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December 31, 2005

[World Pyro Series.8] La Mancha's Fellowship of Fire -- Finale!

World Pyro - Phils La Mancha of Fire - 17
This firework scene makes it all worth it to see this hanging lanterns in the sky that lasts for 45 seconds (which is the longest fireworks we have seen!). Imagine the entire night sky, filled will all these dropping colorful balls of light for 45 seconds of pure fireworks bliss! This was really memorable for me and I think this is the start of my LOVE for fireworks photography! This is enough to erase the memories of enduring the stand-still traffic that lasted until 2am in the morning, listening to criticism that the Philippines show was just standard for most part compared to the other 9 countries, and watching in agony as some of the fireworks exploded in water.

By the way, this was shot by my brother as I was standing taking pictures of the fireworks. Thanks bro for this magnificent memorable shot! I leave you with some memorable photos from La Mancha's Fellowship of Fire!

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[World Pyro Series.7] Congratulations Australia - First Pyro Olympic Champion!

World Pyro Finale - 5 World Pyro Finale - 4

Congratulations to Australia for being the first World Pyro Olympic Champion! Well Deserved! I'm fortunate to really see how beautiful the Australia in terms of the overall judging criteria (Choreography 30%, Material/Content 30%, Effects 20%, and Audience Impact 20%). The Choreography was soo beautiful that all my photos were photogenic. Australia literally lighted up the entire black sky and the grounds were shaking like it is an outdoor THX theater. I was betting on the US which also has all the oohs and aahs from start to finish but apparently choreography and effects was the edge of Australia. Maybe I should ask Ricky Crisostomo for the behind-the-scenes story if Australia was a runaway winner.

By the way, just for the record there were only 9 countries competing excluding Philippines since it is home territory and for sure we won't match the sheer money that Australia and US can muster to have a jaw dropping fireworks. I have a Philippines Fireworks collection that will surely make us Filipinos proud (check out the last on the pyro series #8). Here are some behind the scenes photos of last nights Finale.

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December 30, 2005

[World Pyro Series.5] Day 4 of the Greatest Show in Manila

World Pyro -US & Africa (Seaside View) - 22
A Date with Fireworks

Day 4 of the World Pyro and I'm enjoying every moment of it along with all the other Filipinos who love world class entertainment. It was US and South Africa show and no doubt US was the clear winner with its "Shock and Awe" approach to Fireworks show. It was oohs and aahs throughout and I'm glad I made it to the show considering I came from a Viaje del Sol tour the whole morning. Here are some more scenes of families enjoying the fireworks show to give you a feel of the ambiance and environment in Diosdado Macapagal viewpoint.

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December 29, 2005

[World Pyro Series.4] Seaside -- Best View of World Pyro for FREE!

Russia and UK @ World Pyro (Seaside View) - 10

I'll let you in a little secret. The best view of World Pyro is at the back of Seaside Macapagal Blvd! You get to eat and sit while waiting for the fireworks. You can see the fireworks in all its glory. My objective in my photo is to take a portrait shot of me and my wife with fireworks in the background. This was the perfect place without the P100 entrance fee and it has sufficient lighting that you can take a shot in the foreground. The fireworks got mixed reaction with Russia having bigger fireworks but UK was I think the winner based on majority votes with its innovative firework formation. I tried to post the shots that I love for you to enjoy.

Before that some tips in Seaside:
1. Not a lot of people know Seaside Macapagal Blvd and they mistake this for Baclaran Seaside and got turn off when you say lets meet in Seaside. Best description of its location would be in front of World trade along Diosdado Macapagal.
2. Come in early before 7pm so that you can still get parking space at the back. Fireworks starts at 7.30-8.00 and 9.00-9.30pm so expect heavy traffic during this time because cars would literally be stopping at macapagal blvd.
3. Reserve @ Josefina's outside patio where it is located at the back of Seaside Macapagal Blvd.
4. If you don't know how to buy stuff in the wet market -- don't buy! At night, the fish is not fresh anymore so if you don't know leave it to the restaurant to buy it for you.
5. Bring your camera and video cameras and bring the kids. It is fun to watch and will change their perspective of how enjoyable fireworks should be.

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December 28, 2005

Rain Disaster in Day 2 of World Pyro

Anxiously Waiting @ World Pyro, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

The weather did not cooperate this time. It was raining hard, as the clock ticks 7:00pm and even harder 30 minutes later when Germany is first scheduled to fire. We were in Diosdado Macapagal and endured the traffic as we saw motorists fighting to get into blue wave with the heavy rains. At 8pm, the fireworks started but it only lasted 2 minutes (I guess). Unfortunately, that was the sad story for Germany where its starting to get a lot better than the Australia show with a fountain formation in the beginning.

By 9pm, the rain stopped already and Korea started their show. It was soo beautiful! We were stuck in CCP desperately going back to the Seaside area to get the final glimpse of the fireworks show. We were so far, that we cannot shoot quality fireworks from where we are. We were all geared up with complete video cameras, tripods, recharged batteries, and the works... The oohhs and the aahhs where replaced by aaayyy, (sayang) with a firm resolute to watch it for the last 3 days... sigh :(

Bring Rain gear if you are going: Jacket, Umbrella, protective cover for camera..

UPDATE 12/28/05 -- Apparently, at 10pm Germany was able to showcase their fireworks but most of the people went home already.