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October 31, 2005

Free & Easy Membership @ Makro Makati Finally :)

Makro Makati

Finally, wholesaler Makro Pilipinas opened their 14th store right at the heart of Makati last Oct. 25. If you have not heard the news, membership is now FREE and it is easy to become a member. and you might want to check out this makati branch while the opening promotion is on-going until Nov. 7. However, for the Makro virgins out there, I would like to give you a view on making your first visit to Makro a smooth and pleasant one.

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Sick, Crashed and Lost (Aargh!)

I can't believe it that all these things are happening to me all at once. I thought bad luck comes in three's but I'm on my fourth and I don't know when will it end! I bet you nobody could top these things that are happening to me all at once within just five days!

1). It started last Thursday, when I got sick with Coughs & Colds coupled with a painful infection in my jaw that permeates to my teeth. It was soo painful that I had to take a leave on Friday and missed a lot of my office commitments and what should have been Aidan's first Halloween Trick or Treat in the office.

2). Also, on Thursday, my wind was focused so much on the pain, I lost the keys to my Honda CRV. I had to take a taxi to Ortigas for my appointment and get the spare key from my Dad. In my life, this is the first time I lost a key to a car and I'm pretty sure I left it on a taxi when I went to the doctor to have my infection checked.

3). Sandara, my tablet PC, crashed on me last Saturday! Yes, my favorite PC loaded with a lot of my data accumulated over the years is dead! I was spending the entire Sunday trying to revive her to the best of my abilities but I was able to get the critical files I needed (password file, quicken finances file, and the google earth Philippine virtual tour file I was doing when it crashed) Most of the photos, I was able to backup in Angelika, my ipod.

4). Today, our maid lost the keys to our condo unit -- my worst nightmare! It would mean that I would have to replace my P7,000 worth of double lock or add an additional lock. My wife and I have been protecting these keys even since we transferred and cannot imagine the thought of losing these keys. We are now paranoid that it was an orchestrated attack on our family. Just this morning, something was calling and when we answered, the person on the other would put down the phone as if checking if somebody is in the house. We missed another opportunity for Aidan to go on a trick or treat in Bel air :(

I'm afraid that this is not the end but at least so far no life threatening situation happened and I still have my family and this blog :)

October 29, 2005

Imagine how close Mt. Cho Oyu is to Mt. Everest already.

Mt. Everest vs. Cho oyu
Among mountaineers, Mt. Cho Oyu is a preparatory for Mt. Everest and if you are successful in the 8000m altitude or popularly known as the death zone, then you will be ready for Mt. Everest for the last 900m altitude difference. For those just tuning in to this blog, I've been following closely Romi's Mt. Cho Oyu climb and started to blog about it.

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Yehey! Got in as an alternate contributor to Pinoy Tech Blogs!

Finally, I'm now part of the Pinoy Tech Bloggers (PTB) family as the New alternate PTB Blogger! I'm happy that among the dozens who expressed interest I got chosen :) along with Mike Abundo who I met in one of the digital filipino eyeball, who is a great tech guy. Frankly, the reason I wanted to become a contributor in PTB is I want to channel all my technology posts into that group blog and keep Awesome Planet focused primarily on awesome stuff in the Philippines and things that makes me happy in our family life.

By the way, I'm also blogging at Litratista.org about photography and Pinoy Travel Blog about travel in the Philippines.

My Articles in Litratista.org
Essential Photo Backup Strategy
Top 5 Photo Sharing Website!

My inaugural post at Pinoy Travel Blog
Overnight Options @ Tagaytay

PS. Not sure where to put this Marc but anyway here's the link to your SEO experiment The Quest for Diana Zubiri

October 27, 2005

Roadmap to becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP)!

PMP Materials

I was reminded by my wife to complete my series on PMP when I passed the certification last Sept. 23. Instead of doing five separate series, this post would be comprehensive on the What, Why, When, How much and How to become a Project Management Professional. PMP is a professional certification much like Engineering board exam, Nursing board exam, or any other professional course. But unlike our board exams here, PMP is globally recognized by 20 countries.

As of Sept 2005 PMI Factsheet, There are only 128,328 PMP's around the world with 62% in the United States and 26% (about 33,787) in Asia Pacific. Imagine, I'm the only DIAZ certified PMP based in the Philippines according to the PMP registry. This is increasingly required by US companies and you too can be a PMP Certified project manager if you are in the IT/ Consultancy Project Management Business. The best part of it, you can already add a suffix to your professional name! ( I wonder if there would be a problogger certification course in the future? )

Engr. Jose Antonio Diaz, PMP

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October 26, 2005

How beautiful are the Pinays?

One of my past time is flickr surfing, flickr never fails to amaze me. Check out zchendevlemh tribute to the pinay beauty in her pinay photoset. Well there are criticisms that they are friendster rip offs but you got to agree with me that they are still beautiful (although some are bordering into girls in bikinis :) I got this from the Pilipinas Flickr group -- Thanks! By the way, if you are into fashion photography zchendevlemh has tons of sets on other beautiful women and you can learn from the poses and lighting impact. I've subscribed to her photostream.

UPDATE: (10/27/05) Due to the controversial nature of the source of the picture, I decided to remove it.

If you have not realized that "The World is Flat", your missing on the most influential concept in modern history.


This is the Bible of IT in our company and if you are in the IT field, this is a must read for you. I'm trying to read the hard bound book but, there is a video speech published in MIT. I'm glad the MIT is leading the globe in free and open course materials via their OPENCOURSEWARE initiative. No need to pay that expensive tuition fee :) Thanks to Aldrin for the MIT lead, I'm downloading the video now.