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[Bantayan+Malapascua #7] La Dolce Vita! Authentic Italian Restaurant -- can you believe it?

La Dolce Vita - 1
I can't imagine how an authentic Italian restaurant exist and able to survive in an island called Malapascua. When the first time I visited here, 4 years ago, this place does not exist-- it is only about 2 years+ old. This is run by two Italian couples who fell in love with Malapascua and spends 6 months in the Philippines each year. La Dolce Vita, also boast of a sugary fine beach sand that rivals Boracay's station 1 beach sand. All of us were surprised at how good and authentic the food really is, in this far far away island of Malapascua. Although, this is located at the south beach and you have to walk all the way to the end of Malapascua's main beach (there are alot of signs along the way). After eating here, we decided to extend one more day in Malapascua -- we just fell in love with it!

La Dolce Vita - 12
This is the facade of La Dolce vita and notice the sugary fine white sand! Not to mention, the calm blue beach waters similar to Boracay's beach.

La Dolce Vita - 2
This is the ambiance of the place. There's not a lot of people during the weekdays. In fact, most of the establishment beside La Dolce Vita closed down already including the party place, Maldito. So, if you decide to go to Malapascua, La Dolce Vita is a must lunch or dinner venue for you :)

All the Italian food we ordered was superb and exceeded our expectations. It taste good as it looks :) Although, I'm sorry that this is miles away from Manila :)
La Dolce Vita - 3
Gamberetti alla Catalana (P200). Shrimps with fresh tomato, capers, olives, mozzarella and oregano -- this was a runaway winner and was gone in a flash.

La Dolce Vita - 4
Fusilli alla Siciliana (P220). Fusilli with tomato, eggplant & mozzarella cheese

La Dolce Vita - 5
Penne alla Puttanesca (P180). Penne with tomato sauce, black olives & parmesan. The pasta was cooked very well and the sauce was delicious.

La Dolce Vita - 6
Penne ai 4 Formaggi (P195). Penne with 4 cheese -- I loved this 4 cheese variation.

La Dolce Vita - 7
Tagliatelle ai Frutti de Mare (P250) Noodles with Seafood -- All the seafood were fresh :)

La Dolce Vita - 8
We were so happy at this point, that most of us decided just to extend and spend another day in the charming island of Malapascua. Did I mention the desserts were equally good?

La Dolce Vita - 9
This is the view @ La Dolce Vita while you take your time eating the authentic italian cuisine :)

La Dolce Vita - 23
Thank you, Ricardo and to your wife, Angela! More Power to you and La Dolce Vita!



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maldito's already closed... :( it's a nice place to hang out at night

hai guys. this is riccardo from Malapascua island. thanks for the compliment. i like to advise evry body. now we are in new place. same beach, same food, the new restaurant is "Angelina beach". thankyu again,sorry for my bad english. ciao a tutti Angela e Riccardo.

we visit malapascua and maldito restaurant is now really great food,
and management are very friendly and have to visit maldito its the best in the island...

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