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[Viaje del Sol Series.8] Carlitos' Workshop - Our Last Stop

Coffee @ Carlito's Workshop - 5

This our last stop of the tour, and unfortunately Carlito's was in Manila working on his exhibit in Megamall. BTW, his house is practically an exhibit of most of his works and I captured some more photos of his steel sculpture. Like an exhibit, It would be great if the host or somebody would be there to tour you around the exhibit to give you the stories behind the masterpieces. I posted earlier a mini-series on Carlito's Workshop:

Carlito's Workshop 1-- Intimidating House with Surprisingly Hospitable Host!
Carlito's Workshop 2 --Photogenic House with an Outstanding Garden :)
Carlito's Workshop 3 -- Carlito's Coffee

The only difference now, is that recently he is charging P100 as an entrance fee to Carlito's Workshop. Worth it if he is around to entertain you personally.

Coffee & Suman @ Carlitos
Coffee @ Carlito's Workshop - 4

Carlitos' Steel Sculptures

Coffee @ Carlito's Workshop - 2
Mother & Child

Coffee @ Carlito's Workshop - 3
Unwanted Pregnancy

Coffee @ Carlito's Workshop - 9
How How the Carabao

Coffee @ Carlito's Workshop - 12
The Farmer

Coffee @ Carlito's Workshop - 10
Steel Fishes

Inside the Workshop

Coffee @ Carlito's Workshop - 19

Carabao Steel Mask

Coffee @ Carlito's Workshop - 14

Carlito's Weapons :)

Coffee @ Carlito's Workshop - 20

Carlito's Art Collection

The End of the Fellowship of Brobo: Viaje del Sol Series

Viaje del Sol Trip

Going back to Manila was so much traffic that it took us almost 3 hours just to arrive (which should have just been less than 2 hours). In times like these, you need a good travel song good for the last song syndrome. For us, we ended the trip with a continuous loop of the theme song of the tour: Ang Panday Theme Song: "Makita Kang Muli".....



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....carlito's workshop....a personnal museum and library of art....a kind of arts anyone would want to see in any corporate desks or any of his receptionists cornertops a corporate wives boutiques{shopping}attention caller a business window displays attention getter....a child size classic filipina ballerina in motions but of different angles....or a typical probinsya serenade scenes at midnight....or street vendor scenes or 'taho''magbabalot'o ice cream picking scenes or any fruits labada sa liliw laguna ligawan sa ilalim ng puno di kaya 'nagtampong kasintahan' pakipot ka naman scenes bayuhan ng pinipig sabungan palo sebu luksong baka{any sports scenes]tinikling or any dance scenes di kaya ricefield harvests or all kinds of festivals parade scenes student stage plays top it all ay yung mga MULTI uses animals-person {standing size}bayanihan folks maria clara's or cats monkeys dogs elephants etc. but also a calling card holders or fruit trays plant-flower holders food holders o caterings book dividers office needs sets as corner dividers side tables chairs settee table floor lamps mini furnitures as water fountains etc.etc. personnal collections or not it should inspire you to redo until you find your collections to perfections....good luck

....personally....i would want something simple very smooth all the way....minimalism in nature but must have a twist somewhere to create a clean line but state of the art object....clean lines is for calming effects unsmoothness demands further scrutiny as to what was that for instead of hhhmmm....appreciating art depends on beauty-harmony it suggests....the silent imaginations of the art itself ....a lot of other underlying personnal interpretations as a whole....but the key is it must be understood....of course sellable

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