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Shopwise House of Care --- Alabang Launch with Bitoy and Tolits !

Wear and careWare and care

Finally, all the hard work paved off and we are able to launch a new concept in retailing for the household products. Shopwise in partnership with P&G collaboratively launched the House of Care yesterday in Shopwise Alabang. It makes shopping for household products alot Easier and alot Faster!! With the nice shopping environment (the bears are really cute and reminds me of the care bears cartoon) , varied assortment (even important products like tide with a touch of downy), and easy to find products grouped under different rooms in your house ( kitchen, bathroom, general household, and Laundry). This is how shopping should be experience inside the supermarket!

paolo, michael v, antontolits with wikes and anton

I had fun taking pictures of the solution center and our showbiz guest bitoy and tolits. The launching event started at 4pm, one hour late as originally planned because Michael V needed to finish eat bulaga and pitch in for vic/joey who was absent for that day. Its great to see Michael V in person perform the J-O-Y song! He is just a natural comedian and I had a chance to talk with him during the cravings merienda. He was telling stories about how they would laugh and laugh during the shooting of the bear brand's "nakabawi ka na ba" commercial. It was shot by our agency, publicis as well and I'm hoping to see some outtakes soon :) Another amazing person is Tolits. He has a lot of fans and he is down to earth. He considers everybody as his tito/tita and he is just 7 years old. How could a child attract soo much attention?! His real name is BJ and we had a fun time chatting with him. It would be really good if there is a Tide music marketing by Tolits, don't you think?

Come and visit Shopwise Alabang to experience the House of Care!!

>> More Pictures of the House of Care
>> Shopwise House of Care Mechanics



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