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Our Awesome Planet


Our Awesome Planet

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April 27, 2017

Environmental Destruction and Air Pollution are Destroying our Beloved Philippines...What are You Doing About it?

Environmental Pollution

What will you do if you woke up one day in Boracay and you do not see turquoise waters, but green mushy moss blanketing the whole coastline?

The biggest problem in Manila is not traffic because it is a just point in time issue and can be solved with an infrastructure solution like a subway system. The biggest problem is the apathy of Filipinos in preserving our environment and letting big businesses destroy the natural beauty of the Philippine archipelago.

The "green tide" photo above of Boracay Station 1 is NOT a dream or a photoshopped photo. We took a drone shot of the most pristine part of White Beach in Station 1 in Boracay just last March 2017 and we were shocked by this scene.

How can Boracay businesses argue that this is a natural occurrence? How could this scene be alright when we know that our kids could never ever enjoy Boracay the way we did?

What if I told you that environmental destruction is happening in other tourist spots because of coal use? Did you know that Manila's pollution levels are getting higher each day and will reach intolerable levels in the next decade?

The thing with Climate Change issues is that we only act when we already see the irreversible destruction. Maybe it's too late for Boracay, but we can do something for the rest of the Philippine isles.

Here are 8 things we can do to battle Environmental Destruction and Climate Change effects...

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April 26, 2017

ITBAYAT ISLAND: Life On The Philippines' Last Frontier


To first-time visitors, Itbayat Island may seem like a place suspended in time.

An island paradise barely touched by the unrelenting hand of modernization, Itbayat is one of the last regions of the Philippines where man has hardly left his mark on the environment.

It is a place that sometimes feels foreign and wild, yet at the same time, familiar and tame, a place of majestic rolling hills where wild horses roam freely, racing across open fields. It's also a place forgotten by history, where vast cave systems hold the secrets to some of the Philippines' earliest settlers.   

Most importantly, it's home to nearly 3,000 Ivatan--the original inhabitants of the island.  

If you're up for a real adventure and want to experience untouched nature, Itbayat is the perfect destination for you.  

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BORACAY KITESURFING: Fly and Surf with Freestyle Academy! @RegaladooGifts

by Juanico Fernandez


Boracay is a well-known summer destination for friends and lovers. People from all over the world flock here to relax, eat, party, and enjoy fun activities under the sun.

There are a lot of things to see and do in this not-so-tiny island...you only have to know where to look.


Freestyle Academy - Kitesurfing School
Bulabog Beach, Boracay, Philippines
Website: www.freestyle-boracay.com
Facebook: Freestyle Boracay
Instagram: @freestyleacademy
Email: info@freestyle-boracay.com
Contact: +63 36 288 9254 / +63 9155593080

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April 25, 2017

BORACAY MERMAID: What it feels like to be a Mermaid? @RegaladooGifts

by Juanico Fernandez 


You’ve probably seen it before while strolling along the coast of Boracay--girls wearing flashy and colorful fins posing in front of the camera.

Did you know you could actually be a real life mermaid for a day?


Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy
Fisheye Divers, Station 1, White Beach (beside Starbucks)
Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy
+63 917 324 39 47

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BATANES ACCOMMODATIONS: Where to Stay in Basco & Itbayat

by Abigail Javellana 

Basco, Batanes

Here are some suggestions on where to stay in Batanes. Whether it's in the charming rooms of Fundacion Pacita, mid-range inns, or affordable homestays, you’ll surely find one that’ll suit your budget and specific needs!

Checkout our list of accommodations in Basco…

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