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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

March 10, 2006

[ Playa Calatagan #4] Beautiful Golden Sunset!!

March 10, 2006

[ Playa Calatagan #4] Beautiful Golden Sunset!!

Sunset @ Playa Calatagan - 15
Right in front of Playa Calatagan beach is this golden sunset. It is soo beautiful just to watch this. This post is just all about the sunset shots I made and I suggest that you gotta watch this when you decide to visit this place. For those of you who are in the office and I do hope these shots would de-stress you and make you more excited to visit the Philippines awesome beaches. Enjoy the sunset shots! summer is here, finally :)

Sunset @ Playa Calatagan - 13
Sunset's Many Faces

Sunset @ Playa Calatagan - 3
End of a beautiful Playa Calatagan adventure.

Sunset @ Playa Calatagan - 16
Red Sunset

Sunset @ Playa Calatagan - 6
Thanks to Joey, Tisha and Diego for the Playa Calatagan opportunity :)

Sunset @ Playa Calatagan - 8
The first of many sunsets that Aidan would enjoy :)

Sunset @ Playa Calatagan - 12
Poppa and Aidan who hates the feel of sand that is why he keeps on raising his other feet :)

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