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August 31, 2005

Quezon Culinary Series 2: Enroute to Quezon

Underground Cementary, Nagcarlan, Laguna 8-28-2005 9-11-50 AM Tsinelas Street, Liliw, Laguna 8-28-2005 10-05-48 AM

The culinary tour would start in Lucban, Quezon and there are two ways to go there either via Los Banos -- Pagsanjan route or via the Nagcarlan -- Liliw route in Laguna. I asked Tina if our schedule permits to pass by latter route, and I'm glad I did. Our call time was at 6am at Caltex Starmart in Buendia near Pasong Tamo. But knowing my friends they would be late specially on a Sunday. We left Manila at 7am and arrived in Lucban at around 10am. One of the things I love about long drives, is driving along virgin paths where it is thrilling to see new places and roads.

Underground Cementary in Nagcarlan, Laguna. Along this mountainous route, there are two points of interest: The Underground Cementary in Nagcarlan, Laguna and Tsinelas street in Liliw, Laguna. In the morning, the facade and the clouds at the cementary is photogenic that any pictures that you take would be stunning. This spot is really a photographic interest and nothing really much to check out in the basement of the cementary. Besides, no photography is allowed inside. Below is the story of this cementary (in Filipino):

Underground Cementary, Nagcarlan, Laguna 8-28-2005 9-11-50 AM

Liliw, Laguna. It's been a while since I wanted to visit this famous tsinelas street in Liliw. I'm glad I had the opportunity first hand to see what's the fuss about in this place. I would say that you need to lower your expectations. Some of the slippers are already made in China but there are still some produced in Liliw. I think it is overated because my wife and her friends was not raving about it soo much after seeing the goods.

Tsinelas Street, Liliw, Laguna 8-28-2005 10-03-38 AM

There were a few churches that we stopped by particularly the one in Majayjay, Laguna but nothing beats the Paete Church in terms of its antiqueness and the old paintings inside the church. So, when you go on this route, no need to stop by the churches except that it has been my rule to pass by one to pray for safe travel and a chance to pray for 3 wishes :)

August 30, 2005

Quezon Culinary Series 1: The Beginning

Tagayan sa Quezon 8-28-2005 3-54-39 PM The Culinary Group 8-28-2005 3-48-48 PM Underground Cementary, Nagcarlan, Laguna 8-28-2005 9-11-50 AM

Tina Decal's best culinary tour of Quezon :)

This is the beginning of a 10 part blog series of our culinary adventure in Quezon. Carlos Celdran started to rave about Lady Laguna Ms. Tina Decal last July which I guess when he joined the inaugural culinary tour of Quezon supported by the Department of Tourism. The looks could be deceiving when you first meet ms. Tina Decal, and we have to take a leap of faith by gathering friends who share the same interest. At the start, it was very difficult to come up with a group of 8 for a tour price of P1,200/person (bring your own transpo). Specially, if nobody have been on the tour yet, not alot of people raved about it, and you need to find a group that has photography and eating as an interest.

I love travelling in the Philippines! We had the time of our life last Sunday from exploring secret pottery gardens in Tiaong to the Kamay ni Jesus healing church in Lucban. There's alot to rave about and there are some things that you need to be cautious also. Just to tease my blog readers, can you guess where are these places:

1. Underground Cementary, Nagcarlan, Laguna 8-28-2005 9-11-50 AM

2. Ancestral House Facade 8-28-2005 4-06-01 PM

3. Earth Keeper's Garden 8-28-2005 4-52-11 PM

4. Cucina Salud 8-28-2005 7-08-54 PM

5. Ugo Pottery Garden 8-28-2005 5-17-24 PM

Keep tuned into the Quezon Culinary series to get detailed information about this culinary tour.

August 28, 2005

Fantastic Italian Cuisine @ Cantinetta

cantinetta inside cantinetta2
This is a clear winner when it comes to Italian Food!

This italian resto have been in existence for more than a year already and I've heard about this place from people raving about it. Last night, after hearing mass in Don Bosco, we went to Cantinetta at the end of pasong tamo extension.If you can see the empty tables above, all these tables are reserved for dinner. We are glad that they can still setup a table for 3 for walk-in guests like us in the non-smoking section of the resto.

According to the menu, Cantinetta is a small wine cellar, where the typical italian family store their wine for private consumption. Over time, the cantinetta turned into a small shop, selling from it the family's wine label. Since my wife and I are the only ones dining with my son Aidan and yaya, we can only order two meals:

Quattro Formaggi. (P360) Popularly known as four cheese composed of Parmesan, Gorgozola, Ricotta, and Mozzarella served on a thin crust. We like it but it is at par with CPK.

four cheese

Tagliatelle Tartufo. (P440) Egg made pasta with truffle, parmesan in white cream sauce. This pasta reminded us of our favorite pasta in Cafe Maestro. Both are expensive but both also serves the best italian pasta. We simply loved that mushroom taste of this pasta and this one was easily wiped out!


Cantinetta is located at:
Karrivin Plaza A
2316 Pasong Tamo Ext. Makati City
Tel# 892-9873 (better reserve specially the non-smoking area)

August 27, 2005

Who's the healthiest of them all?

wheat nuts

Healthy Nuts that I have been looking for :)

My friend Tanya introduced me again to this healthy low fat nut snack. Introducing Wheat nuts! This is very timely because on Sunday we will be going on a culinary tour of Quezon and these nuts would keep me awake when driving. This is really perfect for me because I loved nuts -- I craved for it but with my recent blood exam, my uric acid is way above the acceptable limits. Also, I know that nuts is fattening and I'm trying to lose weight. So these wheat nuts are perfect :) Thanks, Tanya!

These wheat nuts grows on you but it is not like nuts/junkfood where the more you eat, the more it gets addicting. These nuts would somehow be able to tell your brain that you're eating too much and be satisfied already. These healthy nuts are available in Aisle 48 of Landmark supermarket. Get yours until supply lasts.

Swing Chairs of Herrick's

herrick's garden tea inside herrick's 2

Swinging Chairs that compensates for its ordinary food.

If you haven't been here, this is a nice place to hang out with friends and family while swinging away. Herrick's swinging chairs are very unique and you should try this when you are in the Magallanes area. I normally passed by magallanes because my son's pediatrician holds clinic at the 4th floor of the same building. The dining experience would have been perfect already if not for the ordinary food that they are serving. I particularly like the tea served in a nice pot. A garden tea is pricey and would costs at a P110! Try it out for experience sake but be choiceful on the food that you would buy.

Herricks Tea & Coffee
101 Oakridge plaza.
Paseo de Magallanes Makati
Tel# 854 3199

August 26, 2005

Wordpress.com Invite, Google Talk, and Coconet

There are alot of buzz among bloggers lately about google talk, wordpress.com invites, and Coconet nominations in the World Challenge. Here are the links:

1. new voip service --> talk.google.com
Try out google talk specially if you are a google fanatic like me. Chat/Talk to me at antondiaz@gmail.com.

2. crazy over wordpress.com invites
Sign up for an invite for this free blog service and you might still get your name like anton.wordpress.com for FREE! I'm still waiting for an invite but if you can't wait it sells for $25 in ebay.

3. Vote Coconet in the www.theworldchallenge.co.uk
Please please vote for the Philippines "Coconet" among the 12 finalists in the BBC and newsweek world challenge. Lets support the Philippines' innovations...

" The World Challenge, brought to you by BBC World & Newsweek, in association with Shell, is a competition aimed at finding individuals or groups from around the world who have shown enterprise and innovation at a grass roots level. This competition is all about finding entrepreneurs whose projects are making a difference to communities."

A Glimpse of Raymund's Isaac Artistic Brilliance

Raymund Isaac in Action 7-31-2005 12-32-18 PM Raymund Isaac in Action 7-31-2005 12-04-55 PM Raymund Isaac in Action 7-31-2005 12-48-24 PM

I always have fun watching how artist/ photographers interpret a concept and bring it to life. I'm amazed at how it is being done, and I was fortunate to witness how Raymund Isaac brings the concept of "Essence of Wellness" to life. All elements of the visual are handled with excellence -- from the projection of professional models, to the perfect make-up, to the artistic props/setup, and and choreography of the visual scene. Really amazing and just sharing with you the glimpse of the fun shoot below:

--> The use of a huge glass can do wonders for the shot either infront or behind the glass.
Raymund Isaac in Action 7-31-2005 12-14-28 PM

--> It's fun when even the rest of Raymund's team would pose or act out in the scene.
Raymund Isaac in Action 7-31-2005 12-01-20 PM

--> This shot calls for a hand of a person that has the same skin tone as the model. In this particular case, Raymund's hands were the closest in tone so he decided to be the aloe vera hand props. BTW the aloe vera smells like bad odor -- yuck.

Raymund Isaac in Action 7-31-2005 12-48-59 PM

>> MORE: Essence of Wellness Photoset

All Photos were shot in Raymund's Studio in Makati..

Raymund Isaac in Action 7-30-2005 5-03-47 PM