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[Viaje del Sol Series.1] Breakfast @ Kusina Salud

Breakfast @ Kusina Salud - 8
Last December 29, I got the privilege to tour my brother's friends in my favorite Viaje del Sol route in San Pablo, Laguna and Tiaong, Quezon. I'm sure you'll love this series which is a travel log of this day tour of the best culinary delights in Viaje del Sol. There is a new Viaje del Sol brochure which added a few more places and I got to tell you that some of them are not worth to go to. In this tour, we only went to the best places and the adventure starts with a breakfast @ Kusina Salud.

Breakfast @ Kusina Salud - 9
All of us were hungry already by the time we arrived in San Pablo. We left at around 8.30am already in Manila and we arrived in San Pablo at around 10+. The entire trip is just about one hour and 30 minutes without traffic but on the way back it was 3 hours with extreme traffic (considering it was christmas season).  I'm glad that Kusina Salud already started to offer breakfast as early as 9am but of course you need to book in advance. Budget here is P200/head and we decided to order family style and ordered our drink preference of coffee barako/ tsokolate, or hot tea.

Breakfast @ Kusina Salud - 6
Longganisa Laguna (P140). Pan fried hamonado-style longganisa served with garlic rice and fried organic tomatoes and sinamak-vinegar. Yummy but different from a lucban (spicy), pampanga (sweet) type, or mcdo type longganisa.

Breakfast @ Kusina Salud - 5
Fried Adobo Flakes (P145). re-fried flaked pork adobo with toasted onions and garlic served with garlic rice and sinamak-vinegar. This is great for breakfast but fattening because of the fried cooking.

Breakfast @ Kusina Salud - 17
Pan-Fried Bangus Belly (P150). Marinated pangasinan milkfish belly served with garlic rice, red egg salad, and sinamak-vinegar. Boneless Bangus would surely fulfill your craving for good breakfast rice options. Try this out for a healthier option vs the meats.

Breakfast @ Kusina Salud - 8
Tapang Kalabao (P160). slow braised water buffalo "tapa" served with garlic rice, scrambled egg and fresh organic papaya atchara.  Most expensive breakfast set and the least yummy among the options. Better stay away from eating the rubbery Kalabao meat :)

Breakfast @ Kusina Salud - 10
Vegetarian Cheese Omelet (P145). Fresh laguna kesong puti and cheddar cheese omelet served with toasted bread and small tomato salad. This got great raves and reviews from the group and the most healthy option!

For drinks, I would recommend their pandan brewed barako coffee (P45) or their rich pinoy-style hot chocolate (P45). For the healthy drinkers, the sagada mountain tea (P55) is very good.

Breakfast @ Kusina Salud - 11
I'm glad Nina was there when we arrive and we had a nice chat with her -- very approachable and ma-chika :) Here is our entire group-- Viaje del Sol: The Fellowship of Brobo. (From L-R). Enzo, Anton, Gaea, Nina, Grace, Happy Via, and KoKoy.


Kusina Salud
285 Bgy. Sta. Cruz (Putol), San Pablo City, Laguna
Text: Jerome @ +63 921 772-6985
Tel# +632 699-5035 or +63 49 246-6878



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Hi! where can i find the viaje del sol brochure? thanks

nagutom ako dun ah?!

ayan tuloy na miss ko na ang aking bansang sinilangan.

keep it up! mabuhay ka!

btw, I'm a habitue of your weblog.

feliz -- thanks for visiting my blog... nakakahomesick ba? I'm glad you enjoy it :)

Oh my God, I suddenly want anything-silog right now! The longganisa picture is gorgeous and the tomatoes look mouthwatering! I can already imagine what it tastes like!

Glad you went back to Kusina. Love love love that place. And not only because Nina is my first cousin. They plan to put a bed and breakfast there soon.

Wow, did not know you were related... Galing naman... your family is an artists or really have good taste :)


@Firefly -- thanks for the comment, I was trying to achieve that effect in the photo, hehe sorry for that. BTW, I loved your food reviews as well at one time when you were here in manila.. I think you are still in Canada, and did not go for vacation, right?

Thanks, glad you liked them. Yes, I'm still in Canada, so sadly I have to content myself with blog-hopping to find out about new Manila-related food stuff. :)

"Yummy but different from a lucban (spicy), pampanga (sweet) type, or mcdo type longganisa."

May langgonisa ang McDO?? (nasa Aust. ako e)

yeah, there is a McDo longganisa version to rival Jollibee's longganisa meal also. don't worry you're not missing much.

Kusina Salud is such a wonderful haven for those who would want to gorge on yummy Pinoy foods and have a remarkable dining experience in an old Filipino house:-)

much credit goes to Ms. Tina Decal of Kulinarya Tagala for taking me there:-)

Big thanx to webmaster!r

The food is good. We had dinner and because we enjoyed the experience so much, we decided to go back for breakfast the next day. But I was deeply disappointed by their customer service, it was really bad. It was a very simple request. We were just asking for one more copy of the viaje del sol map and they could not furnish us with one more copy because we were only one group. We told them that we ate the night before but did not ask for a copy so if it was really the policy to give one group just one map, then they could just charge the map from our dinner visit. it is really a very simple request and i am very very disappointed with how the management dealt with the situation.

Make peace, not war!

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