :) I leave you with this beautiful sunset picture of LA taken during the landing of our PAL flight. My brother was teasing me about some insider secrets of Los Angeles and I might have some posts on our LA adventures. Stay tuned...



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Enjoy your trip, Anton! :) Write when you get back.

wow enjoy..i heard from lui dyan na lang nga daw kayo vacation =)

napadaan lang po..

wow very nice view from the plane. galing! enjoy..

hey anton!

here's a few more pinoy travel blogs to check out
(if you haven't already).

Ivan About Town

Heritage Conservation Society

Indung Kapampangan

ICOMOS Philippines

The Gabaldon Legacy

Just saw this blog while i was browsing pics of Kusina Salud. Anyway, have you checked out La Cocina de Tita Moning?

Hi anton!

I'm a big fan of your blog! I'm so pleasantly surprised that you dropped by and even commented in my blog.

Anytime you're going to Bohol, just let me know!:)

Oh and BTW - I'm going to accompany my sister to the Tourism Job Fair in PICC this week. I'm excited. Hahaha. :)

Hi Anton, nice posting and very educational too. I am actually wanting (hope) to acquire a vacation/recreational type of property in the Philippines. I have been checking and studying Tagaytay Highlands just because of the weather there but my true interest are in Punta Fuego, Playa Calatagan and Anvaya Cove. You have posted some real good comparison between Playa and Anvaya. I would love to hear more info if you don't mind. Thanks!

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