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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet


28 posts from November 2005

November 30, 2005

[Unique Stores.3] The Little Chinese Store

Little Store - 1, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

This store has been in operation for 5 years, and going strong with a loyal following of its yummy P40 chinese lumpia. This is an oriental store that serves canteen style chinese food with lumpia as the "killer" food that draws dine in and take out guests. This is my first time (can you imagine that) to visit this store which my wife's family raves about because of its assortment of oriental goodies and seasoning. Although, according to my wife, her grandmother's lumpia is still a lot better and more delicious than the Little Store's version. Here is a peak at the Little Store in Greenhills.

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The Neo Spa Experience

The Neo Spa Experience
The Neo Spa Experience, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Finally, we were able to try out Neo Spa in their original place in Greenhills -- Thanks to Jay and Portia :) This is our first time in Neo Spa, and we tried out the Zen Bodywork -- Neo Spa's signature massage. For the first time, my wife and I was able to have a spa together and a massage for 90 minutes. If you have a 10 month old son, you know how hard it is to schedule a spa massage together because this would be the last thing on your mind. Here is our experience...

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Healing Foods Diet - the best diet so far

pyramidmed, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Thanks for my brother for pointing me out to the Healing Foods Diet. We had a debate on vegetarian vs. atkins/ south beach diet and the best diet was a good compromise using University of Michigan's Healing Pyramid. My brother was a die hard atkins/ south beach diet practitioner for more than a year and I'm on my first month of vegetarian experiment. Also, Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live follows the same principle and will migrate to this diet in 2006 :) So far with eating 95% vegetarian, I feel good and light :) I bowel more regularly these days, although I'm able to just maintain my weight.

[Unique Stores.2] We heart I Love You Store!

I Love You Store - 1, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

This quaint basement store along Makati Avenue is a hidden gem in Makati. Carlos had a short but interesting post on the I Love You store and we pass by at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. They are selling very unique and beautiful clothes that my wife did not hesitate to try on. What surprises me is that they sell vintage stuff, including lomo cameras. We also had a chance to meet Sharon who is one of the wundergirls and she played with Aidan using a mechanical jumping frog (how cool). Highly recommended shop as long as you have cash or check to pay for the unique finds.

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[Unique Stores.1] What's in Store for All Seasons?

Store for All Seasons - 6, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

In the spirit of the holiday season, I'll be running a series of unique stores in the metro manila area. You could say that this is one way for me to enjoy shopping around and for my wife to be happy as well :) Although, I particularly don't like shops inside the mall, but who knows there might be that one store found in the recesses in the mall that I might include in this series. First stop, I've been fascinated with the concept of the store for all seasons (SFAS) and we've checked it out if it really delivers on its young vibe and artsy ambiance.

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