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10 posts from April 2005

April 30, 2005

Boracay's Mystique...

boat station 2
Originally uploaded by antondiaz.

A Truly Magical Experience

I've been wanting to blog about Boracay but I'm afraid that I might not give justice to Bora's magical experience that awaits any tourist/vacationer. Each Boracay experience is truly unique and the island never fails to surprise or amuse you with its cuisines, parties, sceneries, chillout places, shopping, and people. I've been in Boracay 2 years plus (I can't remember exactly) and each visit has been an unforgettable awesome experience. There is a saying that "what happens in Boracay stays in Boracay" because people literally are transformed like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. I would like to give you a glimpse of what happens in Bora. Here are a few suggestions on how to make your boracay escape a truly memorable experience:

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April 23, 2005

Welcome to Pearl of the Pacific, Boracay Island!

welcome to Boracay
Originally uploaded by antondiaz.

I arrived in Boracay alone today because I was the only person booked into the 9.45am flight via caticlan. Most of the passengers in our flight are from Glaxo Smith Klein. It was also the saddest Boracay look that I've seen in years. The water is green with "lumot", the clouds have a gloomy haze, and there are alot of boats that signals that Boracay is becoming too commercialized. I'll be spending the next 3 days for our teambuilding session here in the Pearl of the Pacific. Fortunately, the PLDT Weroam service in working in Boracay. Imagine an 80kbps connection via Smart's Edge service -- Simply Amazing. I'll try to minimize my blogging ang get a beach life. I'm just waiting for some of our colleagues who was in the next flight.

April 17, 2005

Amici de Don Bosco Ice Cream @ Waltermart Makati

Amici de Don Bosco
Originally uploaded by antondiaz.

A breath of fresh air for gelato ice cream in Makati

I'm starting to hear a buzz about the gelato Don Bosco ice cream started by a Salesian entreprenuer in Waltermart Makati. So finally, after the Sunday Mass in Don Bosco we visited the place in the 2nd floor of WM Makati outside the supermarket. It is very affordable: P10 - small cone, P20- big cone, and P30- one scoop in a cup. You can take it out for P150 at a minimum and they put it in a styrofoam container. We tried hazelnut and Al rum (chocolate with rum). The hazelnut is a winner while the other one, I should say, don't try it. This reminds me to do taste tests first specially for non-regular flavors.

I'm sure to come back and try the other gelato flavor.


Moira Isabelle's Baptismal Celebration

Our ECE Barkada
Originally uploaded by antondiaz.

It was a nice Sunday afternoon baptismal celebration in Super Bowl Jupiter. The reception for Moira Isabelle's baptism is very relaxed and homy. Finally, we were able to spend quality chit chat time with Xerxez,Joh-an & Sam, and Alrin,Lot & Moira which we did not have the time to do during Aidan's baptism. Also, the only lawyer in our ECE batch, Rogel Gatchalian was also there and we were able to congratulate him being part of the 31% who passed the Bar Exam among 5000+ examinees.

Welcome to the Christian Family, Moira Isabelle! We do hope that you grow with faith and fear of the Lord. God Bless you!


A disappointing choco buffet @ Manila Pen

chit chat with the chef
Originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Try it out for experience sake.

Yes, it was disappointing. Despite the warning of my wife's cousin, Pam about the disappointing reviews of Manila Pen's Choco Buffet, I still went ahead and ate last Saturday with Rache's barkada. Here are the highlights:

(almost) killer chocolate. You should pace yourself from eating the chocolates or else you won't enjoy eating alot of it at one time. My suggestion is that you eat the good ones only: The pralines are good! The chocolate fondue is the highlight of the night. They use german Valrona chocolate for the fondue. Also you can try the Bizu type chocolate, pistaschio macaroons. You should end the meal with hot tea.

good cause chocolates. Do you know why the pralines are really good? All the chocolates are made in Manila Pen but with imported chocolate ingredients. However, the secret is that the pralines are a labor of love from the deaf/mute employees who creates them in the choco room of Manila Pen.

nobody can beat good company. Even if the food is disappointing, Manila Pen's lobby ambiance is a perfect setting for good conversion with good friends. Nobody can beat that!

Not worth it! We paid P470 net for the buffet which already included a citibank gold discount of 15%. With a disappointing chocolate souffle, assortment of chocolate cakes, poor choices of fondue dips (melon and orange?! why not use mango or grapes instead) I should only be paying P200 for this. To compensate, we got some pralines to go wrapped in manila pen's lobby tissue :)


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