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Carlito's Workshop 1-- Intimidating House with Surprisingly Hospitable Host!

carlitos workshop-0 carlitos workshop-1

Excellent artist place and perfect for afternoon coffee and chit chat :)

This is another Viaje del Sol posts. We vowed to complete and visit all the Viaje del Sol locations and blog about them. In the viaje del sol map, we saw this Carlitos Workshop area which is very intriguing just along the maharlika hi-way in between Villa Escudero and Kusina Salud. In the brochure, here is Carlito's Workshop description:

" Carlito Ortega is a sculptor who works in welded steel and brass, as well as with old hard wood. He creates figurative works in both intimate and monumental scale inspired by Laguna folk art and lore. An avid art collector, he has a striking collection of contemporary art.

He is also a land artist whose garden is his masterpiece. Come and visit his artist workshop and garden. Inspired by the American Southern-style plantation homes, his house sits on a 1.5 hectare property. His garden boasts of a collection of plam trees and rare plants. "

carlitos workshop-12 carlitos workshop-6 carlitos workshop-11

The above photos are just some of Carlito's awesome welded steel/brass art. His place is intimidating at first because of the big steel gates and grand driveway to his house. According to Carlito, a lot of people get intimated to the point of turning away once seeing the gate and the driveway.

to be continued... 1/3



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Can you give me more informartion aside from present, about Carlito Oretega? Thanks! It just that we are in need of it. thnk you very much!

The City of Calgary. Calgary Health Region, through its work with the City of Calgary in maintaining the InformCalgary/InformAlberta database is also an important partner.

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