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29 posts from January 2006

January 23, 2006

So Woo?

So Woo Sunday Dinner - 8

Single Meal of Bulgoki / Korean Traditional Bulgoki and Kimchi Fried Rice (P600).

Here is another recent discovery in my favorite Manila Bay place in Harbour Square. The place is called So Woo which means little cow in Korean. It is owned by Korean Ms. Danny Chong who is living in the Philippines for 10 years now. According to her, it was called little cow because it is unique and did you know that the beef of little cows are juicer and taste a lot better than big cows. The food tasted like the authentic Korean food similar to the authentic Korean restaurant we normally visit at the back of Barrio Fiesta along Makati Avenue (I can't recall the Korean name). So Woo serves authentic Korean-style dishes and the owner is there to entertain the guest. They just opened last January 1, 2006.

I've been on my low carb vegetarian quest for 5 days now and we were looking for a vegetarian place. Surprisingly, we found it in this Korean place on the second floor of Harbour Square which boast of meat as their specialty . The Bulgoki is really good. The Kimchi Fried Rice is worth to try. The meal already has an iced tea and unlimited refill of the vegetables side dishes -- woo hoo! The kim chi, spinach, squash omelette, mashed potato and onion leek salad was very good -- fresh, crispy and tasty. I've finally found vegetarian heaven: Eat-all-you-can vegetables!

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January 19, 2006

Aidan's Je Suis Gourmand Birthday Dinner

a Je Suis Gourmand Celebration - 21
Finally, I've always wanted to eat dinner Je Suis Gourmand and finally we decided to eat here as we celebrate Aidan's first birthday in a simple way with family. It was a personal decision not to celebrate Aidan's birthday in an elaborate Kid's party way because it was not appropriate. A lot of people are raving about Gourmand for its delicious French cuisine by Chef Marc. We ordered mostly their main entrees and it was indeed delicious with generous servings (good for 2). We ordered the best sellers in the house and should have listened to Sharon that each serving was big and good for more than one person.

Je Suis Gourmand has an intimate setting and only has few tables inside and some outside as the smoking section area. This January, it is still cool with the winds tunneling outside of the resto. Actually, it was the perfect type for the evening dinner conversation with friends enjoying good french cuisine, good company and good wine. Unfortunately, I lacked foresight that we were bringing in three babies (aidan, carlos, and sophia) and it could get chaotic with the babies. Anyway, we survived the night with the babies but I felt we were frowned upon by the Chef because he did not go back to our table after initially greeting us or even thanked us for coming. Chef Marc, the owner, is known for chatting with his customers and making sure they feel welcomed.

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January 18, 2006

10th Philippine International Hotair Balloon Fiesta (PIHBF) @ near Clark

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10th Philippine International Hotair Balloon Fiesta (PIHBF) @ near Clark

post2, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

I've always wanted to take pictures of these hot air balloon or even ride in one of them. Lets see! Feb 9-11, 2006 -- mark the date :) Here is the official website--> http://www.philballoonfest.com for those of you who are interested to go as well. Leave me a comment, maybe we might see each other :) 9/22/06 Update: I heard from my friends that you should really go there early to see the balloons fly out as early as 5am. After the balloons fly, you can try the ultra lightweight plane ride. After than, you should just go to Clark or Subic :)

The Charming Island of Malapascua!

malapascua island

Malapascua is described by the lonely planet as "The Thinking Man's Boracay" and is the next greatest beach discovery after Boracay. It is like Boracay 5 /10 years ago or I would describe it as Boracay less the nightlife (very quiet at night!) . The sand is sugary fine and the waters are calm such that you can imagine you have a large swimming pool that you can swim for miles. I'll be writing a series on Bantayan/Malapascua adventure in time for the summer season and specially holy week which is the peak season for these beaches.

I've been here about five years ago and now there is an authentic Italian Restaurant (La Dolce Vita) and new resorts (Blue Corals) have been established. Night life is still quiet, although a disco bar, Maldito, was established 3 years ago but it just recently closed. Overall, I'm happy that its charm has been kept intact over the years. This would change once the roads have been developed and the port established. This continues to be one of the best kept secret beach for a select few to enjoy. Normally, you would only see foreigners in this island because it is promoted by Lonely Planet.

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Finding Serenity @ Kota Beach, Bantayan Island!

kota beach, bantayan island

This is one of my favorite beach in the Philippines! I'm glad I was able to go back here for the second time almost after 5 years... I like its rustic charm where there is no TV, the clocks seems to slow down, you are like watching in an omni-theater about beach nature at its finest. Kota Beach is located in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island and on the tip end of the Sta. Fe beaches. You could walk along the beach to the left and find Marlin's Beach Resort, White Sands, and Santa Fe Beach Club. On the right of Kota Beach, you can also find Budji Resorts and other smaller resorts.

Unfortunately, this island is full of irony because they got exposed to tourist price early so some of the food are expensive specially if it is owned by a foreigner. However, you can have Karaoke with drinks already for P100/person. Danggit sells for half the price here in the Bantayan Market because it is produced in the island. Also, Bantayan is known to be the "Egg Basket of the Visayas". More than 100 tons of eggs per day are produced on the island and sent out to the nearby regions (quote from Tara Cebu). They don't have diving resorts but Marlin's Resort would have water sports available and ski-boarding since the beach faces the open sea. Lastly, Bantayan Island is the only place where you can eat meat or Lechon during the Holy Week and this is recognized by the Church!

I'll be writing a series on Bantayan/Malapascua adventure in time for the summer season. Stay tune for that series.

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