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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

April 30, 2005

Boracay's Mystique...

April 30, 2005

Boracay's Mystique...

boat station 2
Originally uploaded by antondiaz.

A Truly Magical Experience

I've been wanting to blog about Boracay but I'm afraid that I might not give justice to Bora's magical experience that awaits any tourist/vacationer. Each Boracay experience is truly unique and the island never fails to surprise or amuse you with its cuisines, parties, sceneries, chillout places, shopping, and people. I've been in Boracay 2 years plus (I can't remember exactly) and each visit has been an unforgettable awesome experience. There is a saying that "what happens in Boracay stays in Boracay" because people literally are transformed like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. I would like to give you a glimpse of what happens in Bora. Here are a few suggestions on how to make your boracay escape a truly memorable experience:

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1. Signature Boracay Experience

A Boracay experience is not complete without these time-tested Boracay traditions:
choco banana jonas shakebanana boatnami massage

  • Sipping Jonas Milkshake while watching the sunset.
  • Flipping over a wild banana boat ride with your friends
  • Having a massage by the beach with virgin coconut oil

2. The Beach Bum look

Two-piece swimsuit is in. I've never seen Boracay soo bold with girls wearing two-piece suit as a standard and if you are wearing one piece -- it is either your old or your fat. I was shocked or maybe I was just old that I'm not been in Boracay for quite a long time. Boracay is a great place to be young and free. So what if you don't have a two-piece suit and you are shy to wear your one-piece after reading this? Don't worry, there is the famous "Paolo Collection" swimwear line in the d'Mall where you can find quality but cheap two-piece suit.

two piece is inpaolo swimwearscenes at d mall2

Henna Tattoos are a must! Almost all Boracay goers have a Henna Tattoo or a glitter Tattoo which serves as a trademark that you have been to Boracay. In our group, the young ones definitely got one while the young once shy away from this. Just a word of caution: the henna tattoos smudges with sweat and it would take you two weeks to remove. Also, there are some people who are allergic to Henna so be very careful. If you are determined to get a henna, get one in the morning, place it where you won't sweat easily and it should definitely be seen. I loved watching women with henna tattoos on their lower back.

henna fadour henna tattoo

Puka Shells/ Bead Necklaces. Boracay is full of vendors of necklaces. Be sure to get one to accessorize your look or bring one as a "pasalubong" to your friends or family.

jewelryboracay jewelriesjewelries anyone

3. Island Hopping around Boracay Island

Island hopping is one of the boracay plus experience that you should definitely do that would consume a half day of your itinerary. You need to negotiate with a banca boatmen preferably associated with your beach resort. The costs depends on how many you are, and how long is the trip. Here's a tip: make sure that you call him by his name when negotiating and you should know or pretend to know the places you would go to. Here are recommended places to visit/stop over:

  • Snorkeling near crocodile island and drinking fresh buko juice after.
  • Stopping over for lunch at Puka Grande, in Puca beach.
  • Appreciating the beauty of the Nami Villas. (try to inquire and see their breathtaking rooms)

boardingP25 fresh coconutsa closer look at namiHot P&G Ladies

4. Dining and Chilling out with style

There are alot of good restaurants in Boracay and places to chill out for the night. Since you only have a limited time in this island paradise, you need to carefully plan out your dining adventures. Here are my favorites:

  • Gasthof Restaurant in d'mall. Yummy Filipino grilled food right in the center of d'mall.
  • Aria Italian Restaurant in d'mall. The food is simply unforgettable.
  • Happy Hour at Cocomangas -- buy 1 take 1 drinks with Chori Burger on the side.
  • Chilling out with cool music at BomBom -- this is where the likes of Paolo Santos hangs out

scenes at d mallariahappy hour @ cocomangasbombom

Other options:
Manana Mexican Food in station 1 beside cocomangas.
Caribo Restaurant in Station 2
True Food Indian Restaurant in Station 2 before boracay regency
Victory Thailand Restaurant in Station 2 right after boracay regency
Crepes St. Michel de Boracay in d'mall
Smoke Resto at the back of d'mall where you can buy food in the market and they'll cook it for you.

5. Drinking and Dancing the night away in Boracay

The Station 1 party places are still the coolest place in Bora. This includes Pier 1 Beachcomber, Cocomangas and the spill over bar in the middle Club Paraw. If you want to be wasted for the night, here are my recommended drinks for you and you'll surely dance the night away.

  • Jam Jar Drink and Illusion Shaker at Cocomangas
  • Weng Weng Drink at Bombom
  • Slammer and Beer Bong at Pier 1 Beachcomber.

cocomangas partyillusion shakerthe morning afterthe morning after slammer & bong

If you are planning to be wasted, make sure that there are no evidences (you don't want to create another scandal) and remember the Boracay motto "What happens in Boracay, Stays in Boracay!!"





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