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[Viaje del Sol Series.3] "Starbucks" stop @ Jay's Kinabuhayan Cafe

Coffee @ Kinabuhayan Cafe - 38

I've always wanted to check out Kinabuhayan Cafe's rustic homey ambiance and it is renowned for being the jump off point for trekkers of Mount Banahaw. Since we just came from Kusina Salud, we decided to make this our starbucks stop during the tour. The ambiance of the place is enough to create headaches for Photographers because it is charming in any angle you shoot and it challenges you to create that perfect composition. The best part about it are the windows where it would act as picture frames of the live scenes happening behind the windows. Jay Herrera was there to greet us and give us a hospitable welcome and later on toured us to the Kubli springs. Jay is the co-owner of the place with Winston and he is also the chef behind the delicious innovative food in Kinabuhayan.

Coffee @ Kinabuhayan Cafe - 21

The barako coffee here is distinctive however, the group still liked the Kusina Salud Barako coffee version. The coffee just costs us P40/ pot and we are happy that we decided to check out this place. All the viaje del sol stops, have the new green brochure with the half face of the sun in the cover. I took alot of the brochures to distribute to some of my readers (just in case).

Coffee @ Kinabuhayan Cafe - 39

This dining place is very engaging with works of art all around. It is like you are in a production stage and we became the actors in the stage. This is the same concept in the windows where it was designed to act as picture frame (both ways) to capture the outside nature ambiance or the homey ambiance of the cafe. We have some great postcard shots in the next posts.

Coffee @ Kinabuhayan Cafe - 12
The place have three rooms where each is a kubo with its own distinct personality. It is a bed and breakfast that would costs you P500/head which already includes breakfast. This is the same costs for just eating lunch/dinner/picnic in this place -- all at P500/ person. Well, thats is a simple way to line price everything at P500.

Coffee @ Kinabuhayan Cafe - 18
Don't expect air-conditioned rooms here. I took a shot of the bed with kulambo (nets) so practically you could already see that staying at Kinabuhayan is party and drinking all nights and the beds are just used when you are really just tired or drunk already :)

Coffee @ Kinabuhayan Cafe - 14
There is also a tree house which Jay uses when all the other Kubo's are occupied. I checked it out and its so narrow that you don't want to stay here. It would be difficult to go all the way up here when you are already drunk :)

Coffee @ Kinabuhayan Cafe - 31
Here is a backyard photo of Kinabuhayan Cafe

Kinabuhayan Cafe
Winston @ +63 917 327-1106
Jay @ +63 917 368-0054
Tel# +63 42-565 6828
Email address:



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when will you guys come to visit our place... inuman na tayo ulit with jay. hope to see you soon.

Hopefully soon, I'm planning another visit hehe...

Hi there, It was just yesterday when we are there @ tha Kinabuhayan cafe, It was really a great time. Thanks also to Jay Herrera for his very warm welcome. And also to the nice place and Delicious foods! I'll be back there! surely!

sigh... i wanted to check this place december, last year. but we had a car accident on our way there. :(

i still wish to visit this place.

btw, is the kubli spring nice?

I wish I had a similar experience when we went there. The place was dirty, cramped and swarming with mosquitos. Kumain lang kami para di nakakahiya but we really wanted to leave as soon as we stepped in and saw the pig with his food scattered all over the floor. I wonder why everyone has glowing reviews and our experience was waaaay different.

Are you talking about Onion? The pigs got feelings too!

Yes, don't get me wrong he was adorable.. pero naman, his food was all over the floor medyo nakakaturn-off kumain habang pinapanood sya. And andumi ng place. Parang wala man lang nag ayos before we came, or ganun lang talaga all year round. Parang we walked into a kubo slash bodega.

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